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March 14, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Following three wildly successful shows, NWA Charlotte’s March 14 event, “Know Thy Enemy� came as a crushing

Each of the previous shows had its own unique flavor. Their last show incorporated the some of the best elements of mid 90’s ECW.
This one was like a bad episode of TNA. They utterly turned their backs on what had worked so well – giving fans a solid no nonsense
wrestling show in the tradition of NWA Mid-Atlantic – in favor of a card filled with watered down sports entertainment, average main
events, and a dearth of matches with any real substance.

There were times I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like an alien force had taken over the booker's brain and decided to
sabotage the show.

From a company that brands itself with the catch phrase “get ready to believe again,� this show offered little for their fans to
believe in.

It was hopelessly overbooked. They used too many guys, misused guys, and otherwise wasted one of the most talented locker rooms in
the Southeast (or as Jay Joyce likes to call it, the East Coast). Like TNA at its worst, they threw so much out there, much of it mediocre at
best, that nothing stuck and the good stuff was lost in the shuffle.

The show drew NWA Charlotte’s largest crowd to date. I’m guessing 650 – doubly impressive considering that Highspots was
running a show 15 miles away in Gastonia advertising appearances by Ric Flair, Midnight Express, Rock ‘n Roll Express and Buff
Bagwell. To me, the crowd came across as being mildly entertained. This was a more contentious, smart-mouthed group than NWA
Charlotte had drawn before and they were being antagonized. By no means as hot as the previous shows.

The showed opened with talk and talk and more talk. Between the recap video, a horrible opening segment and the mic work prior to the
opening match, it went on for 20 minutes How that fits with a promotion honoring the tradition of Crockett’s NWA Mid-Atlantic is
beyond me.

JD Costello came out with Chaotic Agony, back after being thrown off the roof of the stage by Ryan O’Reilly and Mikael Judas two
weeks ago, and selling it half-assed. Costello said those thugs hurt his friends, and he was going to put a stop to it tonight. Time for THE
DRAMATIC OPENING SCENE…Costello and company in the ring, O’Reilly and Judas on the ramp, Team Ego on the roof of the
stage, and Jeff Lewis and his entourage on the stage. They had some difficulty getting it lit properly. O’Reilly was the spokesperson
for this motley Main Event Mafia. Costello said he was going to play by his own damn rules and take them out. He reminded them he had
deep pockets. It came across as pretty heelish especially given the current economic environment. Costello said play by the rules of the
rules will destroy you. The entire segment came across as staged and fakey and bereft of true emotion. During all the blah, blah, blah, a
fan summed up the crowd response quite nicely by yelling “Somebody hit somebody.�

(1) Zach Salvation beat Malachi and Ostgard in 5:30 to become the number one contender for the NWA Charlotte Cruiserweight Title

More talking. Salvation called himself a fool for what happened the last time (losing due to Malichi’s interference). Malachi told
Salvation to step down and allow him to take his rightful place. The debuting Ostgard said he would KO the both of them. Costello made
it a three-way to determine the number one contender for the brand new NWA Charlotte Cruiserweight Title. Solid three-way action with
everyone getting a chance to shine. Salvation is over. Salvation took a crazy bump over the top. They did a picture perfect three way spot
where Malachi had Salvation up for a vertical suplex and Ostgard took him down with a flying bodypress. Salvation did a quebradora on
Malachi, then ducked Ostgard’s crossbody which turned into a splash on Malachi. Salvation Liger Bombed Ostgard into Malachi.
Malachi and Ostgard brought Salvation off the top with a precarious looking tandem back suplex. Finish saw Ostgard nail Malachi with
the knockout knee, but Salvation caught Ostgard with a TKO for the pin. This match worked as well as anything on the show. The crowd
was pulling for Salvation and he came through.

Joyce announced that the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Blue Demon vs. Adam Pearce would take place on the May 23 show. It got
zero reaction, and I mean nada.

Raven was interviewed by Lodi. Raven couldn’t why Lodi would involve him in the US Title tournament when he couldn’t make it
on March 28 due to other commitments (obviously more important than the top prize in NWA Charlotte) Raven said he was a privileged
character, so he could get by with asking Lodi into taking the tournament match on March 28 after he won tonight. Lodi said he was
retired. Raven intimidated by spitting water in his face and the like until Lodi accepted.

(2) American Gangsters (Nicky & Frank with Crystal) beat Ace Rockwell & Chris Chance in 5:55

Gangsters are two big black dudes from CWA who weren’t into selling for two smallish white guys. Nicky is former ECW and WWE
development wrestler Chilly Willy, who is clearly the driving force and better athlete of the two. Nicky destroyed Rockwell with power
moves. Chance took the tag and got in like two blows before Gangsters cut him off. Finish was a Frank pinning Chance with a spear
where he ran the ropes to build up momentum.

(3) Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) beat New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) in 6:25

I was dreading it when Walters started in on the mic. Thank God, he simply said the New Wave could beat Ego in a fair fight. Which they
didn’t. Your babyfaces usually look like dorks when they make promises they can’t keep. New Wave got off to fast start with the
double teams with Team Ego was bumping big for them and all was well. American Gangsters came out on the ramp to observe. Ego
got heat on Walters. Not sure exactly why but it looked off kilter once Driver took the hot tag. New Wave hit the double chestcracker on
Snapp and Adams saved. Adams gave Driver a hotshot to set up the pin by Snapp. Flat finish.

Joyce promised a tag team tournament down the road.

An unidentified Asian girl came out on the ramp with the evil Synn. We know he’s evil because he’s dressed in black and glares
at the crowd. Behind them was a big dude covered by what appeared to be a potato sack. The Asian girl read a poem. It was mainly
unintelligible due to the combination of mic feedback, her horrible delivery and the booing of the crowd. The gimmick sucked the last time
and this segment sent this gothic nonsense to its grave.

(4) Josh Magnum beat “The Warhawk� Dylan Kage in 8:45

They were put in a position to send the crowd into the break on a high note. It was a good match but not at the level of the electrifying
opener Magnum had with Salvation two weeks ago. Kage beat Joey Silvia in a good match on the first NWA Charlotte show. Kage took
over with a combination of high impact moves and strikes. As he dished out punishment, his eyes bulged out and he was emitting a
strange war cry. Pretty weird – something like Lou Reed as a bird of prey. Magnum ducked Kage’s finisher, the Kevork Kick, and
decked him with a flying roundhouse kick of his own, then did his 450 splash for the pin, but didn’t hit it clean.

Postmatch: Malachi wasted Magnum with a chairshot. It was a replay of the skull spliter four weeks ago. Malachi made Magnum a
stationary target for Kage’s Kevork Kick (a spinning superkick). Quite the menagerie in there with Malachi slithering like a serpent
and Kage all puffed up.

(5) Krissy Vaine pinned Daffney in 9:05 with the help of outside interference

Impressive pop for Daffney. Match had pretty good heat. Vaine was looking way too good for the guys in the crowd to hate on her. When
they traded hold, it was obvious that these women were well trained. Daffney got a single leg crab but Vaine made the ropes. Vaine used
a sitout facebuster for a near fall and applied the camel clutch. Several near falls here but she couldn’t put Daffney away. Daffney hit
an enzugiri but Vaine was in the ropes again. Daffney had Vaine in big trouble after a running hip to the mush and a middle rope elbow
drop. A blonde (identify unknown) grabbed Daffney’s leg to provide distraction and Vaine got the pin. Another newcomer, Jayme
Jameson attacked the unidentified girl.

Out of nowhere, Kimo gave Daffney and Jameson a double spear. Attorney Jeff G. Bailey did a promo talking about how no man, woman
or snot-nosed child was going to be safe from Kimo’s wrath due to his utter indifference to human life. This was cut off by a female
voice from the back.

The voice was that of Susan Green, who was announced as the commissioner of the new NWA Women’s Division. Green
suggested the “snip it� treatment for Kimo like they did to the bulls back in Texas. Mind boggling. They invested three shows in
getting Kimo over as a mysterious assassin from the Orient, and then they put him out there like an afterthought in the middle of a
women’s segment.

They showed this great video on Peggy Banner and Johnny Weaver explaining their significance in wrestling history, particularly Bannerâ
€™s leadership role in women’s wrestling. Green introduced the daughter of Banner and Weaver, Wendy Weaver. This segment
broke through the prevailing cynicism of the crowd because it had the heart and soul sorely lacking from a lot of this show.

Joyce announced that the NWA Charlotte Women’s Title would be called the NWA Women’s Banner Championship. Along with
the cruiserweight title announced earlier, that makes four singles titles in NWA Charlotte.

(6) Jeff Lewis beat Brad Anderson in 11:17

Anderson honored the family by hanging a pair of Minnesota wrestling boots over the ringpost. This was real throwback. It would have
made a good opener as far as legitimizing fundamental wrestling moves. Lewis stalled. Anderson started methodically working on his
shoulder. Anderson missed charging in and smacked his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Lewis zeroed in on Anderson’s shoulder. Ref
Josh Cash caught Lewis cheating. Anderson made the comeback filled with family signatures – the gordbuster, the spinebuster and
the hammerlock slam. Shatter (who sold the title to Lewis at the last show) came out to provide distraction and Lewis clocked Anderson
with the boots for the 1-2-3.

Anderson said Lewis was messing with the family. He promised to have a family member in his corner next time. They repeated the deal
from last time where they played Flair’s music and Lewis gets all freaked out, except they never got the music up loud enough to
make it work.

Joyce announced Anderson & his special guest vs. Lewis & a partner of his choosing for March 28 with Lewis’ Heritage title also on
the line for some unknown reason.

(7) Ryan O’Reilly won a three way no DQ match over Timber and Truitt Fields by pinning Timber (6:05), where O’Reilly and
Fields both advanced in the US Title tournament

Timber placed his barbed wire ax handle in the corner. Another big pop for Fields. Timber suggested that Fields join him in doubling up
on O’Reilly. He did. They beat on O’Reilly until he bailed out. O’Reilly pulled the ropes down to dump both of them. While Oâ
€™Reilly was working over Fields, Judas came out to soften Timber up. Fields ignored fans calling for him to go for the ax handle. Oâ
€™Reilly nearly killed Fields with a high boot. O’Reilly was just fine with using the ax handle on Timber. O’Reilly reared back for
a second shot, and Fields snatched it away. Fields teased taking batting practice with O’Reilly’s head. Seeing Fields with the ax
handle, Timber thought he had done the deed. Timber spinebustered Fields and followed with a moonsault. O’Reilly stepped in with
a full nelson slam to pin Timber. It was OK.

(8) Raven pinned Phil Shatter to advance in the US Title tournament in 7:01

This was about as expected with Raven in a singles match. Shatter vs. Fields had the potential to tear the house down. Raven introed
himself at 261 as the lean, shredded, mean, muscle mass. Costello said there would be no interference. He tossed referee Tim Smith
due to his suspect work in previous matches and brought out Tim’s dad, the legendary Tommy Young. The action quickly spilled to
ringside. Raven loudly tossed Shatter into the ringsteps a few times. Shatter returned the favor. Shatter konked Raven with one of those
hard plastic parking cones. Raven tried to keep Shatter out of the ring, and they teased a count out finish. Shatter brought a chair in. I
guess this was no DQ as well. Shatter gave Raven two drop toeholds onto the chair. He tried to make it three, but Raven avoided it, fired
the chair into Shatter’s face and pinned him with the Evenflo. The execution of the finish made this match a whole lot better.

Postmatch: Raven said it was an honor to have Young as a referee because he was a legend, BUT this wasn’t 1982. Raven called
Young an old man. Young shoved Raven down. Raven gave Young a series of shoulder blocks and was kicking the crap out of him until
Shatter stepped in. It was another swerve, as Shatter decked Young.

Costello was enraged. He called out the heels – Judas, Shatter, O’Reilly, Lewis, Malachi, Ostgard and Team Ego were all out
there. Costello reminded them of his deep pockets and his resolve to to restore law and order. Costello announced that he was bringing
in Abdullah the Butcher on March 28. Somebody was going to bleed but he was keeping the identity of Abby's victim a secret until then.
AND he was bringing in Jim Cornette on April 11. Both of those announcements got pretty big pops, especially Cornette. The crowd they
had last night will not take kindly to Abby as a major attraction. He was in really rough shape last summer at the NWA show in Atlanta.
We’re talking about a 70 some year old man that can no longer get in the ring.

NOTES: So far for 3/28: The semifinals of the US Title tournament with Shatter, O’Reilly, Fields and Lodi as Raven’s stand in,
Abdullah vs. ?, Anderson & ? vs. Lewis & ?...Joyce handled all of the announcing duties because Eddie Rich was booked for an AWA
show in Royston, Ga…Episodes 1 and 2 of NWA Charlotte Unleashed are online at