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July 4, 2009
– Larry Goodman

I checked out the July 4 edition of NWA Main Event TV on the NWA Main Event website.

Jason James and Scott Barry on commentary. They teased the arrival of some mysterious new talent.

(1) Travis Sawyer (with Tony Lucassio) beat Allen Sheppard in 13:30

Good action with some neat submission work. Shepard got a sharpshooter Sawyer used a camel clutch. Sawyer dropped Sheppard on
his head with a cradle DDT. Sheppard got a big near fall with a codebreaker and a kick to the face. Sawyer dropped Sheppard on his
head with a pumphandle Emerald Frosien after interference by Lucassio. Best Sawyer match I’ve seen.

(2) Knuckles & Knives (Johnny Punch & Rudy Switchblade) beat Ben Outlaw & Mike Posey in 12:10

Outlaw took a bad landing on his neck off a monkey flip. A sneak knee to back set up heat on Switchblade. They were having a good
match until the hot tag to Punch. It went downhill from there. Switchblade pulled ropes down on Outlaw. K & K used a lariat/german
suplex combo to pin Posey.

Promo by Jeff Daniels and Dominique. Jeff said he gave Dominque what she wanted last week. Satisfying a woman is a difficult task.
Daniels promised to amplify the viciousness this week.

(3) Jeff Daniels beat White Tiger in 10:33 via submission

Daniels blindsided Tiger at ringside and spent the entire match shredding Tiger’s shoulder to set up the Dominator. Daniels
dispatched with Standard Wrestling Guy, Man Called Rouge and some other nameless jabroni. This was exactly what Daniels match the
previous week against SWG should have been.

Promo by Shawn Shultz with Lucassio, who had just finished shining up the NWA Mid-America Television Championship belt. “Iâ
€™ve made a career of spitting in the wind, tugging at Superman’s cape, and you know what? I’m still standing,â€� said Shultz.
He challenged Trobich, Marquez, Porter and Sircy to bring the NWA World Champion to Nashville. Shultz is billed as the youngest and
longest reigning NWA Mid-America Television Champion, the youngest and longest reigning NWA champion anywhere in the world, â
€œThe Modern Day Vikingâ€�, “Mr. Everybody Knowsâ€�, and he’s the singular reason to watch this show.

(4) Shawn Shultz (with Tony Lucassio) beat Matt Boyce in 5:30 to retain the NWA Mid-America TV Championship after interference
by Mike Posey

Boyce made the comeback and hit a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Posey snapped Malibu Matt’s neck off the ropes and he
was easy picking for Shultz’s DDT.

(5) Steve-O defeated Will Owens to retain the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title

Not much to it. JIP with Owens applying the heat. Average comeback by O climaxed by Owens taking a press slam off the top. Owens had
a chain in his boot, but O ducked it and superkicked him for the win.

COMMENTS: Shultz is tremendous as the ultimate NWA flag bearer, the guy with the old school champion aura. He has a knack for
looking beatable but always manages to escape with the title. NWA Main Event is worth watching for his presence alone…The NWA ME
roster has been significantly improved from what it was when they stopped airing on ION…Nothing against Scott Barry. He and James
make a decent enough team, but I miss the chemistry between James and Tyler Clemens…The building on Veritas Street is tons better
for taping TV than the Fairgrounds. With the intimate set up and the black background, it feels like TV studio wrestling, and they don’t
need a big crowd to make it look and sound halfway decent…They’ve got some stories going – Shultz as the long reigning
champion, Dominique nagging Daniels into regaining the sadistic tendencies that were his trademark, and wherever they’re going
with Posey as a heel. It never hurts to tease a mysterious new arrival, as long as it actually turns out to be someone worth the mystery.