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May 2, 2009
– Larry Goodman

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Opening with Michael Graham and a jacked up Reno Riggins at ringside of a jacked up SAW Mill. Graham reviewed the news from last
week both the good – the rookie team of Drew Haskins & LT Falk winning the SAW tag team titles and the bad – an incident that
Riggins called the most disturbing thing he had seen in 25 years of pro wrestling, Marc Anthony coming out wearing a crown of barbed

“It’s Showtime! And SAW starts NOW!� The opening montage rolls…

1 – FLASH FLANAGAN vs. RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams)

In light of his 0-2 record against Flash, Santel had been referring to him as “Fluke� Flanagan. Santel slapped Flanagan across
the face to sucker him into a chase, and was laying in wait as Flanagan slid back in. Not for long, however, as Flanagan issued stiff
payback. Flanagan ducked Santel’s springboard crossbody and got a two count with an Oklahoma Roll. Flanagan all over Santel and
working at a rapid pace. Flanagan slowed things down with an ambar. (Commercial break) Santel snapped Flanagan’s throat off the
top rope to take over. Santel followed up with a slingshot senton for a two count and worked at cutting off Flanagan’s air supply.
Santell used hair to maintain control. Adams interrupted. “Powered him right back down, Michael Graham, and thank you for asking,
my neck is feeling better.� Graham noted the neckbrace was history. Kick and punch offense from Santel. He tried for an exploder
suplex, and Flanagan countered with a back suplex. Both down with the crowd chanting “Go Flash Go!� Santel was up first but
missed with the elbow drop. Flanagan beat Santel to the punch. Flanagan with a high backdrop. Flanagan with the flying forearm to set
up the springboard leg drop for the clean pin.

WINNER: Flanagan in 5:30 to score his third consecutive victory over Santel. Decent. Their first two matches had more substance.

LAST WEEK…a clip of the closing moments of LT Falk & Drew Haskins’ miracle upset over Derrick King Enterprises in the finals of
the SAW Tag Title Tournament…Hammerjack tries to congratulate the new champions with Keystone Light, and like a douche, Haskins
busts out twin bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Raspberry instead.


Good pop for Emerson returning for the first time since beating Sigmon in the taped fist match. Travis jumped Emerson from behind.
Emerson pinned him with an off balance Alabama slam.

WINNER: Emerson in 19 seconds.

At ringside, Dan Masters congratulated Emerson on passing the bar exam. Jon Michael came out and said he had more important
things to talk about. Michael said the footage of him serving as T.J. Harley’s personal assistant did not need to be shown and he had
his attorneys working on it. “Not like some fly by goof,� said Michael, as he poked Emerson in the chest. Emerson confronted
Michael about his rude behavior. Michael departed. Emerson tried to regain his composure. Masters tried to focus on the bright future
Emerson had ahead of him, when much to their dismay, Michaels reappeared. He admitted to wrong doing, then cracked Emerson
across the face when he relaxed his guard.

LAST WEEK…footage of “Boogie Woogie Boy� Gary Valiant’s ringside interview being interrupted by the appearance of Marc
Anthony wearing a crown of barbed wire with blood streaming down his face.

Cut to Anthony kneeling over a chair at ringside of an empty SAW Mill. The video is black & white with a blurry, dreamlike quality. Anthonyâ
€™s imagery was of a galloping white horse buckling at the knees.

“And as I walked closer and gazed upon the rubble where this horse fell, I realized it was not a horse. It was not pride or honor or
redemption setting up on it either. It was mere Prince Valiant riding in upon his trusty steed, Miss Boogie, heh, heh, heh. And she could
no longer handle the weight of his head, and to the ground she went. As I gazed into his eyes, as I peered into his soul, and he dusted off
the trusty musical notes he had stitched on those beautiful tights, he gazed right back into my soul. He gazed right back into my heart.
And to the heavens he raised that trusty, heh, heh, Louisville Slugger with that barbed wire wrapped around every so tight. But I say to you
Prince Valiant, no Louisville Slugger will ever stop me or my father, and barbed wire is meant to hold cattle into the field where they graze.
So it is a bull you want to ride. Jump on. It will be the worst eight seconds of your life.�


Jacko was doing a shamelessly effeminate Michael Jackson imitation. Billed from Neverland, Jacko was wearing typical Jackson garb
including a white mask, gloved hands and dark glasses. Graham said Hayme was a little too old for Jacko. Jacko reversed an armbar
and did the moonwalk. Jacko ran into a major wardrobe malfunction when his wig came loose and repeatedly flopped over his glasses.
Jacko kept flipping the wig back in place but it was no use. Hayme hit a tornado DDT for a close near fall. Jacko whipped out a third glove
and applied a mandible claw. Hayme fought it off. Hayme then bocked a superplex and hit the 450 splash for the pin. Reno said it was
picture perfect. The replay showed otherwise.

WINNER: Hayme in 3:37. A ridiculous match. The Jackson spoof had a few clever moment, but the unintentional comedy with the wig had
me laughing out loud.

Cut to a ringside where Hayme was interviewed Masters. Hayme said he learned a lot from wrestling Kid Kash and planned to work his
way back to the top for another title shot.

LAST WEEK…the finish of SAW International Title match between Champion Kid Kash featuring another terrible ref bump by Kurt
Herron. Kash missed with a belt shot. Andrews connected but left the belt lying in the ring. Herron stopped the count at two and awarded
the match to Kash.

4 – ANDY DOUGLAS (with Paul Adams) vs. CHASE STEVENS

It was on from the moment Stevens hit the ring. They slugged it out with Stevens getting the better of it. Stevens hit a DDT for a one count
as they went to an early break. Back from commercial with Douglas working on Stevens’ vulnerable left knee. Douglas was too busy
running his mouth as he climbed to the top, and Stevens brought him off with a body slam. Douglas took a TO and started backing his
way up the ramp. Hammerjack blocked his path. Stevens whipped Douglas’ shoulder into the post. Back inside the ring, Stevens
stepped aside and Douglas speared the post with his shoulder. Douglas down on the floor selling the shoulder going into commercial
break #2. Stevens snap suplexed Douglas on the concrete floor. They sold the brutality. Riggins said it sounded like a dropping a piece
of liver onto the kitchen floor. Stevens rolled Douglas back inside for a long two count. Douglas shook the ropes to crotch Stevens – the
real deal, not that half assed indie stuff where the ropes barely move. Douglas snapped off a top rope huracanrana. He draped an arm
and Stevens rolled a shoulder at 2 and ¾. Crowd big for Stevens. Douglas hit his middle rope leg drop, and Stevens rolled a shoulder,
leaving Douglas and Adams in a state of exasperation. Douglas used wear down tactics, but Stevens exploded with a fireman’s carry
slam for a near fall. The traded huge shots until Douglas went down. Stevens snapped off a power slam. Douglas got to his knees to find
Stevens pounding lumps on his head, so he resorted to a nut crunching low blow, then followed with a top rope elbow drop to seal the

“This is a shame. 1..2..Oh, he kicked out! Chase Stevens kicked out! I can’t believe it!�

Not to be denied, Stevens shrugged of Adams’ towel choke to hit a missile dropkick for a near fall. Graham said it felt like the match
was in overtime after all the kickouts. Douglas hit a Rude Awakening. Douglas was in disbelief when Stevens kicked out. Stevens
reversed the Natural Selection with a back body drop. Great bump. Stevens hit a fisherman suplex, but Adams put Douglas’ leg on
the bottom rope. Douglas hit the Natural Selection. Twice, Stevens kicked out. Douglas was verging on a meltdown. Reno said Stevens
would rather sell his soul to the devil than to give up to Douglas. Douglas came off the top and gave himself a reverse atomic drop when
Stevens went to one knee. Stevens got the fisherman suplex in the middle for the three count.

WINNER: Stevens in 13:40. A grueling, stiff match where they pulled out all the stops with the big back and forth near falls and it worked. I
think the selling by both men was had a lot to do with it, as did the way the crowd was into Stevens. The announcing on this match was

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Despite a fair share of average material, I loved this episode because it had two things going for it huge –
Stevens vs. Douglas and the awesome vignette from Anthony. Pro wrestling needs characters like Marc Anthony, larger-than-life
characters with original ideas and unique ways of expressing them. Unlike the scripted crap that typifies TNA and WWE, Anthony’s
vignettes always leave me feeling something. It’s not about coming up with a clever line, although Anthony certainly comes up with
them, there’s something more profound happening here. To follow up on a point made by Trent Van Drisse, if Anthony had come
along during the latter half of the 90s, he would have been a star in ECW. Paul Heyman would have had a field day booking him. Anthony
deserves a shot on a larger stage but where?...Stevens vs. Douglas was the match I had been hoping they would have - a killer grudge
match between former partners. Both of them belong back in the major leagues. I’m not sure why, but it hooked me more than
Kash/Andrews last week…The segments featuring Emerson and Hayme were setbacks in both cases. The program between Emerson
and Michael got off to a weak start. Neither came across as effective talkers, and Emerson ended up looking pretty stupid. Getting stuck
in a comedy match did Hayme no favors, and he sure did himself no favors with that uninspired mic work…Don’t know that I’ve
ever seen an episode of SAW where the babyface went over via pinfall in every match, and without a shred of revenge for the heel…Iâ
€™m curious to see where they go with Flanagan now being 3-0 against Santel, previously pushed as the A-Team’s top challenger
for the SAW title. This show was heavy on recap footage, but the stuff they showed was replay worthy.