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March 28, 2009
– Jeff Richards

Despite miserable weather and NCAA basketball season, NWA Charlotte rebounded from a disastrous fourth show to attract a modest
300+ crowd Saturday night.

Whereas the company's previous show, "Know Thy Enemy," accented the group's growing booking deficiencies, "Zero Tolerance"
reclaimed tradition and prior momentum.

The promotion advertised one of the final touring appearances of Abdullah the Butcher and the debut of David Flair. Ringside observers
wondered if Abby would enter the ring (he did not) and in what kind of shape was the oldest Flair son.

No one had to worry if there would be plenty of cruiserweight action, as the young 20-somethings bedazzled kids in attendance with their
high-flying shenanigans.

A pre-show match actually kickstarted the night's festivities, and a slew of CWF Mid Atlantic (Burlington, NC) talent invaded the former
NWA Mid-Atlantic turf.

A. Xsiris pinned "El Fuego" Jesse Ortega in 7:17.

Both youngsters were making their NWA Charlotte debuts. Ortega tried to back-suplex his way out of a side headlock, but Xsiris held on
for dear life. Menacing glares from Ortega were the first indication that "The Fire" was portraying a heel. Xsiris executed a nice kip-up to
an immediate armdrag. Both former CWF tag-team champions need mentoring help in working the crowd. I realized their main
responsibility was to warm up the audience, but NWA officials' eyes are always watching. Ortega planted Xsiris face-first with a legtrip
and then trimmed his sideburns with a nice sliding dropkick. All the children attending received free NWA Charlotte "thundersticks," and
they were beating them like crazy at this point. Ortega's surfboard manuever underneath the ring ropes was innovative. If I had a dollar for
every time a cruiserweight pulled off a spinning heel kick tonight, my ticket would've been comped. Ortega used a variation of "Rolling
Thunder" in the corner to further cramp Xsiris' style. A clumsy floatover exchange was rescued by Ortega's quick resourcefulness (a cross
armbreaker). Ortega also pulled out a rolling koppo kick before succumbing to Xsiris' neckbreaker/pinfall cover combination. It was all
pretty much an Ortega offensive display before Xsiris got the sudden duke.

Lodi (w/sign) and Tim Dixon came out to the strains of "Welcome to the Jungle" and took their places @ the broadcast booth. Three
generations of family referees were introduced with legendary Tommy Young, Tim (lost his last name), and Ace (ditto). Josh Cash, with
an uncanny resemblance to Eddy Munster, rounded out the ref corps. As the family-friendly referees shook hands w/ fans @ ringside,
"Mid-Atlantic Championship Sports" music eerily played in the background.

Eddie Rich was back in the NWA Warehouse Saturday, and he does a superb job at setting the stage for what's coming up. rich is prime-
time material for the WWE ring announcer prototype. He announced the final match to determine a new NWA Charlotte U.S. Heavyweight
Champion would be held on April 11th in the same
building. As Rich began explaining the disappearance of tag team Chaotic Agony, laugher peeled from one gentleman. Rich protested,
"Sir, this is no laughing matter," to which came the catcalls of "Yes, it is." He addressed an angle from the 2/28 show where Chaos &
Agony were thrown off a high stage set (but were back by 3/14). Now they're gone again? Sometimes it doesn't pay to try & explain plot

1. Joey Silvia pinned Malachi (w/new manager Ty Dillinger) in 8:31 after a reversed decision.

All three work for Jeff Rudd's CWF Mid Atlantic, and Silvia was in the first ever singles match here. Silvia superkicked the back of Malachi's
neck early. Dillinger interfered liberally at ringside in his shirt and tie. Both workers chopped each other with a tenacity that would make
Ric Flair envious. With Silvia hung up in the ropes, Malachi delivered a middle rope springboard legdrop which nearly decapitated his
prey. Working out of Charleston (SC), Malachi also hit a high angle German suplex for a near fall. After a mix-up of moves mid-ring,
Malachi soared back with a powerslam. Malachi ducked a lariat and spiked Silvia with a devastating DDT. Silvia finally showed some
offense with a backcracker in the corner, but Dillinger put Malachi's leg on the ropes. A superplex attempt fell through, so Silvia went for a
sunset flip, and Malachi sat down on him with Dillinger providing leverage. Josh Magnum stooged off the illegal pin fall, and Silvia
schoolboyed Malachi for the victory. Following the bell, Magnum (a babyface) got some retribution for a couple of Malachi's post-match
beatdowns with a chairshot of his own.

Rich alerted fans they they are now able to videotape matches/angles and put them on Youtube to win cash prizes.

2. The American Gangsters (Nicky & Frank) with luscious valet Crystal returned to defeat The Main Attraction (Chris Steele & Scott
Powers) in 8:15.

Nicky decided to verbally jar with fans on the microphone before the worst match of the night ensued. Gangsters, he said, are on the hunt
for the NWA Charlotte Tag-team belts, which don't exist yet. Attraction (last seen locally in Ben Throckmorton's NACW) came out as fan
favorites, which was an odd pairing. Steele now looks like the late Bam Bam Bigelow minus 300 lbs. Powers has bellied up to the bar
but not sure if it was a buffet or drinking establishment. Attraction were both wearing Marvel Comics character t-shirts. Powers and Nicky
botched the second spot of the match, and the brutality was on. I think the promotion was afraid to book this as a heel vs. heel
confrontation. The former Chilly Willy and Powers returned to the same page with an interesting exchange of fingerlocks. Powers
powerslammed Nicky, and the Attraction connected with a nifty doubleteam move. Steele still works cruiserweight style and truly could
add some psychology to that division. Nicky double underhook suplexed Steele into a nearfall. The Gangsters set up heat on Steele,
making Powers the illogical choice for a hot tag. It was definitely an old generation v. new generation tag team tussle. Thankfully, the
ultimate hot tag broke into four way action, and Powers got dumped. Steele was left to eat a Nicky kick to the face and a Frank
spinebuster; Gangsters improved to 2-0. A white female fan got in their faces on the way back to the dressing room, but security was
unavailable. Sounds like a plant!

On the interview stage, Lodi introduced David Flair and Brad Anderson as being "synonomous with the NWA." Anderson cut a fan-friendly
promo, but the promotion dropped the ball by ignoring footage from last show's Anderson-Jeff Lewis bout. Lewis' Mid-Atlantic Heritage
title was referred to by Anderson as a "chickens*** belt." Nice! Reference was made to Flair being a cousin of the Minnesota Wrecking
Crew, and Lewis saved the day by interrupting the "blah blah blah." Lewis, the self-proclaimed "Feature Presentation," handles himself
well on the stick. Flair referenced Lewis' "two dollar sportcoat." Lewis promised a mystery partner for the upcoming tag-team grudge
match later in the evening.

3. "The Warhawk" Dylan Kage pinned Zach Salvation in 10:20.

Kage was acting even more bizarre this month. He accidentally stumbled climbing the ropes while his intro music was playing. This was
the duo's first meeting in an NWA Charlotte ring. Salvation had teamed previously with the heelish Lewis on Valentine's Day before
becoming a beloved baby face. Kage "Pearl-Harbored" his foe, but the cruisers were going too fast and blew some early spots. Salvation
decided to fly, but Kage tripped him up so no Asai moonsault. Salvation reversed an Irish whip outside the ring, and Kage took a nasty
bump into the great-sounding ringsteps. With a tip of the cap to Ricky Steamboat, Salvation attempted a flying bodypress, but Kage kept
rolling over for a nearfall. Salvation even brought back the old-fashioned monkey flip. The two brawled outside the ring again, but back
inside Kage began bending back on Salvation's left limb. A cool spot saw Kage give Salvation a Northern Lights suplex while still holding
onto a hammerlock. Salvation wanted the win with a small package but only received a two count. Still applying the hammerlock, Kage
roared back this time with a backbreaker. Salvation rallied with a Scorpion deathdrop, and a huracanrana sent Kage flopping into the
corner. The second time's the charm, as Salvation flip dived ala Jushin Liger, and Kage went splat on the ramp. In the end, though, it was
the Kevork kick which spelled the end for Salvation. With mic in hand, Kage questioned Salvation's rise to fame as the "#1 contender" and
proclaimed himself "Professional Wrestling's Best Kept Secret."

NWA Charlotte President J.D. Costello entered the ring with a bevy of security guys. Costello said he had just received a text message
from Truitt Fields, who said he had been involved in an 9-1-1 accident. This left everyone wondering if Fields' absence was a work or
shoot-related. Costello also announced he had called Attorney Jeff G. Bailey and told him to leave his assassin Kimo at home tonight.
Every mention of a heel's name was bringing monster pops. Costello stated that he had some surprises for the likes of Phill Shatter and
Mikael Judas. Firstly, he brought out The Iceberg (Edward Chastain) from NWA Anarchy. Then Costello heralded the debut of Team
Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack), who came out to music and a Rock 'n' Roll Express reaction. Judas and NWA National Heavyweight
Champion Shatter strolled out. Why are these two guys siding together after feuding with each other just four shows ago? Macktion (sans
Thomas Simpson for this show) attacked early, and Shatter powerslammed TJ on the carpeted ramp. Judas took Kirby up to the top of
the stage area, but Mack had other ideas than to take that precarious bump. Shatter and Judas had Kirby alone in the ring for several
moments before referee Cash came dashing into the ring.

4. The match officially started, and Team Mack was in for a squashing.

Judas bufferfly suplexed Krazy K into the turnbuckles but couldn't get the pin. TJ finally crawled up to the ring apron awaiting his turn at the
demolition. Judas accidentally spit on the cameraman at ringside during the heat-gathering. A big Yakuza kick by Judas left Kirby
crumbled up in a corner. Judas flew three-fourths of the way across the ring with a clothesline on Kirby. That big move should have been
the finish. Next month in Knoxville, WWE officials need to sign both Shatter and Judas to long-term deals. Shatter took a superkick but
continued to mess Mack up. Kirby's bulldog finally allowed him to tag brother TJ. The younger Mack dropkicked both monsters
simultaneously. TJ cut Judas off some Sliced Bread #2, but Shatter broke things up. A blind tag to Kirby allowed more Mack-tational
double-teaming. Judas would not allow Shatter to be pinned either. The former Mikael Adryan gave TJ a fallaway slam he would
remember, but the Macks weren't finished yet. Shades of Rey Misterio Jr., the brothers grazed their bigger adversaries with a stereo 619,
but the double pin didn't work out so well. They placed Shatter butt-first on the top turnbuckle, but "The Universal Soldier" was not going
anywhere. In fact, Shatter power-bombed TJ onto Kirby's back. Judas was waiting for TJ with his unique chokeslam into a backbreaker
finish to put the icing on the cake in 8:37. While the referees came out to check on Kirby, Judas made his way to the back walking through
the crowd. Costello came back out to declare "this is not working" and related that Jim Cornette was coming in on April 11th. "We'll see
what he can do," grumbled Costello.

INTERMISSION (at 9:20) lasted 25 minutes.

Costello is truly over-exposed here. With no Jay Joyce in sight (and I know how hard that is to believe), Costello again addressed the
audience. The authoritative figure brought out all the "bad guys" from the dressing room area. Gangsters, Lewis, Malachi, Shatter, Judas,
Ryan O'Reilly and Ostgard were in the ring. Dressed in red, Abdullah the Butcher returned to Charlotte for the first time in 10 years with
AC-DC's "Back in Black" blaring. Limping badly, the Butcher was accompanied by Honest John, who did not appear to be very trustworthy.
By order of elimination, John excused Malachi ("the guy in the red trunks"), Gangsters and Ostgard. John then dismissed Shatter and
Judas, since they had just wrestled. "C'mon, John, do something," Costello urged. That left only a fresh Lewis and O'Reilly, who both had
big match-ups remaining on the card. Abdullah suddenly picked Costello and poked him hard in the forehead. Costello juiced, but he
was soon attended to by Iceberg and Timber. "The Insane Lumberjack" swore revenge.

5. Magnum vs. Ostgard was ruled a no contest in 10:20 when Malachi made his third appearance of the night.

There must be a tattoo parlor nearby the NWA Coliseum because I have never seen so many tats in one place. And that's just the
workers. Ostgard is quite flamboyant and was acting all "ManScout" during the pre-match intros. Magnum, a regular in Columbia's
Champions With Attitudes, has a good fan-following where ever he goes. Both guys were talking some smack early. A nice flurry started
the match, as I realized this was Magnum's first post-intermission activity in NWA Charlotte. An Alabama slam by Magnum had the fans
"oohing" and "aahing." Ostgard responded with a jawbreaker. The thundersticks were back out, as fans from as far away as Georgia
realized they were watching something special. Magnum pushed Ostgard off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Ostgard had been trying for a
top rope gourdbuster when Magnum stopped him and sent him declining. Magnum ducked a discus forearm and took a backdrop on the
rampway. A springboard elbowdrop garnered Magnum a "twoooooo" count. Magnum also bulldogged Ostgard into the second
turnbuckle but could not make a cover in time. Ostgard ddt'd his new rival, but Magnum kicked out. A "Let's Go Josh" chant started.
Everyone was seemingly waiting for Malachi's interference. Ostgard with a nice floatover on a snap suplex showed off his inimitable
chain wrestling skills. He slid under Magnum to apply a half crab submission attempt. There was supposed to be a schoolboy near-fall
off an exchange Ostgard had with referee Ace, but Magnum was nowhere in position. Magnum did his handspring elbow into the ropes
for an enzugiri but missed on a 450 when Malachi made his appearance. The announce table broke Magnum's fall after Malachi gave
Josh a shove. For good measure, Malachi also powerbombed a prone Ostgard. Xsiris, Salvation and Silvia hit the ring to confront
Malachi, but the heelish cruiserweights weren't far behind. As all eight men slugged it out, Costello (w/Iceberg) told the lighter weight
wrestlers that they could all battle for the NWA Charlotte Cruiserweight Title on April 25th in a TLC battle royal. Magnum was left in the ring
to soak up the cheers.

(the remainder of the results courtesy of NWA Charlotte)

JD Costello announced that Jim Cornette would definitely be here on April 11 and that he was turning the entire organization over to him
that night.

Match 6- Timber defeated Abdullah the Butcher via DQ

Match 7- Brad Anderson & David Flair defeated Jeff Lewis & CW Anderson (Brad Anderson announced that Reid Flair would be joining
him and David in their corner on April 11 and invited Lewis & Anderson to find them another tag team partner.)

Match 8- Truitt Fields, who was in an accident near Atlanta on I-85 caused by Ryan O’Reilly, could not attend, but sent in a
replacement...TNA’s Consequences Creed to face Lodi and Ryan O’Reilly in the final elimination match before the final on April
11. O’Reilly pinned Lodi (who was filling in for Raven) creating the finals of Ryan O’Reilly vs. Truitt Fields on April 11.