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March 14, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins opened this week’s show from a sold out SAW Mill. Reno said Jesse Emerson had come to the
office and asked for a taped fist match against Sigmon and we were going to see it today. I liked the insets of Emerson and Sigmon
taping their fists in the locker room.

1 – ANDY DOUGLAS (with Paul Adams) vs. DREW HASKINS

Haskins ducked a pair of lock ups and tagged Douglas with forearms. Douglas was not thrilled with this. He mopped up the ring with
young Haskins. Douglas hit two middle rope guillotine leg drops, both times refusing to allow the pin, before finishing Haskins with the
double underhook faceplant.

WINNER: Douglas in 3:02 with the Natural Selection. An old-fashioned squash. Douglas has the look WWE covets.

Dan Masters was at ringside with the entire Adams and the entire A-Team (Douglas, Ric Santel, Hammerjack and David Young). Adams
said the Empty Arena Match settled nothing, and it only happened because of the circus-like atmosphere being condoned by
Commissioner Freddie Morton. Adams said what has been settled was the debate over who was the superior member of The Naturals.
Douglas said he hadn’t seen Chase Stevens in three weeks and it had been the best three weeks of his life. He said it was all about
the money.

“I put on a pair of silk socks every morning and throw them at night, thanks to this man right here.�

The fans started chanting Stevens’ name. Douglas got all hot and bothered and said Stevens was done in SAW. Adams said he was
working an International Title match for Douglas, and he had two other matches to announce for next week, one of them being “The
OMG� Rick Santel vs. Flash Flanagan. Santel said Flash should change his name to Fluke Flanagan “because if you thought that
win was anything other than a fluke, you are the biggest butt monkey walking the face of God’s green earth.â€� The other was â
€œThe Problem Solverâ€� David Young vs. Arrick Andrews. Adams said somebody was unable to solve his problem last week.
Hammerjack said Adams was always running scared leaving him to do the work. Young told Hammerjack to calm down. He said
Andrews was a dead man. He vowed to solve the problem next week.

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s go hit the Carvel. The first round of soft serve is on me. Everybody loves ice cream.�

Next was a vignette introducing Shane “The Brain� Smalls. It showed Smalls reading esoteric poetry in a crowded sports bar with
nobody paying attention.

2 – L.T. FALK vs. SHANE “The Brain� SMALLS

Graham provided a thumbnail sketch of Smalls. “He’s not afraid to tell you he’s a deeper thinker than you. That he’s on a
different sort of plane. Hangs around the coffee houses, listens to the beatnik poets and evidently, according to him, understands every
word.“ Back and forth chain wrestling early then the rapid fire pin attempts to a stand off. LT showed why he’s known as “king
of the armdrags.� Graham said he couldn’t remember father, Tony Falk ever using a Mexican arm drag. Smalls started taking
shortcuts. Falk lit him up with chops and applied a leg submission, but Smalls quickly made the ropes. Smalls took over with a
Codebreaker to the arm of Falk. Smalls did a number on Falk’s shoulder for several minutes. Smalls hit a one foot dropkick and
made a pair of relatively loose covers. Smalls missed with a springboard moonsault. Falk made the comeback while still selling the
shoulder. Both down after a Falk clothesline. Falk with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Falk hit a the Falk ‘n Over and it looked
spectacular, but Smalls got a foot over the ropes. Smalls pinned LT with an ugly reverse roll up using the tights.

WINNER: Smalls at 7:31 with a roll up using the tights. The usual good stuff when these two hook up, and not the style SAW fans are
used to seeing. The finish, unfortunately, was one of the few sketchy spots in the match.

Vordell Walker was in the ring for his match against Bad Boy Dixon when Derrick King Enterprises interrupted the proceedings. King said
in this business, physical prowess without mental prowess was nothing. King said he usually didn’t offer twice, but he was offering
Walker a second chance at a spot in DKE, a chance to become the star they knew he could be. Walker turned him down again. Stahr spit
at Walker, who flew through the ropes like superman overshooting both Stahr and King. It looked incredible. Walker recovered and gave
King and Stahr a meeting of the minds. Sister O’Feelya raked Walker’s eyes, and DKE subjected him to the royal Memphis TV
studio (East Nashville according to Reno) beatdown. Three refs out there trying to restore order with a really nice shot of Stahr standing
over Walker’s fallen body. Great heat. Outstanding segment.


Worthington took his sweet time getting about getting the match started. Harley ducked a cheap shot and knocked Worthington down with
one punch. Worthington did another stall job. Back inside, Worthington nailed Harley on the break, bumped for the receipt and bailed yet
again. Harley made the mistake of chasing. Worthington gave Harley the pillar to post treatment. Harley returned the favor, then used a
swinging neckbreaker and a flying heel kick for near falls. Harley walked into a couple of shots that staggered him and went down on a
big time lariat. Back from commercial, Worthington had a sleeper in place. Harley’s arm dropped twice. Harley on the comeback trail.
Worthington tried to reapply the sleeper, but Harley countered with a back suplex. Harley charged and got rolled up with a handful of tights.

WINNER: Worthington in 5:25 with a fistful of tights. Geez, two matches in a row with basically the same finish, but at least there was an
explanation (see random thoughts below). Harley has dropped weight and looked in really good shape.

COMING UP NEXT…the bumper was a clip from Emerson’s sitdown interview with Dan Masters. Emerson said this thing had
gotten personal and he was finishing it tonight. Indeed. They showed clips of the incidents that lead to this match, like the gasoline
dousing and the fireball.

4 – Taped Fist Match: “The Middle Eastern Mastermind� SIGMON vs. JESSE EMERSON

Sigmon attacked before the bell. Sigmon got in a series of gutshots with the taped fists. Emerson came back with three to the head and
Sigmon went down. Emerson turned Sigmon inside out with a lariat. Emerson pounded away from the mount. Not even one minute gone
and Sigmon was busted open. Emerson with a big back elbow and more taped fists to the Sigmon’s bloody forehead. Sigmon
ducked a punch and put Emerson down with one to the ear. It was all Sigmon now. Reno said he liked the strategy of going to the body.
Back from commercial with blood now gushing from Emerson’s forehead. Sigmon raked at Emerson’s face smearing the blood.
Sigmon with punches to the gut, one to the jaw and a headbutt to drop Emerson in the corner. Sigmon was picked Emerson apart. Cut to
a close up of Emerson with blood down to his chin and his mouth wide open. Emerson countered out of a powerbomb and hung on the
ropes in agony. Sigmon jackhammered the cut. The blood was pooling on the mat underneath Emerson’s head. The beating
continued. Crowd was notably quieter than usual. Reno said the squeamish might want to look away. Emerson fired up a comeback. He
was pounding Sigmon in the corner and refusing to let up. Senior Official Mark Herron ref tried to intervene. Emerson shoved him.
Emerson pushed him away again. Emerson raised his fist at Herron but held up. Sigmon capitalized with a roll up using the tights.
Emerson kicked out. Double knock down. Sigmon rolled out of the ring and taped a chain to his fist. As Emerson went for a back suplex,
Sigmon clocked him with the taped chain, but Emerson got a foot over the ropes. Sigmon pounded away in desperation. Emerson went
for a sunset flip. Sigmon tried to punch Emerson and punched the mat with the chain. Sigmon clutched at his wrist. Swing and a miss by
Sigmon, and Emerson nailed him with the Alabama Slam for the three count.

WINNER: Emerson in 8:20 with the Alabama Slam. A grueling, violent, bloody encounter beyond anything I would have imagined. It added
a whole other dimension to Emerson’s character, and losing a match like this didn't diminish Sigmon one bit. Great stuff.

Random Thoughts: This episode was way better than it looked on paper. The taped fist match delivered. Like the Harley/Worthington
match from a couple of episodes back, it fell outside of the major storylines that usually headline the show. Unlike that feud, which badly
needs the girl at ringside to make it go (as TVD never fails to mention), the Emerson/Sigmon feud steadily escalated to the boiling point.
There was good reason for the blood and violence. Sigmon had doused Emerson with gasoline, lit him on fire and goaded him into
punking two refs, and now he was going to get a chance to knock Sigmon the f*** out. Props to SAW, Emerson and Sigmon. SAW started
from scratch with these guys 6 months ago, gave them a great story to get them over, and did they ever take advantage of the opportunityâ
€¦The A-Team segment ratcheted up the dissension between Adams and Hammerjack nicely. It was great seeing Young back. If theyâ
€™re going to bill him as “The Problem Solver,â€� it’s about time he solved some problems…I can see that DKE is going to be
one of my personal highlights every time they’re on the show. Although it was a complete whiff, Walker’s Superman dive looked
so spectacular that it made for great TV, as did that entire segment…Smalls’ debut vignette was just enough to raise curiosity. Theyâ
€™re just scratching the surface with his character. They couldn’t have picked a better opponent than Falk with the history of good
matches those two have…The Worthington/Harley match was slated to appear in the previous episode, but was moved back a week
due to time constraints...The close ups of the ringside action were noticeably improved this week.