02/12/2012 – Report from Tribute to Ted Allen: A Nightmare to Remember II on 2/11

From Larry Goodman:

The second Ted Allen Tribute event “Nightmare To Remember II”, took place at the Bay Springs Middle School Gym in Villa Rica, GA on February 12, 2012.

The show drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 500 with all proceeds going to benefit the Sunshine Fund of the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion. Allen was a regular
attendee at the reunions.

As with last year’s tribute to Allen, the driving force behind the event was Terry Lawler, who received the Ted Allen Mentorship Award for 2011 from as voted by his peers. Ted’s mother, Helen and his longtime fiancée, Karen Rush, were again seated in the first row. It was a sweet show,
befitting the man it honored. The night was filled with laughter and warm feelings, both in the arena and in the locker room.

The show opened with a ten bell salute. “Dirty White Boy” Jimmy Powell followed with a brief prayer.

(1) Hillbilly Festus won the Nightmare Rumble. The match started with Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) and Pappa Billy’s Boys (J.W. Christian & The Freak) in
the ring. After a couple of minutes, a ton of other guys piled into the ring. It was a rag tag looking group. Amongst the mass of bodies were Sylar Cross, George South,
Russian Assassin, Jamie Holmes (with Rag Doll), Awesome TC, and Chris Nelms. The referees for this match all worked for GCW in the 70s and 80s - Ron West,
Charlie Smith, Scrappy McGowan and Bobby Simmons.

(2) Big Wood & Billy Knight & The Patriot (with Miss Fifi) defeated Bobby Hayes & Todd Zane & Brad Lynch in 13:14. The heels got heat on Wood. Knight pinned Lynch
with a flying bodypress.

(3) Beau James & Misty James & Awesome TC defeated Pretty Boy Floyd & Scott Prater & Sabrina (with Joyce Grable) in 11:52. Sabrina did a number on Misty’s leg to
where she was having difficulty standing. Sabrina’s distraction set up heat on TC. The highlight of the match was the forearm shot Grable put on TC. The match broke
down with all six in the ring. The heels put on the break to avoid a three way collision and the faces rolled them up for a triple pin. In unison, all six went to one knee and
pointed toward the heavens in honor of Allen.

Dave Wills introduced the legends – Joyce Grable, Bill Dundee, Robert Gibson, Thunderbolt Patterson, Nick Busick, Bob Kelly, Randy Rose, Jerry Stubbs, Steve Lawler,
Mac McMurray, Ron West, “Masked Inferno” Curtis Smith, Mr. Atlanta, Hillbilly Festus, Scotty Riggs (big pop for him), Bobby Simmons, Jimmy Powell, PYT Jim Bryant,
George South, Scrappy McGowan, Mike Norris, Levi Banks, Greg Evans, Ben Masters, Jack Lord, Ron East, Gene Bennett, Fifi, Jimmy Powell, Burger Powell and
comedian James Gregory.

(4) C.C. Develine pinned Michael Cross with a stunner at 13:15. This was a student vs. teacher match. In addition to being Cross’s teacher, Develine is the brother of
Ted Allen’s fiancée, Karen. Ted and Karen had attended high school together in Cartersville. When Karen attended C.C.’s retirement match 8 years ago, Ted was on the
card. He noticed Karen was there and asked C.C. for her phone number. Afterward, Develine thanked the fans and legends for supporting the event, and paid tribute to
Allen as a great human being.

(5) Nick Busick & Terry Lawler & Steve Lawler defeated Russian Assassin & Blade & Snake (with Phil Heffner) in 17:38. Busick was in great shape for any age and
looked amazing for 57. His Big Bully Nutrition products must do wonders. All of these guys except Assassin were quite familiar with each other from the Georgia
wrestling scene of the late 80s. Funniest moment of the night was the former “Comrade” Busick getting a “USA” chant while working vs. Russian Assassin, who is Ken
Timbs Jr. Ken Sr. had a hand in Nick’s development during his Georgia days. Heffner hit Lawler with his briefcase. Lawler bled quite a bit. The finish saw Busick give
Assassin the Bully Blaster and he was pinned Lawler.

Busick thanked the fans. Terry Lawler took his boots off and put them up for auction to raise more money.

(6) Frankie Valentine defeated Chip Day and Epic Grant Mitchell and Joey Kidman and Lamar Philips and Josh Storm and Stupid (with Tweety) in an elimination match in
a total time of 13:35. They saved the crazy spots and cool finishers for this one. Day did a tope into a bunch of guys. Stupid superplexed Valentine onto the whole mess of
them. Kidman was the first one after taking Valentine’s codebreaker move. Storm eliminated Philips with a standing sliced bread #2. Stupid slyly rolled up Storm.
Valentine eliminated Mitchell, who looks like he can go places, with a moonsault. Day took out Storm with a sick top rope double stomp to the head. It was down to Day
and Valentine. In a replay of last year’s show, they tore the house down again, except this was even better. The crowd was split down the middle and they were loud. Stiff
chops were flying everywhere and their chests looked like hell afterward. The near falls were killer. Day kicked out the codebreaker. Valentine kicked out of the tornado
kick. Day hit a dragon suplex followed by a stiff roundhouse kick. Valentine kicked out again then hit a second codebreaker for the pin.

A second intermission was held to raffle off a whole lot of stuff. The show had already run 3:30 at this point, so a good portion of the crowd didn’t stick around for the
main event, which didn’t go into the ring until 11pm.

(7) Kyle Matthews pinned Jimmy Rave in 17:57. They always have good matches and this was no exception. Matthews came out to Allen’s “Bad Company” intro music.
Rave got heat with his stalling tactics and surly attitude. Matthews was in control until Rave hit his pet apron STO. They traded wicked chops as well. Matthew fought off a
superplex and hit a missile dropkick to spark his comeback. Matthews got the Hidaka Lock, but Rave made the ropes. Matthews kicked out of The Move That Rocks the
World. Matthews dropped Rave with a superkick and nailed him with the Slurpee Kick for the clean win (a feat he is yet to achieve in NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling).

Matthews closed the show by honoring is mentor – “I love you, I miss you, thank you.”

NOTES: Other notables in the house included Ranger Ross, Kimbro Jones, Rodney West, Nemesis, Stephen Platinum, Juanita Timbs, Jagged Edge, Rachael
Freeman, Shane Mackey, David Chandler, Cornelia Sign Guys and Team All You Can Eat and Mark Danger…The referees were Spanky Emerson, Jeff McGowan and
Stanley Robinson…The ring announcers were Ben Masters. Mark Grason and Scott Munn…Jimmy Oxendine provided the ring.