12/13/2011 – A Nightmare to Remember II in Villa Rica on 2/11

From Rich Tate:

LN Promotions presents A Nightmare to Remember II, a tribute to the late Ted Allen,
at the Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, GA, on February 11. Advertised: Scotty
Riggs, Big Bully Busick, Bobby Simmons, Gene Bennett, Ron West, Fifi the Maid, Mac
McMurray, Bob Kelly, Randy Rose, Ranger Ross, Ben Masters, Charlie Smith, Jack
Lord, Richie Dye, Mr. Atlanta, Pat Rose, Joyce Grable, Sabrina, Jimmy Powell, Kyle
Matthews, Jimmy Rave, Frankie Valentine, Michael Cross, Lamar Phillips, Pandora,
the So Fine Mafia (Doc Heyward & Brad Lynch), Steve & Terry Lawler, Epic Grant, Dark
Gable, Stupid (w/ Tweety), Big Wood the Lumberjack, Brandon Collumbine, the
Russian Assassin, the Southside Trash (Rowdy & Razor), Joel Deaton, Beau & Misty
James, Jamie Holmes, Ragdoll, the Freak, Scott Prater, Billy Knight, Pretty Boy Floyd,
Vic Roze, Brandon Kage, Josh Storm, Chip Day, the Patriot, Hillbilly Festus, Shane
Williams, Awesome T.C., Seth Cruise, the Great Yugo, Dave Diamond, Kaiden Knight,
the Convicts (Blade & Snake), J.W. Christian, Aisha Sunshine, Fred Avery, Joey
Kidman, Eddie Wilson, Greg Brown, Rick Knopf, George South, Todd Howard, C.C.
Develine, Wicked Nemesis, Jeff McGowan, Spanky Emerson, Wolfgang Timbs, Mark
Grason, Stan Robinson, Duke Korey, Todd Zane, Dave Wills, Mark Danger, Steve
Wade, and Mark Cooper. Bell time is 7:00 PM.