02/14/2012 – Terry Lawler on A Nightmare to Remember II

From Terry Lawler:

Feb. 11, 2012 - Started out the morning having breakfast with Chip Day and Todd Howard at one of our sponsors Hardee's in Villa Rica,GA before we headed up to
Cartersville to pay our respects and get a pre show blessing from our good friend Nightmare Ted Allen. While strolling through his home town we caught ourselves
listening to songs that reminded us of him, not much was said during that moment as we just listened and reflected on our personal memories of Ted. In route I made a
wrong turn which took us over a rough hilly set of train tracks. We all agreed that it wouldn't take much for that to have become a Dukes of Hazard moment given the right
conditions. Once we realized it was the wrong road we turned around and were headed for the same same set of tracks and hill, when I clearly heard a combination of
dares which ............well lets just say we earned our wings as my FJ went airborne...HAHAHA!!! We all agreed that Ted was more than likely shaking his head at us, but
giving us that famous grin. After finding the correct road we found referee Spanky waiting on us at the church. We all walk as a group to see Ted. Words were spoken and
a prayer was said and we all went our ways to get ready for a great night of wrestling and friends reuniting for a great cause.

Went back to the hotel to get a brief relaxing break before getting the cars loaded up with our gear, raffle items, and office supplies need for the show and then on to the
Bay Springs Middle School Gym to put the finishing touches on the gym and get ready for the magic. As I was pulling up to the Gym I received a call from my dad
(knowing it was the day of my big event) wishing us to have a great show and to be careful, which he has never done before on the day of my matches and that in itself
was special.

We finished setting up the chairs and helping the legends and vendors get their things set up also. Was nice seeing some of the legends smiling as they were seeing
ole friends for the 1st time in years. Had to briefly break up some of the meetings as it was getting close to time for the doors to open to the public. Last year I got to be
the one to open the doors, but this year I let others do it as I just stood back inside the gym and watched folks scramble to those "good seats" they so much looked
forward to getting and that alone took me back to my childhood when I did the same thing when wrestling come to my town.

Now it's showtime. Started with Jimmy and Burger Powell doing the 10 bell salute for all those we have lost over the years, followed by a prayer given by Jimmy. Then the
playing of the National Anthem, or so we thought as the CD wouldn't play. About the time I leaned over to YJ saying i hope someone starts singing and that's when a
special moment happened as, little by little, people joined in to sing the Anthem, with no back ground music or director and it was BEAUTIFUL and gave my goose
bumps. Seemed as nothing was going to keep the magic from happening this night.

Was nice to get to spend some time with my old room mate, travel partner, and sometimes opponent across the ring, former WCW and the original ECW superstar
Scotty Riggs.

One of the coolest thing to see for me this night was the legends all together standing and waiting for their name to be announced for the legends and special guest line
up, while ribbing each other about things. I was standing off to one side during this when a fan pointed out that the ring was about to collapse from the number of
legends in the ring.

We even had a legendary comedian in the house that night, James Gregory. He presented me with a nice donation check for the GCWR sunshine jar. As he handed me
the check he said, "Ted was my friend and I want to do this for him and to support the show and the cause."

Now to get to my match which with was the Russian Assassin, the Convicts (Blade & Snake) with Officer George managed by Playboy Phil Heffner vs Big Bully Busick,
my brother and me. This match had so many different personal ties to my career. Nick and my brother both had a big part in my training along with Bill Eady. Phil use to
manage Frank Air Parris and I as Team Extreme as far back as 1996. Use to have some heated battles with the Convicts in the early 1990's ( btw the last time they
tagged was 1993 and another side note - I was Blades first match). Trying to put into words how I felt wouldn't come close to doing it justice.

A few very cool thing was having Mr. Olympia Jerry Stubbs messing with me throughout the evening and having some of the legends I look up to and respect giving me
compliments on the show which to me meant that all the long hours and hard work getting to the show was worth it all.

Now to my THANK YOUS:

Thank you to all the legends (I'm not even going to try and list them all so as not to miss any names as there was so many that turned out) for showing up, donating your
time, skills, name, stories, guidance, and for paving the way all generations to come after you.

To my family for the love, support, and taking over some of my daily duties so I could focus on making this event/night the best I could. My mom & pop brought 2 of their
close friends and made them new fans of indy wrestling.

A special Thank You to Ms Helen (Ted's mom) for making it back down and staying the whole 4 hours plus show again. Was told that she was surprised and honored to
know that all this was for her son.

Even thou a lot of people have been giving me sole credit for this show, i would like to remind folks that anything done right and great isn't done alone, so I would like to
say thank you to the co-promoter and good friend from LN Promotions Mr. Todd Howard for our friendship and for believing in my vision,trust and hopes for these events.

Thank you to the LNP staff and supporting cast and crew: Tiffany Howard, Alicia Gregory, from Pryde Wear, Juanita Timbs and Bryan Bodi Green, Jimmie Oxendine & his
crew From OX Ring Rentals, to Billy Knight & Jerry Townsend for the chairs, and to all those who helped set up and break down.

To Bay Springs Middle School and the Villa Rica Econo Lodge for putting up with us and giving a place for the show and a home away from home to lay our heads down

To all the wrestlers, managers, valets, security, and announcers, for without you all there wouldn't have been the great show that it was. I said it last year and gladly say it
again this year" you all help keep the word Professional in Professional Wrestling"!

All the Legends and special guest that filled up and almost broke the ring.

Thank you to the fans for the love and support. Cause without you there is no us.

Thank you to our sponsors, and those who donated raffle items, gave money donations and the ones who bought raffle tickets and auction items (hope you like what you

Thank you to the promoters who loaned us their talent for the night, and for the wrestlers and promoters who even though you wasn't booked showed up and bought a
ticket to show support.

Thank you to all of those who made the long distance drive to be at the show. The states that I know were represented: FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, KY, NC, SC, and WV.

Last but never least, THANK YOU GOD, for the many blessing you have giving me over the course of my life and for surrounding me with the many great people in my
wrestling world that I call 'FAMILY".

Hope everyone enjoyed the show and that we have many more A Nightmare to Remember events.

For those who was unable to attend and would like to make a donations in honor of Ted, here is the info:

Make checks/money orders to Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion and mail to:

Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion
6609 Old Passagoula Road
Theodore, AL 36582
c/o Ted Allen Sunshine Fund