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June 5, 2009
– Adam Russell

The good times just keep on coming

For this week's show, coming from Memphis, Tennessee, we were promised matches between CM Punk and Umaga (I'll still never
understand why they give away matches for free on television just days before they expect people to pay for it on pay-per-view), and a
main event between World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, and Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio.

We began with a ladder edition of the Cutting Edge, which simply meant that there were lots of ladders situated in and around the ring.
Edge introduced his guest for the show, Jeff Hardy, who seems to be the guest on every edition of the Cutting Edge. Jeff made his
entrance, walking under many of the ladders that were set up in the aisle, and then, when in the ring, climbed to the top of a ladder,
saying that he is perfectly comfortable in his surroundings. Edge said that he is content to see an opponent with false bravado,
pandering to the sheep, and said that Hardy has glossed over how dangerous the ladder match is. He then said that every time Jeff
climbs a ladder on Sunday, he will be there to knock him down, and when he's knocked him down for the last time, he will climb up and
grab his World Heavyweight Championship. Edge climbed another ladder in the ring, and the two sat face to face some ten feet up. Jeff
told Edge that he will make history on Sunday, and people will be talking about their match long after they have both gone. He continued
that he is proud of who he is and that, on Sunday, living for the moment won't be his downfall, but his salvation. Edge responded that he'll
need it, and then hit him twice in the head with the championship belt that was hanging from the arena roof. With Hardy dazed, Edge
reached over and pushed the ladder that Hardy was perched on over, and Jeff fell to the outside of the ring, bouncing off the top rope as
he went. This would have looked a lot better, had he not kept ahold of his microphone the whole way down. Edge then symbolically took
the belt down, and celebrated his latest misdeed.

--- Shelton Benjamin Vs John Morrison

The Morrison/Benjamin rivalry continued in the first match of the night, with Morrison looking to build on his 2-0 record against the Gold
Standard. The match began with Benjamin driving Morrison back into the corner, but Morrison came out fighting with some punches. He
rocked Benjamin with a dropkick, and sent him into the corner, sliding out of the ring and pulling Benjamin's legs out from under him.
Back in the ring, Morrison jumped up to the top rope, but Shelton clubbed his back, tied his foot up, leaving Morrison in a tree of woe, and
delivered a hard kick to the exposed leg. Benjamin followed up with a dragon screw legwhip, and a legbreaker, and then locked on a leg
grapevine. He transitioned into an inverted figure-four, which Morrison managed to punch his way out of. Shelton continued to wrench on
the injured leg, but Morrison showed his agility by performing a one-legged nip up, and an enziguri. He followed up with a hot shot, a
couple of clotheslines, and a leg lariat for a two count, and then hit a running knee for another two. Morrison next went for his springboard
kick, but Shelton ducked and locked on a half boston crab. Morrison reversed into a small package for a two count, and levelled Shelton
with a series of punches. Benjamin caught Morrison running off the ropes, and went for a side suplex, but Morrison countered, hitting
Benjamin with a big DDT. He then followed up with Starship Pain for the victory at 4'52.

This was a good short match between these two, with Benjamin using some good leg work, and Morrison selling well. The victory for
Morrison surely puts an end to this rivalry and, while he will move on to bigger things, the loss begs the question of what is next for

We cut to Chris Jericho in the back, making his way out to the arena.

We returned from the break and were shown a recap of the awesome angle from last week's show where Jericho posed as a Mysterio
fan in the crowd, and attacked Rey. They could show me that clip every week for a year and it wouldn't stop being great.

Jericho then made his way out, dressed to wrestle. Before his match though, he got on the microphone, and said that in 48 hours the
true face of Smackdown would expose by true face of hypocrisy, when he beats Rey Mysterio and takes off his mask. He continued that
Rey is a bigger hypocrite than the fans, and that he'll do whatever it takes to beat Rey and ruin his life. Jericho's rant was interrupted by R-
Truth's music, and Truth made his way out, performing his signature entrance theme. Jericho looked genuinely bewildered that R-Truth
would interrupt him, and it got worse when Truth asked Jericho 'what's up?', and put the microphone to his mouth for an answer. Jericho
pushed the mic away, and asked Truth how he would dare to interrupt him. He said that Truth can dance and sing like a puppet, but he
won't upstage Jericho on his show. R-Truth shot back that if Jericho is looking for the truth, then here he is. He said that Jericho is the
biggest hypocrite he's ever heard in his life, and asked Jericho if he thinks he's a thug. He told Jericho that he isn't bad, but things are
about to get bad.

--- Chris Jericho Vs R-Truth

The two locked up, and Jericho was sent to the ropes, coming off with a shoulderblock to his opponent. He hit the ropes again but this
time ran into a hiptoss, causing him to duck out of the ring. Truth took the battle to Jericho though, hitting a rolling plancha and sending
Jericho back into the ring. Truth went to the top rope, but Jericho crotched him, and low dropkicked him to the outside. Jericho went out
after him and rolled him back into the ring, where he locked on a chinlock. Truth worked up to his feet and broke the hold with some
punches. He hit the ropes and came back at Jericho with a victory roll for a two count, and then continued to mount offence with a
clothesline and a heel kick for another nearfall. He then ran into an elbow from Jericho, but Jericho missed with a Lionsault. Truth went
for the ax kick, but Jericho moved out of the way and attempted to lock on the Walls of Jericho. Truth converted it into a small package for
a two count, and Jericho went for the Walls again. Again, Truth blocked the move, so Jericho went for plan B, which was a slingshot into
the corner. Truth, however, landed on the second turnbuckle, but his leap onto Jericho was met with a Codebreaker, and Jericho got the
victory at 3'53. This was a nice little match, and I've been impressed with what I've seen out of R-Truth in the past few weeks. He's starting
to look the part of a superstar, and being in the ring with the likes of Jericho will only help his development.

After the match, Jericho was attacked on the ramp by Rey Mysterio. After firing in some pretty weak looking punches, Rey floored Jericho
with an impressive seated senton from the stage. This sets up their no holds barred match at Extreme Rules nicely.

--- CM Punk Vs Umaga

Umaga came to the ring holding the Samoan strap which will bind these two together at Extreme Rules. Punk sold concern. Punk got the
match going with some kicks to the thigh of the bigger man, with Umaga using his power to send Punk to the mat. Umaga whipped Punk
into the corner and ran in, but Punk moved, sending Umaga shoulder-first into the ring post. CM went to the top rope and came off with a
high cross body block for a two count, and we went to commercial 1'11 in. Returning at 4'40 we found Punk with a headscissors on a
grounded Umaga. Umaga broke the hold, but received more kicks from Punk, culminating in an enziguri which sent the Samoan
Bulldozer rolling out of the ring. The match changed complexion here, as Punk went for a rolling plancha, but was met by a big thrust to
the throat by Umaga. Umaga then threw Punk into the security wall, before sending him back into the ring where he picked up a two
count. A legdrop followed, and then Umaga locked on an armbar, combined with a pinch to the side of Punk's body. A series of knees
from Punk couldn't make Umaga break the hold, but he worked up to his feet and broke it with punches. Umaga dug a knee into Punk's
midsection, and hit another big thrust for a two count, before locking on a bow and arrow. Punk broke the hold with kicks, but Umaga
dropped a big knee and applied a bearhug, keeping the pressure on Punk. Punk worked up to his feet again and escaped the hold with
some elbows, only to this time run into a cresent kick, as Umaga refused to relent. Umaga next tried a ropes-assisted vertical splash, but
was met with a pair of boots to the face, and Punk earned himself a nearfall with a springboard clothesline. Punk next hit a dropkick to the
knee of Umaga, and then one to the face, for another two count, and then went for a cross body block. Umaga, however, caught Punk,
and laid him out with a sidewalk slam. Umaga sold astonishment as Punk kicked out at two, and he dragged his opponent into the
corner. He charged in at Punk, but Punk moved, and hit his kneelift in the corner. Umaga brushed off the impact of the move, and Punk
himself, and reached out for his Samoan strap. The referee urged Umaga not to use the strap, and the distraction was enough for Punk
to recover and hit the Go To Sleep on the big man for a nice pop and the victory at 12'25. Punk celebrated the win like it actually meant
something, which was nice to see, as Jim Ross and Todd Grisham speculated on whether Punk could repeat the feat in the match at
Extreme Rules. This was a really good match, with two guys who really seem to be on top of their characters. Umaga is the best monster
in the company right now, and I'd venture to say that Punk is the best at playing the plucky underdog.

After a commercial break, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham were in the ring to run through the Extreme Rules card, then Maria was
introduced as the special guest referee for the next matchup.

--- Melina, Eve Torres and Gail Kim Vs Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox and Layla

Eve and Alicia started the match, with Eve gaining control with an armbar, and tagging in Gail. Gail whipped Alicia into the corner, but Fox
floated over the on-rushing diva, only to be taken down with a hurricanrana. Kim whipped Fox into the corner again, and hit a splash,
followed by a high cross body block for a two count. Fox tagged in Michelle McCool, the number one contender to Melina's Women's
Championship, and McCool kicked Kim, and sent her to the ropes. Kim attempted another hurricanrana, but McCool threw her over her
head, planting her face-first into the mat. Layla tagged in and picked up a two count for her team, before running into a pair of boots in the
corner, and then a drop toe hold. Kim tagged in Melina, who took Layla down with clotheslines, and then hung her up in the corner to
deliver a pair of knees to the midsection. A face jam earned the champ a two count but, as Alicia caused a distraction, McCool kicked
Melina in the head. Layla hit a neckbreaker on the champion and picked up the victory for her team after 3'16 of largely uninspired action.

--- The Great Khali Vs Dolph Ziggler

This was a grudge match, after recent events between the two, and started with Dolph trying to stick and move against the big man. Khali
got ahold of him and pushed him into the ropes, meeting him with a big punch, and then slamming his head into the corner. An elbow
and a chop to the chest followed, before Ziggler decided to take a breather on the outside. Khali went out after him, and slammed his
head into the ring apron. He went for another chop, but Ziggler moved, causing Khali to awkwardly hit the ring post. Ziggler tried to take
advantage of this, but was met by another chop, and the action returned to the ring. Khali hit a clothesline on Dolph, and then whipped
him into the corner. Dolph came back by kicking the leg of the giant, and then hitting a dropkick. He mounted the turnbuckle to lay the
punches into Khali, but Khali pushed him to the ground. Ziggler then ran into an elbow, and ate a big boot and the Punjabi Plunge as the
match came to an end at 2'51. This was nothing more than a squash really, but at least Ziggler was given the opportunity to show some
fight in there. Ultimately, a loss to the 7-plus footer does him no real damage.

Next, WWE Hall of Famer, Koko B Ware was recognised in the crowd, and the Birdman danced around with the fans until it was main
event time.

--- Edge Vs Rey Mysterio

Rey made his way cautiously to the ring, after what happened last week, for this match between two champions. The two locked up, and
Edge caught Rey in a waistlock. Rey used his elbows to escape the hold, but ran into an elbow from Edge. A kneelift followed from Edge,
and he tried to slide Rey under the bottom rope to the outside, a signature bump of Mysterio's. Rey, however, rolled through on the
outside, only to be hit with a baseball slide. Edge then tried to send Rey into the steps, but Rey leapfrogged over them, and dropkicked
them into Edge's legs. He then hit a seated senton from the ring apron, as we went to a break at 1'49. We returned at 5'06 with Rey hitting
a big kick to Edge for a two count. He whipped Edge into the corner and charged in, but Edge moved sending Rey shoulder-first into the
ringpost, just as we had seen in the Umaga-Punk match. Edge then hit a big boot for a two count. He whipped Rey hard into the corner,
but then ran into a pair of boots, not once but twice, and Rey took Edge down with a hurricanrana. Edge tried a sunset flip on Mysterio, but
Rey rolled through and kicked Edge in the head for a nearfall. Edge reversed Rey into the corner and ran into an elbow. Rey then scored
with a victory roll for a two count, and the two exchanged pinning predicaments, with Edge coming out of the sequence with an attempted
sharpshooter. Rey countered the attempt into a small package for a two count, but Edge slammed Rey face-first into the canvas out of a
wheelbarrow attempt, as we went to another break at 9'15. We came back 12'49 in, and with the match still at a fast pace. Edge splashed
Rey against the ropes to earn himself a two count, and he then hit a kneedrop and locked on a double chickenwing. Rey kicked his way
out, but ran into a flapjack. However, he managed to counter in mid-air, and drive Edge's face into the mat. Mysterio went up to the top
rope, but Edge climbed up after him. Rey headbutted him down, and then connected with a nice flying headscissors, taking Edge to the
outside. Rey followed that up with a suicide dive and, after sending Edge back inside the ring, hit a springboard legdrop for a two count. A
springboard cross body garnered Rey another two, and then he hit a DDT after his attempt at a headscissors takedown was thwarted by
the Rated-R Superstar. This earned Rey another two, and he now signalled for the West Coast Pop. Edge caught Rey coming off the
ropes and drove him down with a powerbomb, locking on a sharpshooter. Rey made it to the ropes and fought back with a hotshot, and
then a low dropkick, putting Edge in position for the 619. Edge moved out of the way, and Rey slid out of the ring, coming back in with a
springboard headscissors that put Edge back in 619 country. This time Edge caught Mysterio and delivered a backbreaker. He tried
another but Rey wriggled free and rolled Edge up for a close two count. An enziguri from Rey gave him one more opportunity at the 619,
and this time he connected. He tried to follow up with a springboard splash, but Edge moved out of the way and drilled Rey with a spear
for the victory after 19'08 of frenetic action. After the match, Edge brought a ladder into the ring, but this predictably brought out Jeff Hardy,
who hit Edge's ladder with a chair, and then delivered a Twist of Fate onto the ladder. He then set up the ladder and hit a leapfrog legdrop
on Edge, ending the show by celebrating atop the ladder with Edge's championship belt.

Great shows like this are becoming the norm for Friday nights. A near twenty minute main event, supported by a twelve-plus minute Punk-
Umaga match, as well as a couple of entertaining short matches, made this a real peach of a show. I'm really looking forward to seeing
what direction the show takes after Extreme Rules, with the Hardy/Edge feud presumably coming to an end. Good times ahead, I feel.

MVP of the night- I liked CM Punk's efforts tonight. Not only did he have a really good match, but he also sold the emotion of the situation
really well.