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February 12, 2009
– Matt Tew

Attendance was over 400, the most GCW has ever drawn in the building. It was also the overall best show the company has done since
moving to Phenix City. Having a lot of different talent was a major plus.

(1) Team Anarchy (Adrian Hawkins & Kyle Matthews) defeated Tex Monroe & Frankie Valentine.

Team Anarchy made a great first impression. They were like a well oiled machine, keeping a fresh man in as they destroyed Monroe for
most of the match. Matthews has the best dropkick in GCW since the early days of Damien Steel. They went about 10 minutes.

(2) Team Anarchy beat Scotty Beach & Rob Adonis (with J. P. Money) via DQ.

Around 13 minutes. Similar to the first match with Beach taking the Ricky Morton type beating from Team Anarchy. They did the right thing
with the booking of Adonis. He killed with the hot tag. A chairshot from Hawkins didn't phase him. Hawkins tossed the chair to Adonis and
collapsed, so the ref thought Adonis did the deed. Anarchy sold this great.

(3) Scott Steele & Razor beat Team Anarchy.

The booking built on last time with Steele again looked every bit the invincible monster. He singlehandedly decimated Anarchy in less
than a minute.

(4) John Bogie & Kareem Abdul Jamar beat Scott Steele & Razor.

This match took some of the luster off of Steele, as he was forced to make a tag. Bogie should not have gotten move one on that guy.
Razor looked like porn star Ron Jeremy from Surreal Life. He had some skills but appeared to have some ring rust. Razor missed with a
mad charge into the corner and got pinned by Bogie. 8 minutes or so.

Buff Bagwell did autographs and such for over 20 minutes.

The segment with between Bagwell and Cru Jones designed to get Bagwell in the main event mix was pretty entertaining, although Matt
would have preferred to see Jones and J-Rod go one on one.

The gauntlet match resumed...

(5) John Bogie & Kareem Abdul Jamar beat Winner's Club ("Russian Mercenary" Joezevf Barkon & Bobby Moore & Ron Stalker with
Princeton Gainey).

Gainey is fun but his guys don't seem to chalk up many wins. His crew would be more appropriately called Loser's Club. This was weak
compared to the previous matches. Barkon was pinned by Bogie's version of the lionsault.

(6) Team Interpromotional (Sal Rinauro (ROH) & Austin "Consequences" Creed (TNA)) beat Bogie & Jamar.

Rinauro and Creed made a great team of comedic heels. Very entertaining. It was obvious that referee Donnie DeMarco flat out blew the
finish by counting three on Creed. DeMarco had a very long night. He was the only ref used. Creed ended up pinning Jamar.

(7) The Southside Trash (Rowdy & Raunchy with J. P. Money) beat Team Interpromotional.

Match was all over the place with all four in the ring much of the time. Lots of roll ups at the end. Rowdy pinned Creed sunset flip.

(8) Southside Trash beat Merchants of Death (Orion Bishop & Murder One with Wicked Nemesis) to win the GCW Tag Team

SST have the kids behind them, but MOD has Stone Cold lockdown. Started slow with M-1 taking a beating early. Lots of mat wrestling
and chain. M-1 took over on Rowdy. Bishop cleaned house for a while. Ref bump as Bishop tossed Rowdy into DeMarco. MOD beat up
on Raunchy. Nemesis hit M-1 with the walking stick when Raunchy moved. Bishop charged at Raunchy and Rowdy stepped in a double
arm DDT to win the titles.

Trash celebrated in the ring with the women and kids.

(9) J-Rod beat Cru Jones (with Quentin Michaels) and Buff Bagwell to retain the GCW Heavyweight Title.

Bagwell entered last. The two faces hit a slew of double teams on Jones. The teamwork broke down and Bagwell and J-Rod went at it.
Jones made the save when Bagwell had J-Rod pinned. Bagwell and Jones went at it. Bagwell hit the Blockbuster on Jones, got knocked
out of the ring by J-Rod, and J-Rod then followed with a quick knee to the face of Jones for the pin.

NOTES: Creed was a very late addition working for free as did all the talent. Bagwell was twice introduced as a founding member of the
NWO. A little rewrite of history there. Interjecting Bagwell in the title match diluted what has been a very hot feud between J-Rod and
Jones. Matt would have rather seen Bagwell in the tag tournament or do something between Jones and Bagwell to avoid having Jones
take another pinfall loss J-Rod. Weird to see Monroe take the pinfall when they were talking about him being in a winning streak. Several
very good matches. No one match stood out above the others. Team Anarchy was very enjoyable. The wrestlers clearly worked hard to
put on a good show and the fans were really into it. Props to GCW.