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July 11, 2009
– Larry Goodman

With Hostile Environment ’09 featuring War Games on the horizon, NWA Anarchy taped two hours at the NWA Television Arena in
Cornelia Saturday night.

NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer opened talking about the Fanfest/fundraiser on July 18. A portion of the proceeds will go to the family of
Reid Clark, the son of a Hall County Firefighter battling Cerebral Palsy. Palmer promised fans they were in for one of the craziest nights of
wrestling of the year (prices raised to $15). Hall County firemen will serve as lumberjacks for the special rumble match main event.

(1) Todd Sexton beat Kareem Abdul Jamar in 3:36

Jamar wanted to start the match with a tip off. Ref Dee Byers obliged, but Sexton grabbed the basketball and bounced it off the
WrestleVision. Jamar slapped Sexton’s face and they were off and running. Sexton tried to turn Jamar’s face into hamburger
meat. Jamar sold Sexton’ Muay Thai knees like he was going to cough up a kidney. Sexton won it with a Tiger Driver.

Sexton said he wasn’t an opening match guy. As we should all know by now, he’s “The Excellence of Sexecution� Todd

A video message from Shadow Jackson was shown on the WrestleVision. Greg Hunter explained that the video was shot three weeks
ago in the aftermath of Jackson losing the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title to Jeremy Vain. Jackson said he let everyone down - the fans,
NWA Anarchy and most of all himself. Jackson said he was going to embark on rigorous training program and would not return until he
was 100%. Jackson vowed to come back more violent and more focused than ever. Jackson advised Vain to enjoy the belt while he had
the chance.

Jeremy Vain followed with a promo that was nothing short of awesome. It was a key test being his first time in front of the fans as the
heavyweight champion, and he passed with flying colors. Vain entered the ring accompanied by a security guy carrying a Polaroid
camera. Vain said he was the new people’ champ. He knew the people were upset, but they had nobody to blame but themselves.
Vain explained that when he left their hero with a broken ankle, Palmer gave Jackson every opportunity to exit gracefully, but Jackson fell
for the people’s chants and ended up losing the title. “All because of you.� Vain said he was going to do what Jackson never
did – allow fans to step into the ring to have a picture made with the champion, and it would only cost $20. Vain told the fans to line up
by the rail. Nobody moved a muscle. Vain allowed that 20 bucks was lot to ask during these hard economic times. With that, Vain said he
was going on vacation. Hunter informed Vain that he a title defense coming up soon against the Young Lion’s Champion, Malachi.
Vain was not happy. He asked the security guy what he was smiling about and left him laying with a DDT. A great segment.

(2) Malachi beat Bo Newsome to retain the Young Lion’s Championship in 6:30

They opted for a Japanese Strong Style flavor. The action was fine, but the crowd wasn’t feeling it at all. It was back and forth with
high impact moves for near falls with stiff chops mixed in and no heat. Malachi won it with the diving headbutt.

Postmatch: Sexton hit the ring and was poised to knock Newsome out with the running knee, but Malachi stepped in to protect Bo. Sexton
backed off. I was waiting for Vain to blindside Malachi.

A Rowdy Friends promo aired on the WrestleVision. Jessco Blue was talking about a five night Merle Haggard tour that ended in
Hiawassee and fighting some SOB security guy and Merle lighting them up with a bunch of beers. Fun stuff. Don Matthews said they ran
Jeff Lewis out of town, and their buddies, the Wild Bunch were going to become the number one contenders.

(3) Veterano IV beat Mike Posey in 6:24

Posey forced Greg Hunter to introduce him as “the greatest ref on the planet…the sexiest man in the world…the hottest wrestling
commodity out of Alabama…and the one man the **** in Cornelia can’t have.â€� Hunter told Posey he couldn’t say “hoesâ
€� on TV, so Posey said it for him. The masked luchador, IV hit a quebrada for an early near fall. Posey clipped IV’s knee, dissected
the body part and applied some swank submissions. Out of nowhere, IV dropkicked Posey’s ankle and pinned him with La Magistral
cradle. Posey is an excellent athlete and very entertaining as heel. It will be interesting to see how his role develops.

(4) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) beat Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team
Championship in 6:30

The debuting Hate Junkies are being brought up from the APW farm team, so to speak. New Wave busted out the double teams early
including their giant swing/dropkick combo called the Wheel of Fortune. Stryknyn interfered to set Walters up for a lariat from Only. Crowd
got behind Walters with the first chant of the night. Only cut off a comeback with a nice spinebuster. The champs made short work of
Junkies after the hot tag with a double codebreaker and the Unskinny Bop on Stryknyn for the pin by Driver. A solid tune up match for the

(5) Azrael (with The Reverend) beat Iceberg via DQ in 8:17

Iceberg charged the ring like a giant sized Rhino. Azrael cut him off and they brawled on the outside. Byers called for the bell with both
men on the floor. Berg kicked the middle rope into Azrael’s nuts. Berg destroyed Azrael with the running knee. Crowd chanted for one
more but Berg tattooed Azrael’s forehead instead. Berg went for the cannonball splash, and Azrael got the hell out of the corner.
Azrael gave Berg a receipt for the running knee. The Reverend howled with delight. Iceberg made Azrael miss with a cannonball, and
both men were down. Azrael fired up the knee strikes, but no water in the pool for his frogsplash. Iceberg crushed Azrael’s back with
a Ground Zero. Berg pulled a coat hanger out of the ringpost. The Reverend ran out the back door. Berg wrapped the wire around Azraelâ
€™s throat for the DQ. Decent match but the best was yet to come.

Postmatch: Iceberg choked the life out of Azrael with the coat hanger wire. The Rejects tried to save him, but Palmer held them at bay with
his ax handle. Rejects were going nuts. Crowd was going nuttier. Azrael was draped over the middle rope and left for dead by Iceberg.
Iceberg grabbed the ax handle and started walking tall toward the Rejects, who ran for their stinking lives. Palmer had a new mantra - â
€œThat’s one down. That’s one down. That’s one down.â€�

That concluded hour number one. Vain’s promo and the postmatch of the main were unquestionably the highlights. The coat hanger
scene should make great TV. The crowd popped for entrances and finishes but not much heat during the body of the matches.

The second half opened with a video vignette featuring Entourage in which they introduced Mike’s sister Mercedes as a new
member. One can only hope she fares better than female characters typically do in Cornelia. Andrew Alexander said they were focused
on the titles, and anybody that got in their way would suffer.

(6) The Entourage (Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander with Jay Clinton & Mercedes Mosley) beat Youth Gone Wild (Dustin Knight &
Anthony Henry) in 8:50

Clinton, with his Afro wig held in place by a chinstrap, again had the job of rolling out the red carpet for Entourage. Mercedes was out
there as well, looking a bit like a deer in the headlights, but with that body, attention was not much focused on her facial expressions.
Alexander used the old school forearm shots to the chicken chest of Knight. YGW faces pulled off a nice combo wherein Knight slid
through Alexander’s legs and tripped him up and Henry followed with a slingshot splash. Alexander impaled Knight on the top rope
with the help of Clinton to start the heat. Alexander popped the crowd countering Knight’s flying crucifix with a Regal Roll. Mosley
used his height to good advantage with an elevated bear hug. Henry did OK with the hot tag while it lasted. Mosley made a blind tag and
Entourage finished Knight with a messed up version of the Rodeo Driver.

(7) Brodie Chase (with Seth Delay) pinned Orion Bishop after Delay clocked Bishop with his trusty brass knucks (6:57)

Due to what he perceived as the general incompetence of the Anarchy refs, Posey sent Byers to the back and took over. Bishop got a mild
pop, which is more than he’s been getting. Early on, Bishop was building up a head of steam, so Chase shoved Posey in the way
and bailed out. Bishop’s power game looked impressive against a guy the size of Chase, especially the fallaway slam. Bishop
popped Delay to cut off his interference, but Chase clipped Bishop’s knee with an assist from Posey. Chase locked in a knee bar.
Bishop kicked out of the pumphandle neckbreaker. A collision left both men on the canvas. Bishop made the full-fledged comeback
hitting a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Posey got distracted allowing Delay to use the knucks. I came away feeling like a program with
Chase could help Bishop.

(8) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) beat Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) in a number one contenders match (6:

Crowd remains split on T & M. Wild Bunch were taking it to the former champions in the opening minutes. Talent accidentally bumped
into King, but Pendleton clotheslined his ass just the same. King played babyface-in-peril. Talent’s offense looked very good here.
There was nice spot where King took a chest bump in the corner and Pendleton caught him on the rebound with wheelbarrow
facebuster. Huracanrana for the hot tag. Buck got his Samoan Drop, but it paled in comparison to the one Bishop hit in the previous
match. T & M hit the Bail Out and Talent pinned Buck.

Entourage hit the ring and destroyed Wild Bunch with their finishers. Mercedes slapped Buck. Talent and Money walked away refusing to
get involved. Matthews and Blue made the save. Hate Junkie appeared on the WrestleVision. They had downed Rowdy Friends’ beer
supply. Only said they were going to crush Rowdy Friends like their beer cans. Rowdy Friends ran to the back. Kinda dumb. I didn’t
get beating Hate Junkies clean and then starting them in a program on the same night. Makes both teams look bottom of the barrel.

(9) Ace Rockwell beat Shaun Tempers (with The Reverend & Skirra Corvus) via count out in 9:15

Tempers escaped with the NWA Anarchy TV Title. Finally, an electric atmosphere in the house – two main even level guys with
longstanding issues. An outstanding match except for the slip on the finish. Rockwell outfoxed Tempers early on. Rockwell tried to
counter a catapult over the ropes with a skin the cat, but Tempers sent him to the floor with a dropkick. Crowd chanted for their man.
Rockwell escaped from the Temperpedic. Rockwell converted on a second skin the cat to spark a comeback. They each teased hitting
the other guys’ finisher. They traded near falls – Tempers with a Tiger Driver and Rockwell with a spinebuster. Rockwell used the
Airplane Spin to set up a running bulldog, but Tempers kicked out. Rockwell went for Aces High, but his hands slipped and they had to
redo the spot. Rejects pulled Tempers out of the ring and they headed out the back door. Fine match except for the slip on the finisher.

Postmatch: Palmer said he was as pissed as the fans about Rejects and NWA Elite always taking the cheap way out. He even
threatened to cement in the back entrance used by the Rejects for all their run-ins. Palmer made a rematch for next week and added the
Hall County firemen as lumberjacks for that one as well. “They look into the face of the devil every day they go to work.�

(10) Mikal Judas & Truitt Fields beat NWA Elite (Phil Shatter & Kimo with Jeff G. Bailey) via DQ when Tempers interfered (5:50)

This match was the only one that had great sustained heat. All out action including several minutes of crazy brawling before anybody got
in the ring. A petrified looking Bailey fled to the top of the ramp to watch. Once inside the ring, Elite got immediate heat on Fields. Elite
strapped Fields to the tree of woe and Kimo unleashed the martial arts blows finishing with an elbow strike to the trachea. Killer stuff.
Shatter ducked a high crossbody and Fields tumbled to the floor, where Bailey put his splendid white Guccis to him. When Judas got the
hot tag, it was pure decimation for the Elite – an awesome round of lariats and high boots. Judas and Kimo brawled to the back.
Shatter blocked the Killing Fields and hit a bridging German suplex, but Fields kicked out. Fields was setting up his finisher again when
Tempers interfered, laying Fields out with a belt shot.

Postmatch: The Reverend had a can of something. Turned out it was paint. Bailey painted a yellow streak down Fields’ back. Shatter
painted one on his chest. The Reverend was laughing his ass off about Fields’ humiliation. New Wave, Iceberg and Rockwell made
the save. They were joined by the returning Hayden Young. Bailey to the fans - “He’s yella like all of you!�

The second hour had the starpower and the two best matches of the night. Once again, the postmatch of the main should make for
compelling images to close out the TV episode.

NOTES: Hardcore Hell ’09 is out on DVD…The TV production equipment is scheduled for a much-needed upgrade by Septemberâ
€¦Rockwell and Tempers are going to be part of the regular crew for the USWO/ATL shows on Friday nights in Nashville…â
€�Nightmareâ€� Ted Allen ran a show in nearby Toccoa on Friday night with Abdullah the Butcher as the headliner. Crowd was reported
as being a little over 100. Among those working that show were Alexander, Blue, Sal Rinauro, Caleb Konley, Bobby Moore, Kyle Matthews
and Frankie Valentine…Former GCW manager Wicked Nemesis was backstage…Walter ran out for the show ending save wearing
only one shoe.