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February 5, 2009
– Drew Carrig

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first edition of my TNA review. I’m going to jump right into it by taking a look at the March 5th
edition of TNA iMPACT.

The show opens with a review of everything that happened last week. That episode was pretty good with Sting and Angle both signing the
contract for their TNA World Title match at Destination X. Jeff Jarrett and Borash are talking in the back and Jeff says that Kurt Angle is
suspended without pay for this week. Now this is what I don’t get, Angle headbutted Foley when he first came in and got nothing.
Angle and Jarrett have had two wrestling matches and pull apart brawls and nothing. Angle this time attacks Jarrett and gets
suspended? Also Jeff stated that the money Kurt is losing this week will go to a good charity. I already foreshadow we have not heard the
last of Angle for this week.

Cut to Don West and Mike Tenay. Don cuts a worked-shoot promo even using the term “out of character� to describe his actions
last week but that he is not sorry for what he said. Tenay always in his professor mode links their little feud to the landing of the airplane
in the Hudson. Well … at least he didn’t link it to Flight 3407. *sigh*

Yet ANOTHER segment, this time with Foley coming to the ring and bringing out Sting. Foley tries to persuade Sting to leave the Main
Event Mafia by saying that they are no good for him, they are bad guys, the usual. Sting says that he has a problem with Angle and not
with the Mafia but thanks Foley anyways for helping him out last week. Foley and Sting take a stroll down memory lane reliving the Cactus
Jack/Sting feud that tore down WCW arenas everywhere (yeah, drink all that sarcasm in) until Kevin Nash comes out. He tells Sting that
he knew Kurt was short tempered and that Kurt lives with his emotions on his sleeve but he is Main Event Mafia true and true. Nash says
that no matter what, after their match at Destination X, the belt will still be with the Main Event Mafia and that Sting needs to realize that itâ
€™s Jarrett and Foley planting the seeds in his head, not Kurt Angle or the Main Event Mafia. Everyone leaves leaving Sting in the ring all
alone to ponder this revelation.

Cut to backstage we see Kurt Angle backstage. CALLED IT!

Back from commercial and we have hype about the Ultimate X match returning at Destination X. Guys are talking about the most insane
spot in the Ultimate X match. You know what insane spot I’d like to see not only in an Ultimate X match but in more TNA matches? A
side-headlock! Yes, that move would blow my mind in TNA.

In the back (AGAIN!!) we have Creed and Lethal decked out in nice suits stating that Jeff gave them nice bonuses because they are the
future of wrestling(implying that is the good cause Jeff spoke of was the future of wrestling). Lethal starts doing a great Ric Flair
impression complete with the elbow drop on the jacket. It’s a shame that a kid with real wrestling talent is over because of his

--- TNA X Division Title Match: Alex Shelley versus Kiyoshi

FINALLY we get to a wrestling match! Alex Shelley defends his title successfully against Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi should be pushed more in TNA.
He should be built up just like his mentor and idol, The Great Muta was in 1989 NWA. Instead Kiyoshi won his debut match and has
since either has not been on the show or gets scrubbed. At least this time he brought a posse with him called the No Limit Gang. This is
a huge highlight for me in TNA. I’ve said many times that the best part of TNA is the fact that they are willing to bring in foreign guys
and put them over. Usually my TNA highlight of the year is the X Cup where we can see guys from Japan, Mexico, and Europe. Kiyoshi
came in and I say he is spot on for The Great Muta and does everything Muta did in his prime. This was a great match though and when
TNA finally gets down to wrestling, they deliver. Problem is that most people see that the first half hour or so was spent on segments and
interviews and are burned out or bored to death by the time the first match comes on. Shelley wins with a Brainbuster/Frog Splash
combination. After the match Suicide (who anybody who has watched TNA for years knows its Christopher Daniels just based on the
movements Suicide does now) and attacks Shelley and Sabin who was at ringside. After posing with the belt, lights out and he’s
gone. Ultimate X promo right after so I’d assume those three and maybe even Kiyoshi will be involved. *** ½

Steiner is in the back with Angle freaking that about if Angle gets caught. Kurt says he is there as a fan, until Booker tells him about Lethal
and Creed getting his money as a bonus and they bought brand new Armani(sp?) suits. Kurt blows a gasket and the veins on his
forehead all engulf his face and he vows them to pay him back. OH SNAP!

Storm and Roode next challenging for their next Off the Wagon challenge. LAX comes out and accepts to which we get some great
comedy gold from Storm and Roode about LAX “no habla English� and other various ethnic and racial jokes. Can’t go wrong
with those in wrestling! They’ve been a staple since good ol' honest Abe was around. LAX says they will regain their belts tonight and
the usual face promo stuff.

Booker talks about AJ Styles next and is also comedy gold. Wonder who he was talking to on the phone and if they were able to keep it
together when Booker was talking.

Win a night with ODB next where they show another Cody Deaner spot. I’ve worked with Cody Deaner before, cool guy. I remember
him telling me over a year ago he was signed with TNA and was just finishing his bookings. Last time I worked with him was in October
and we knew it was only a matter of time. Also if you go to TNA’s website and look at ODB’s new photos she has a shirt stating â
€œPour some sugar on me.â€� Little known fact is that Cody Deaner use to come out to that song when working the indys

There’s a skirmish going on backstage! Angle is attacking Creed with a chair and ripping his suit off and rambling about Creed
having to tell Jarrett something but if he’s beating him this badly, how can Creed relay the message?

--- Taylor Wilde & Roxxi Laveaux versus Raisha Saeed & Awesome Kong versus Rhaka Khan & Sojourner Bolt versus the Beautiful

FINALLY another match! The Beautiful People beat Roxxi/Taylor Wilde, Kong/Saeed and Bolt/Khan. I really don’t care for womenâ
€™s matches that much and this was one a total cluster you know what. Plus with “Cuteâ€� Kip at ringside I really cannot follow the
match more than just telling you the winners. No star rating because I didn’t honestly follow the match closely enough to give an
honest judgment.

Borash with Jarrett now claiming that there will be repercussions for Kurt’s actions.

After this are a bunch of video promos and interviews that by this point I was sick of following. They covered the Styles/Booker feud and
another Abyss and “Dr. Stevie� segment. Dr. Stevie is fantastic but we are all here waiting for him to reveal he was only hired to
learn Abyss’ secrets and eventually turn on him.

Oh and Angle dragged Lethal out and was brawling with him. West now in full heel mode loves that Angle is making sure nobody gets
enjoyment from his money while Tenay calls the both of them vile. Jarrett comes out and says that he’s gonna kick Angle’s ass
later tonight!

--- Shane Sewell versus Matt Morgan

Now time for another match! Matt Morgan beats Glamour Boy Shane Sewell. I hate Glamour Boy Shane. I hated him in IWA: Puerto Rico
and I hate him in TNA. How this guy gets pushed, I’ll never know because in my opinion he is terrible in the ring. During the match
Tenay announces that Jim Cornette (you know because having Foley and Jarrett aren’t enough) has taken the TNA Legends Title
from Booker T. More on that later…maybe? Anyways this is an ok back and forth match. I think Shane got a little too much offense in and
they really should build Morgan up as a legit monster that only Abyss can handle or somebody equal to that size. After the match Morgan
gets on the stick and delivers a really good promo putting himself over as the “DNA of TNA� and that since Abyss is beneath him
and will never be at his level, Morgan will sink down to equal Abyss. He pulls out the big black bag and challenges Abyss to a “match
of 10,000 tacks!â€� YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!  ** ½(Half star for Morgan’s post match promo)

More interviews, this time with Eric Young who is wearing a Salvation Army suit. YES! EY is the man! He says Kurt can come to his house
anytime to which Kurt shows up and starts brawling with Young. I find it amazing that if the guy is suspended from the building and
without pay, that he hasn’t been removed by security by now especially since there were two other incidents with him involved!?! Get
on the ball here TNA security.

Jeff, Cornette, Foley are all talking. They are trying to talk Jeff out of fighting Angle but no dice. Sting comes in to tell Jeff to leave Angle for
himself but Jeff says nope but he will be sure to leave some left for Sting.

--- TNA World Tag Team Title / Off the Wagon Challenge: Beer Money versus the Latin American Xchange

After commercial, its time for the next Off the Wagon challenge for the World Tag Team Titles. Excellent match with tons of action and
wrestling and tag team spots. LAX was on the verge of hitting Storm with the Border Toss for the win but Roode blocks it and nails
Hernandez with a steel chair. Beer Money continue the assault until Team 3D runs out and fights them off. An exchange of words after
and a challenge is made. WTF? What about LAX? They just came an inch away from winning the belts back and now they are pushed
aside for the guys that saved them from the champs they just beat by DQ? When’s the last time 3D had a World Tag Title shot? I
didn’t even know they were in the tag title picture. I guess the save on the team that just beat the Tag Champs propelled them to the
#1 spot. UGH! (BTW, I am not a fan of 3D if you haven’t picked up on that yet.) ***(they lose a star because of the stupid booking
cramming 3D into the Tag Title picture out of the blue)

After this there was the final fight between Angle and Jarrett. Wasn’t a match but a fight … TO THE DEATH (I over-exaggerate I know
but this is how it was made to feel like). Typical hardcore brawl throughout the iMPACT Zone that ends with them going backstage and
eventually Jarrett throwing Angle through the exit and locking him out. Doesn’t he have security to do that? The entire lot of their TNA
Security staff couldn’t keep Angle out but the founder, just one man can? Damn if I was the founder and part owner, I’d be
sending all of my security staff to the unemployment line. Jeff, Foley, 3D all high five and slap each other on the ass like they just won the
Super Bowl and the crowd is chanting “Thank you Jeff� as the show goes off the air.

This iMPACT was good and I must say the build up to Destination X has been pretty good. TNA is doing a good job combining elements
of pro wrestling and sports entertainment to try and appease both audiences. What killed me tonight though was like I said, Angle was
suspended and barred from the building but yet he was able to attack three workers and fight the co-owner in the main event which
ended with him finally getting barred. It would be different if all of the Main Event Mafia were involved in the matter but it was JUST Kurt
Angle going on a rampage and none of the TNA security or staff could contain him but Jeff Jarrett. It just seems totally illogical and stupid
to put one man over like that. Also I think Kiyoshi should be booked stronger and should have been protected much more than he has
been so far. This guy could be over just like Muta was in 1989 and I think it would be MUCH harder to get a foreign worker over then that it
would be now since high spots are so common and they transcend language barriers.  I don’t want to say Kiyoshi is being scrubbed
out as I did earlier because he’s been made to look strong in every match but so was Tito Santana in WWF 1990’s. Does that
mean he was a viable challenger? No, just people knew he was a good wrestler. Same thing applies here. Kiyoshi is a good talent,
everyone knows that just by his association to Muta, but right now does anybody see him as a real threat to Shelley’s X Title?
Probably not.

Also what happened to Brutus Maximus? This guy was really good in his debut but I haven’t seen him since the last PPV. Why would
you spend months building a guy up, have him look dominant in his debut but then not continue to push him? TNA’s biggest
problem here is consistency because they are so worried about spending money, which I understand but don’t try and build
somebody up as the next big thing then only use them sparingly.

Also unless I missed it, I didn’t see Joe anywhere on the show tonight but after last week not surprised. Maybe he is doing time for
the knife incident (I’ll admit I marked out for that at first but then after the fact I thought it was really stupid booking on TNA’s part.
Yeah it puts Joe over as a monster but actually threatening to murder somebody over professional wrestling is a little too much for even
the mark in me to swallow.)

Also WHY did Jim Cornette take Booker T’s title away from him? Are they going to do another random title strip? I mean it seems like
TNA has this thing about stripping wrestlers of titles randomly or over the most inane reason. So the title is stolen from Booker T,
therefore the belt should be taken away from him? That makes TOTAL SENSE!!!

All in all though, another decent week of iMPACT. I wish they would ease up on the video packages and interviews and have more
wrestling matches. The matches they had this week were good which is why I wish they had more of them. I understand why they donâ
€™t though and in a sick and twisted way it almost makes perfect sense because they are saving the big money match-ups for their
PPVs. Which is a good old school way of booking but in return though, they shouldn’t fill the entire time with promo after promo after
promo after video package after promo. Bring in local boys for $50 a shot and let them get there three minutes of fame and get squashed
by your guys every now and then. Less promos and more wrestling. If TNA did that, they would be golden.

Until next time,