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August 2, 2009
– Larry Goodman

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LAST WEEK AT THE SAW MILL…Big Dolla destroyed another jabroni. Derrick King decreed that DKE was taking over…Hammerjack
invited “Problem Solver� David Young to bring it on. “I got all the fans at the SAW Mill behind me, and that’s all I need to
break you down like the punk you are.�

Commissioner Freddie Morton said today the fans were going to see what they were deprived of last week. Andy Douglas would comply
with the contract he signed for the Hair vs. Career match and have his hair cut on today’s show or A-Team would be fined each and
every week until it happened.

The opening montage rolled. Cut to the ring with Reno Riggins back on commentary with Michael Graham. Reno said he had been away
because of all the activity in the SAW office, like negotations with SAW International Champion Kid Kash for rematches with Jesse
Emerson and Arrick Andrews.


Dixon cheated on the break, got a one count with a rabbit lariat, then earned a two count with a kneelift. Riggins said Dixon was no peach.
Dixon applied a cravate. Chris Hero he’s not. Emerson capped off a comeback with a spinning body slam and back body drop. The
voice of Jon Michael Worthington interrupted the proceedings. Cut to the SAWTron. Worthington was rifling through Emerson’s bag.
He ripped up a photo of someone who was clearly near and dear to Emerson’s heart. “How about my rematch, now?� Dixon
rolled up a discombobulated Emerson for a two count. Emerson immediately drilled Dixon with the Alabama Slam for the pin.

WINNER: Emerson in 3:58. I don’t know which thing I hated worse, Emerson selling for Dixon’s indietastic offense or Emerson
staring at the big screen like a tool in the middle of the match.

Time for the hair cut. Graham was in the ring with the hedge clippers, a cadre of referees, and the lucky 13 barber chair. Douglas was
accompanied to the ring by Paul Adams and Rick Santel. Adams tried to buy their way out of it. He offered to write a check for $30,000 to
finance a new wardrobe for Morton and new equipment for the SAW Mill. Graham said that wasn’t a bad idea, because he had on
good authority that 30K was the amount Douglas would be fined per week if he refused the haircut. “You take plastic?� Santel
started pulling credit cards out of his wallet. “What about Kroger Plus?� Adams said. Chase Stevens came out to do the deed.
After a major display of angst, Douglas finally took a seat. Senior Official Kurt Herron would not allow Stevens to use the hedge clippers.
The crowd popped as Stevens snipped off Douglas’ pony tail. Stevens held it up for all the world to see and then threw it at Douglas.
Adams and Santel looked horrified. Douglas put his head in his hands and started to weep.

2 – SEAN CASEY (with the Freak Squad) vs. CHRISJEN HAYME

A match up of two top ten contenders. Casey did a little prematch dancing with the Freak Squad – Tiana and two new girls Reno called
Good and Times. Casey spent the opening minutes in retreat mode, as Hayme was on his game and totally outwrestling Sexy Sean. The
Freak Squad made Casey’s bruised lip all better with a round of kisses. Hayme hiptossed Casey back to the inside, and picked up
the pace with a spinning headscissors and a standing dropkick for a near fall. Riggins said Casey needed a Layfield energy drink. But
Hayme went to the well once too often, as Casey turned a second spinning headscissors into a sitout facebuster. Cool counter. Casey
mauled him. Casey tried to come off the ropes and ate a foot to the jaw. A series of strikes had Casey on dream street when Shane
Smalls showed up at ringside to divert Hayme’s attention. Casey capitalized with the superkick to get the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Casey in 7:05 after interference by Shane Smalls. Hayme dominated just has he should have. I thought Casey was very
generous here. He made Hayme look as good as anyone in SAW has.

Top 10 list: SAW International Champion–Kid Kash 1-Arrick Andrews 2-Hammerjack 3–Jesse Emerson 4-Chase Stevens 5-Andy
Douglas 6–Rick Santel 7-David Young 8–Chrisjen Hayme 9- Sean Casey 10–Shane Smalls.

Drew Haskins interview shot at his alma matter, Hendersonville High School. Haskins said it just a year ago the SAW camera were there
as he prepared for his pro wrestling debut, and now he and LT Falk were the tag team champions, when nobody gave them a chance to
get out of the first round of the tournament. Haskins said they planned on being fighting champions but DKE thought otherwise. Haskins
admitted they were not physically at 100% going into today’s mandatory title defense, but they were going to give it 110%.

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions LT FALK & DREW HASKINS vs. DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & JT Stahr
with Big Dolla & Sista O’Feelyah)

Reno said King took the customary and usual disrespect for his opponents to another level. Graham said Haskins was coming into the
bout with undisclosed injuries. Haskins uncorked a ring clearing series of dropkicks on DKE. (Commercial break) As Falk controlled
King on the ground, Reno called him the best pound-for-pound mat wrestler in SAW.

“When a lot of kids were home watching Scooby Do, LT Falk was out in the back yard giving an arm drag to his little sister.�

Falk hit the facebuster to the knee/neckbreaker combo (the Double Shot - Falk may have picked that move up from Chris Michaels, who
got it from Rick Michaels). Stahr saved but his elbow drop nailed King when Falk moved. Haskins got carried away trying for consecutive
monkey flips on King, and Stahr interfered with a hotshot. DKE gave Haskins a beating. When O’Feelyah stuck her high heels in his
ribs. Dolla leveled Haskins with a size 14 to the face. (Commercial break #2) Haskins fired up. Stahr cut him off with a drop toehold mere
inches from the tag. Haskins hit a crossbody on Stahr and rolled to the corner for the tag. Nice. DKE fed for Falk. He backdropped King
onto Stahr and then hit the Falkin Flatout (Unprettier) on King. But Kurt Herron’s back was turned, and Dolla pulled LT out and ran his
head into the post.

WINNER: Derrick King Enterprises via count out in 8:18. Falk & Haskins retained the SAW Tag Team Titles. Solid tag team match. The
champions looked quite good, as Haskins had his best all around performance in SAW.

DKE absconded with the belts and paraded around the ring until the Herron was able to regain possession of them. The camera panned
over to Haskins tending to Falk, who was still lying on the concrete floor. Dolla ran over and decked Haskins again. Riggins said the
champions had to be questioning themselves at this point.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Well, they delivered on the hair stipulation and what an anticlimax that was. When Stevens said he wanted
Douglas’ hair, it was assumed he meant all of it, not just the ponytail and at one point, he clearly threatened to shave Douglas bald. I
would have satisfied if he at least messed Douglas up enough to force him into a buzz cut. The expressions of horror on the faces of
Adams and Santel were great, but just what was so horrifying? Douglas’ look was barely altered…The heels reigned supreme on
this episode, which was lighter than usual on content. The faces won 2 of the 3 matches but they were hollow victories to say the leastâ
€¦As for the talking, Adams’ bit with the credit card was entertaining. Haskins mic work was pure vanilla. SAW should institute a 10
second rule for Dixon and Harold Knight – pushed talent shouldn’t sell for either one of them for more than 10 seconds at a
stretch. Otherwise it just diminishes the hell out of the top guys…Story development was the strength of this episode. The double
turnabout between Emerson and Worthington is a nice twist. Smalls screwing Hayme was standard stuff, but if it leads to more matches
between the those two, I have no complaints, if they can just get some heat. The main event worked just fine. I like the story they’ve
developed with DKE pushing the champions to the brink of a breakdown, both mentally and physically.