April 8, 2007
– Larry Goodman

The co-general manager of DSW, Krissy Vaine was in the ring preparing to address her adoring fans when Bag Lady burst through the
front door. Bag Lady demanded her $500 payment from Vaine for attacking Angel Williams. Vaine called her a heathen and an ungrateful
twit. Out of the goodness of her heart, Vaine had given Bag Lady a much needed bath, a cosmetic makeover and the clothes off her back.
-- “Which I can see you’re still wearing� (her tone dripping with disgust). Bag Lady started to tussle with Vaine. Williams hit the
ring and clubbed Bag Lady from behind. The co-GMs gave Bag Ladyr a beating before Williams rudely dumped her out of the ring. Nattie
Neidhart came out to check on Bag Lady.

Next up was a brief ringside interview with Kofi Nahaje Kingston and Luscious. Seems that Kofi has found his soul mate.

Ace Steel was this week’s guest commentator alongside Nigel Sherrod.

(1) Kofi Nahaje Kingston pinned Frankie Coverdale with a flying bodypress at 4:31

Kingston accepted Coverdale’s offer of a handshake by applying a death grip. Coverdale looked mystified by Kingston’s chain
wrestling. Kingston focused on the arm, using a short arm scissors. Coverdale pulled hair to back Kingston into the corner, popped him
on the break, and got down and dirty. Kingston spun Coverdale in the corner and lit him up with chops. True to his throwback gimmick,
Coverdale begged for mercy. When Kingston lowered his guard, Coverdale grabbed trunks and threw him into the turnbuckles. A
Coverdale vertical suplex garnered only a one count. The fans rallied behind Kingston. Coverdale made a shaky climb to the second
rope. Kingston caught him coming off with a shot in the breadbasket. On the comeback trail, Kingston connected with a dropkick and did
his shoulder-shaking high legdrop to set up the finish.

Shantelle interviewed Ryan O’Reilly. O’Reilly said if working for the two most self-centered women in DSW wasn’t enough,
he had the best of seven series against Bradley Jay for the DSW title coming up, so his plate was already full. Now, there was Bob â
€œThe Rebelâ€� Hopkins.

"I’m the fastest gunslinger here in Deep South. I promise you one thing. Tonight, your ass will ride off into the sunset with your tail
between your legs."

O’Reilly was in the ring waiting for Hopkins and out came Bradley Jay instead. They had a pull apart brawl, and a damn good one at
that, with both guys showing great fire. The arena erupted with a chant of “let the fight.� The announce team shilled for the best of
seven series “coming to your town.� Among those out to pry them apart was James Rogers. It was likely the first and last time for
Rogers to show his face on DSW television, since he was released last Friday.

In ring interview with Siaki. Shantelle was the target of Siaki’s abuse this week. Siaki said she smelled like the crowd. The funny part
was that when started checking out her underarms. Siaki gave hometown hero, Heath Miller, a Bronx cheer. Siaki said Miller was
beneath his level. Siaki dissed Miller’s “What time is it?â€� catch phrase, and acted pissed at the crowd’s Pavlovian â
€œMiller timeâ€� response. “No, it’s not Miller time. It’s Siaki time to whip your butt all over this arena. Boo-yah!â€�

Eric Perez approached Miller as he was preparing to go through the curtain. Perez said he needed a big favor and asked Miller if he
would let him have the match against Siaki. Miller politely declined. Perez asked Miller to reconsider because Siaki had been ducking
him. Miller agreed, but said it was his opportunity to shine. “I mean tonight, it’s gonna be Miller time.�

(2) Heath Miller upset Siaki in 6:32 after distraction by Eric Perez

Miller got the loudest babyface pop of the hour. He got under Siaki’s skin bigtime by doing his catch phrase with the crowd. Miller
capitalized on Siaki’s rage to gain an early advantage. Siaki fired a karate thrust to the throat. But Miller did a sweet up and over and
took Siaki down with an armdrag. Sherrod suggested that Siaki’s ego had impaired his judgment. Miller tried another up and over,
and Siaki slammed him onto his back. Miller went flying after absorbing a Samoan headbutt. Siaki took the starch out of Miller with a
barrage of chops and punches and followed up with a running heel kick for a two count. Siaki worked over Miller’s lower back with
driving knees and a surfboard variation. At the 5 minute mark, Miller avoided a corner spear, and Siaki’s shoulder rammed into the
post. Both men down and hurting. Miller’s comeback consisted of a series of left jabs, a flying clothesline, a reverse elbow and a
flapjack. Cut to Perez walking down the ramp. Miller charged into a Siaki powerslam. Perez jumped on the apron. Siaki and Perez
exchanged heated words. Meanwhile, Miller was recovering. Siaki charged and Miller caught him with a roll up for the upset victory. Cut to
shot of Perez with a big smile on his face.

Shantelle was backstage with Bad Seed (Shawn Osborn) and Bolen (Jon). They said they were gunning for the tag team titles. Bad Seed
said no way lightning would strike twice for Robert Anthony and Johnny Curtis.

Neidhart conducted a ringside interview with Robert Anthony and Johnny Curtis. Anthony said they were batting a thousand against Bad
Seed and Bolen (as opposed to their promos where they are batting .000), and tonight, they would be swinging for the fences. Curtis said
the fans didn’t buy a ticket to hear their opponents talk trash. They came to see the hottest new team in DSW. Curtis milked the last
line for a pop.

(3) Shawn Osborne & Jon Bolen beat Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis in 6:13

Bolen used hair to maintain a side headlock on Anthony. A crisp, athletic sequence saw Anthony use a backflip to escape Bolen’s
back suplex attempt. Anthony went for an O’Connor roll. Bolen hooked the ropes to block. Anthony ducked Bolen’s charging
clothesline, connected with a beautiful flying back elbow, and took Bolen down with a headlock takeover. Curtis played turnabout on the
hair pull. Curtis tripped over Osborne like a clumsy oaf, and the heels got heat on Curtis. The highlight was a nicely executed drop
toehold/elbow drop combo. Anthony ran wild after taking the hot tag. He did a duck under floated into an inverted bulldog on Osborne.
Steel called it the Hook, Line and Sinker. Anthony did his backflip/dropkick spot. Curtis went up top for the finisher, only to get dumped by
Bolen. Osborne then pinned Anthony with his feet on the ropes.

Backstage, Shantelle asked G-Rilla about getting a non-title win over the tag team champions last week. G-Rilla said he and Freakin
Deacon gave Team Elite a big surprise, and they should be the number one contenders, but tonight he had Mike Knox one-on-one. “Iâ
€™m ready Knoxy are you?â€�

Neidhart asked Knox if he was disappointed about Team Elite’s loss. Knox said he was taught that it wasn’t how many times
you fell off the horse that mattered. It was how many times you got back on.

"G-Rilla, tonight is a defining moment in your career, in you life. Did you ever play chicken, boy? You ever been in a car with your foot to the
floor going head on against another car? You know what happens? Somebody’s gonna turn the wheel. Somebody has to turn the
wheel. (pauses and giggles like he’s not in his right mind) Do you really think for one second in your head that it’s gonna be me?
Disappointed? Yeah." (takes a bite out of the camera).

(4) Mike Knox beat G-Rilla with an assist from Derrick Neikirk (7:49)

The pop for Knox was on par with the one for G-Rilla. Cautious start with G-Rilla channeling American Dream mannerisms. The kids got
fired up for G-Rilla. Knox tried a sucker punch on the break, but G-Rilla blocked it and nailed him with a Bionic Elbow. A second elbow put
Knox down on one knee. G-Rilla put Knox down with a clothesline, but Knox rolled out from under G-Rilla’s elbow drop. Knox choked
G-Rilla to keep on the mat and started in on his neck. G-Rilla kicked out at one after taking the sprinting legdrop. Knox used a short
bulldog and G-Rilla kicked out at one again. Knox used a kneeling reverse chinlock. G-Rilla came back with elbows. G-Rilla got off his
feet on a lariat. Both men down. G-Rilla on the comeback with more bionic elbows. G-Rilla did a 400 pound forward roll across Knoxâ
€™s body that sounds more devastating than it looked. G-Rilla went for the ICU and Knox countered with a flatliner for a near fall. Knox
signaled for his finisher, but G-Rilla ducked the Clothesline from Hell. Knox tried a high crossbody, and G-Rilla almost lost Knox making
the catch. Scrappy McGowan got bumped as G-Rilla hit the ICU. G-Rilla looked over at McGowan. Then he looked around some more
and pulled the straps down. G-Rilla finally gave Knox the big splash and Neikirk jumped him from behind. Neikirk lit into G-Rilla with
crossface forearms.Team Elite drilled G-Rilla with a tandem spinebuster. Knox revived Scrappy to make the three count (now why didnâ
€™t G-Rilla think of that?).

Freakin Deacon tossed Neikirk down the ramp and decked him. Deacon went after Knox, who led him on a chase around the ring.
Neikirk cut Deacon off at the pass with a sick chairshot to the head. Deacon’s feet went flying out from under him. Team Elite trapped
Deacon’s neck between the guardrails, and Neikirk wacked the top of his head (actually all guardrail, thank God) with the chair.
Deacon’s body was still and lifeless. Steel said Deacon was out cold after the first chairshot. Cut to a shot of the crowd craning their
necks to get a closer look. G-Rilla appeared to be getting emotional as he tended to Deacon.


I guess somebody wanted to see what G-Rilla could do in a main event singles match. The results weren’t pretty. I give him a strong
chance of making it, but it’s going to take a lot more seasoning. His moveset is quite limited and looks less than devastating for a
guy his size. I don’t know what the glitch was with that pregnant pause before the finish, but G-Rilla sure didn’t look like the
sharpest knife in the drawer, and nobody likes a dumb babyface. Knox cut a great promo. The thing about Knox in DSW is the edgy,
dangerous quality about him that was so lacking in the emasculated ECW presentation of his character. O’Reilly cut a strong promo
for the match that wasn’t going to happen, but the jobber never comes out last, so you knew something was up. The brawl worked for
me as a way to hype the best of seven. Anthony got a chance to show off athletic ability in the tag match. They’ve clearly made it
priority to expand the tag team division with the storyline that heel or face, everybody wants Team Elite’s title. Miller got the biggest
singles win of his DSW career over Siaki. It’s the classic story of the local boy making good through hard work and perseverance.
The match was another indication of Siaki’s growing versatility as a heel, equally at home as a menacing badass, an egotistical
buffoon or just about anything in between. The deal with Perez showing his true character was one fine piece of booking. By all rights, he
should emerge as a huge babyface. Siaki continues to generate the most hate on the heel side. Kingston just keeps on winning, albeit in
more of a comedy match this time. Kingston looks like the heir apparent to the number one contender slot, presuming he isn’t called
up first. It was no big surprise that Bolen was let go. He hadn’t shown anything that would make him a future candidate for a spot on
the main roster. Rogers was an actor/wrestler from Canada. He had the physique and the look for WWE. His wrestling must have been
bad, because he never even got a dark match during his short stint in Deep South. Former DSW ring announcer Dan Masters was back
for this episode subbing for Ted Guinness.
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