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July 25, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Brief intro by Nigel Sherrod informing the viewers that “Hacksaw� Jim Duggan was on today’s show…the opening montage
rolls…cut to the Nick Patrick in the office with RPW Cruiserweight Champion Sal Rinauro. Patrick said he was going to rectify what
happened at the Bash (where Rinauro retained after putting his hands…make that foot on an official) by giving Chip Day a mano y mano
shot at the title. Rinauro pouted in an unchampionlike manner.

(1) Glacier beat David Young in 5:16

Sherrod said until the tainted loss last week in a tag match, Glacier had been on a winning streak. Professor cut Glacier no slack at all â
€“ win or start at the bottom of the heap. Young’s offense was giving Glacier fits, but he proved to be a fast learner and was ready
when Young started repeating moves. Glacier made the chopping comeback. Young cut him off with a Russian legsweep, went for a
spear and ran smack into the Cryonic Kick. Decent match. Young worked hard, although he’s not getting up and down as quickly with
the added weight. Finish looked weak.

Exotic Ones cut an awesome promo on Dr. Johnny Gayton. Intense stuff. Sermon said he was taking Gayton’s hands and his eyes.
Michaels smashed a pair of glasses to smithereens with a steel chair.

Patrick broke the bad news to Micah Taylor. RPW’s MD had not cleared him to wrestle. Patrick said he was no doctor, but Taylorâ
€™s eyes didn’t look good. After all, Taylor had suffered a concussion, and they had to consider the legal ramifications. Taylor
protests fell on deaf ears.

(2) Mr. Jones (with Charlie Cash) beat J-Rod in 7:36

J-Rod wore the big man down with a series of lariats before taking him off his feet with a dropkick. J-Rod made Jones miss with a
massive leg drop. “He’s all tanned and terrific, but wrestling is not a beauty pageant,� said Professor. The camera did a jump
cut on Jones’ high boot. Jones took over. I was AMAZED by how much better Jones (formerly known as Brokishi) looked here
compared to that debacle with Gayton at the Bash. It didn’t hurt that J-Rod’s selling was freaking awesome. Jones went for a
long distance version of the Cash Out (middle rope splash) and did a belly flop. Great comeback sequence from J-Rod ended with Cru
Jones attempting to interfere. J-Rod cut Cru off, but fell victim to the tree slam from Mr. for the pin, and they cut to close up of Cru stylinâ
€™ and profilin’. This was way, way better than I ever expected it could be.

(3) Cash Vault (Kyle Matthews & Frankie Valentine with Charlie Cash) beat Cru Jones & Rob Adonis to retain the RPW Tag Titles in 8:

Cash Vault opened with sweet double teams. Jones gave Valentine a gorilla press slam. Valentine answered with a dragon screw into
Tony Mamaluke’s Spaghetti Bender. The announce team said this was Cash Vault’s first true challenge since gaining the titles.
Matthews took the heat. Jones hit a cool lucha variation of the sidewalk slam where he flipped Matthews onto his belly. Professor heeled,
questioning J-Rod’s heritage and how he could lose his green card. Sherrod fired back that the reason they didn’t do stand ups
was because Professor couldn’t fit onto the screen. Matthews escaped a vertical suplex and hit a backcracker on Adonis to set up
the hot tag. Professor said Cash Vault had to be concerned that the redneck troglodyte fans were cheering for them. Finish saw J-Rod
run in behind the ref’s back to clip Cru, allowing Valentine to get the pin. A possible start to a turn for Cash Vault? Some role
confusing here because they’re both heel teams, but Cash Vault were clearly booked as the babyfaces in the match.

Quick promo by Gayton introducing a fired up Colt Derringer as his partner to be against Exotic Ones.

A commercial for Dr. Gayton’s Eyesight Associates ran featuring J-Rod as the satisfied patient.

Cru burst into Patrick’s office to demand a match with J-Rod. He lost his patience with Patrick’s thick skull. “Did you not hear
what I said, Patrick? You and your creepy mustache, C’mon!� Parick said Cru could have the match, not because he was
intimated, but because it was a sound business decision. Jones said he had a plan for J-Rod.

(4) The Cruiserweight Title Match between Champion Sal Rinauro and Chip Day ended in a disputed finish with the title held up in 13

Rinauro did a spit ‘n run job. Day made him pay, but Rinauro got the upper hand by ramming Day’s knee into the rail. Rinauro
worked over the knee, using a single leg crab that had Day screaming bloody murder. Day came back with a reverse huracanrana and a
tornado kick for near falls. Rinauro cut him off and hit a running koppo kick. More knee torture by Rinauro ensued. He rolled through on
Day’s flying double knee to get the single leg crab again, but Day made the ropes. Rinauro used a rabbit lariat to send Day into
referee Dustin Robinson. Rinauro covered but no ref to count. Rinauro tried for a belt shot. Day ducked and separated Rinauro from the
belt. Day then dropped Rinauro on his head with this flippy leg sweep thingy and followed with the top rope double knee. Ref Jeff
McGowan slid in to make the count and Rinauro kicked out. Rinauro hit a german suplex with a bridge and Day kicked out. They cut to
Day hitting a 540. Both guys’ shoulders were on the mat as the two refs made simultaneous 3 counts. McGowan raised Days’
hand. Sherrod announced Day as the new champion, but Robinson ripped the belt out of McGowan’s hand and gave it to Rinauro.
The refs argued. Day and Rinauro got in a tug of war over the belt. Rinauro blasted Day with the belt and left with the title in his
possession. Sherrod announced that RPW was going to review the tape. Well paced match. Day keeps getting better. He still gets his
stuff in but it's more in the flow of the match. Rinauro make a great opponent for him.

“Hacksaw� Jim Duggan. Duggan did the HOOOOO! and lead the crowd in a USA chant. National Anthem turned sour with due the
interruption by “The Man over Miami� Kaotic Romeo. They traded insults – Duggan telling Romeo to stand up (he was). Romeo
asked the fans to give it up for the old fart. “You might have been a star 20 years ago, but sorry chico, this is my time.� Duggan
said it was 30 years ago. Duggan said a young punk challenging him came with the territory, but Romeo should keep his hole shout
during the National Anthem. Duggan asked for a shot at Romeo’s Intercontinental Championship. Romeo accepted the challenge
on his time, on his turf. Duggan said if Romeo was going to show him something new, the only thing he hadn’t seen in 30 years of
pro wrestling was leprosy.

COMMENTS: The RPW TV show has come a long way from those brutal early episodes. The editing is tons better. They’ve got
several good stories going, and they’re telling them in a coherent manner. The announcing is eons better than it was. Sherrod and
Professor play off each other well. Professor’s snobby intellectual character is both funny and easy to dislike, and Sherrod isn’t
above making him the butt of fat jokes to put him in his place. Patrick makes a great commissioner. Much like Freddie Morton on SAW,
he’s believable. The segments with Patrick feel like a real wrestling show rather than cutesy Sports Entertainment garbage. Terrific
promo by Exotic Ones. It made me want to see the match. I liked what they did with Duggan. It was a nice rub for Romeo. He’s got
something with a character that is clearly modeled on Razor Ramon. They did a nice job of setting up the next episode. The match
between Duggan and Romeo follows next week, although that wasn’t made as clear as it should have been, along with the next
installment of Exotic Ones vs. Gayton & Derringer, Cru vs. J-Rod and the outcome of the Cruiserweight Title controversy.