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June 27, 2009
– Scott Hensley

Ultimate NWA results from 6/27 in Scottsboro, AL at the National Guard Armory located at 406 S. Cedar Hill Dr, Scottsboro, AL.

80 Fans waited with anticipation to see if Will Owens would reinstate Adam Roberts, who has gotten the best of Owens over the last few
weeks, despite Owens’ attempts to keep Roberts out of Ultimate NWA. The fans had WE WANT ADAM signs and let it be known very
vocally as well.

Show started with Adam Roberts coming out to a welcoming crowd. He pointed out how he had gotten to Will Owens time and time again
and that it was time to reinstate him and give him the title shot he deserves. Owens comes out with his lackey Kent Reznor from the
security team back on the 6/13 and says Roberts will be reinstated for good IF he can beat Reznor. The crowd laughs, as Reznor is a
really young looking short guy. He’s tatted up with nipple rings but has a decent build to him for his size, which certainly doesn’t
compare to Adam Roberts though. Roberts says there are top tier wrestlers, middle tier, bottom tier, and then there’s garbage like

(1) Justin Envy beat The Russian Assassin

Two good sized guys matching up here. They immediately come to blows after a few USA! Chants directed against The Russian
Assassin. Lots of USA! And JUSTIN! chants. Some back and forth action, Russian Assassin chokes Envy, stands on his hair, and walks
over him but Envy hits a big dropkick, and shrugs off a chokeslam attempt to pick up the victory with a spinning side slam.

(2) Cabana Man Dan beat Jeremy Foster

CMD pops Foster in the butt with a flip flop, which starts an insanely fast-paced series of action that starts with a chase outside the ring,
some speedy arm drags, and included flip flop chops, a front flip back dropkick to the face of a seated Foster, and a sick headbutt by
CMD to Foster. Foster gains control with a rake of the eyes and gets CMD in a crossface, near the ropes, he rolls it backwards to
distance them from the ropes. Some back and forth action when CMD attempts a sliced bread #2 and both men go down after colliding
in the corner, CMD regains control and successfully lands the Sliced Bread #2 for the victory. A good change of pace and great to see
CMD back at it!

(3) “The Prodigy� Kent Reznor beat “Mr Main Event� Adam Roberts

Reznor dodges Roberts and nails him with a right, he dodges again but has his right blocked. Reznor reverses an irish whip and
attempts to give Roberts a boot to the midsection. Roberts catches it and Reznor backflips out of it only to be LEVELED inside out by a
huge clothesline. Reznor makes a desperate attempt to get in offense as he climbs to the top rope and jumps off, only to be caught by
Roberts for a fallaway slam. Reznor gets in some cheap offense and works the arm of Roberts. Reznor charges Roberts in the corner
who flips him to the outside in a spot where Kent basically went completely upside down on top of the turnbuckle before flipping all the
way down to the concrete floor. Adam does a baseball slide into Reznor once he recovers, and it’s followed up by Reznor being
dropped on the guardrail. Adam hits Reznor with another big clothesline back in the ring and once again Reznor scrambles for the top
rope only to be thrown off this time. Adam slams him down and climbs the top himself. Big top rope elbow for a two count. Black Hole
Slam on Reznor followed by the Main Event Slam. Will Owens runs out and quickly informs the referee that HE makes the rules and itâ
€™s a No DQ match, Will and Kent doubleteam a confused Roberts and Kent picks up the pinfall. The fans are irate at the sudden
stipulation announcement and result of the match. Adam Jacobs runs out for the save and Will Owens tells him he will pay for sticking
his nose in their business. He tells Jacobs he is NOT chicken and will face him later on in a match. Fans demand he put the title on the
line against the hometown hero of Jacobs and Owens actually agrees to it.

Intermission – Ultimate NWA shirts $5, Cabana Man Dan FLIP FLOP CHOP shirts $10, (I think each may have some left if you want to
contact them about getting one!) Two trivia question winners were given free tickets to the next show on July 18th in Scottsboro at the

(4) “Violent Passion� Patrick Bentley defeated 1/2 of your NWA Alabama Tag Team Champions Mike Posey

These guys are both in phenomenal shape, especially Bentley who has a larger build than the former WWE/TNA referee Posey. Posey
informed the ring announcer that he was to be announced as the Greatest Referee in the world, best looking referee in the world, and
only former WWE/TNA referee to hold Ultimate NWA Gold. These two locked up and seemingly didn’t untie the entire match. They
traded hold after hold and countered each other’s attempts to wear down body parts and force submissions. Bentley started off with
a slap to the face of Posey, who obviously needed to be taken down a peg ego-wise. He also spun around on top of him later in the
match and slapped the head of the egotistical Posey. Posey threw Bentley down by the hair and put Bentley in a tree of woe. He charged
in for a spear and missed as Bentley summoned the strength of his chiseled abs to pull himself up and free. Bentley off the top to knock
Posey down. Posey regains composure to hit an impressive tornado ddt for a 2 count. The action went back and forth with Posey rolling
up Bentley with a handful of tights for a 2 count and Bentley countering with what looked like his own handful of tights to roll up Posey for
the surprise 3 count! The referee checked with fans to make sure Bentley didn’t cheat for the win and the fans backed Bentley,
ensuring his victory as Posey mockingly clapped in the ring for Patrick.

(5) Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Champion “Wildthing� Will Owens beat Adam Jacobs

Fans got to see Will square off with “Adam� but Jacobs instead of Roberts on this night. Owens stalled outside the ring, as fans
called him Chicken and Crybaby. Jacobs pushes Owens in the corner and goes in to attack, only to have Owens cower through the ropes
and make what were almost crying sounds. The crowd wants to see Will’s head on a platter with his antics and cheating in the past
months! Owens slaps Jacobs and runs away, putting Senior Ultimate NWA Official “Tiny� between him and Jacobs. Jacobs
eventually gets to him and does some hair pulling in frustration with Owens. Owens bails and grabs his belt for what looks like an easy
retention of his belt through count out but Tiny has it announced that he WILL strip Owens of the belt if he does not answer the 10 count!
Owens is furious and barely makes it back to break up the count at 9. Back and forth action until Jacobs attempts to go off the corner
turnbuckle for a leaping splash back onto Owens, only to be pulled off by “Wildthing�. Owens gives Jacobs a big sidewalk slam for
a 2 count and then works him over on the ground with a submission maneuver that is assisted by feet on the ropes. Rear naked choke
on Jacobs by Owens, followed by another big slam for another 2 count once they battle back to their feet. Owens chokes Jacobs and tells
him to STAY DOWN! Jacobs flips over Owens after an irish whip to get a 2 count and Owens has had enough. Will levels Adam with a big
clothesline that turns him inside out. They battle back and forth and Adam Jacobs gains the advantage with a big drop kick off the top
rope. Adam Roberts attempts to run in, but he’s being held back by several members of the lockerroom and the ref is distracted.
Owens pulls out a chain from his tights and nails Jacobs. The ref slides back in for a 2 count! Owens argues with Tiny and Adam Jacobs
rolls Owens up from behind for a 2 and a half count! Owens shows off his agility with a tornado ddt for another 2 count. Jacobs battles
back and hits 13 top rope punches on Owens. Owens reaches back in the tights and grabs the chain but Tiny stops him from using it
and gives it to the timekeeper at ringside, while Jacobs hits a superkick and covers Owens. Kent Reznor runs out to distract the referee,
which gives a recovering Owens time to grab his belt and nail Jacobs for yet another cheap win.

Owens tells the fans that July 18 will be a celebration! It will be a farewell party for Adam Roberts! Two more free tickets are given away to
the loudest fans: a little girl with one of the most ridiculously high and loud screams I’ve ever heard, and a woman who cheered and
jeered the whole show.

Ultimate NWA returns July 18 to the National Guard Armory in Scottsboro, AL.