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June 13, 2009
– Scott Hensley

I made the drive down to Scottsboro, AL to see Ultimate NWA at the National Guard Armory(404 S Cedar Hill Dr) and was really
impressed with the professionalism, talent, and ring work on the show.

It appears the first match is going to start but Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Champion Will Owens makes his way to the ring with 3 security
guards. He says he is tired of looking for Adam Roberts, who had previously tricked him and attacked him on a previous show.

Adam Roberts comes out from under the ring and battles 4 on 1 with security and Owens. The security members eventually get him
down and ziptie his hands behind his back, carrying him out as Owens slaps him in the face and laughs.

(1) Chrisjen Hayme (with Adam Jacobs)beat Drew Haskins (with LT Falk)

Haskins and Hayme have worked together before several times and didn't disappoint in the opening bout. Great back and forth fast-
paced action. Hayme rolls Haskins up for the win. Falk claims Hayme had a hand full of tights and demands a tag match for later on to
determine the #1 contenders for the Ultimate NWA tag team championship and they accept.

(2) Amos Moses beat "The Magnum" Shane Smalls

Size mismatch between these two with Amos being a much bigger guy than Smalls but they worked a good back and forth match that
saw Amos attempt a Bubba Bomb, Smalls with a back kick to escape it, He goes to the top rope and comes off only to get caught with the
Bubba Bomb, as Moses scores the clean victory.

(3) Rick Young beat Jesse Emerson

These guys appeared to be pretty evenly matched. The crowd yelled at Emerson as he insulted them and stalled in the match. Some
good suplexes and a spot where Young was pulled off the top rope by his leg by Emerson, landing completely on his back. Young hit a
good looking spinning heel kick and finished off Emerson with a spin kick to the head to score the pin.

Intermission - thank goodness there wasn't a cheesy raffle.

(4) Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Championship Will Owens beat Justin Envy to retain the title

Owens came out with his security once again and the fans hated him and wanted to see him lose his belt to Envy, who got in some good
offense on Owens. The champ used cheap tactics throughout the match, eventually retaining his belt when he goes to the corner and
removes the turnbuckle pad. The ref goes to fix it and Owens pulls out a chain from his tights. He throws it to Envy and falls down... ref
turns around and sees Envy with the chain and Owens down and calls for the bell. After the match Envy was furious that he had been
cheated out of the title and had to be restrained by the referees.

Adam Roberts runs in once again and makes short work of the 3 security guards and gets some good shots in on Owens. He
demanded to be reinstated into Ultimate NWA along with a title shot. Owens said he would THINK about it and that Roberts could come
on June 27 and find out his decision. The crowd was really behind Roberts and were cheering for him to be reinstated.

(5) #1 Contenders Tag Match: Chrisjen Hayme & Adam Jacobs beat LT Falk & Drew Haskins

These guys worked really well together in a match that saw some good technical work and fast-paced action. Both teams worked well
together but Jacobs & Hayme overcame the doubleteam cheating of Falk & Haskins to hit some really cool double team moves and
score a double pin to win the match.

Notes: The attendance was approximately 75. Ultimate NWA returns to Scottsboro on June 27...FTW will make its return when it comes to
Trussville, AL on June 20 at the YMCA building....IWA Deepsouth has announced Carnage Cup V will take place with a date and location
still TBA.

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