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August 29, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Long story short, NWA Anarchy’s Hostile Environment ’09 delivered the goods. Leave it to the annual War Games event to bring
out the psychosis, the sickness, the depravity that lurks in the minds of these young men, and the guts to pull off the insanity those minds

The crowd at the NWA Arena was a little under 200 – a slight drop off from Hardcore Hell (210) and down from 235 for the same event
in 2008. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a more seasoned, hardcore group now. They’re hot when the action justifies it, but itâ
€™s not an easy crowd like it was during in the early part of Anarchy’s run. Hostile Environment gave them plenty to get fired up about.

The big stipulation matches – the War Games and the tag team Ladder Match – had all the spectacular moments one could ask for.
And a third, the Brass Knucks on a Pole between Seth Delay and Slim J, produced the best technical match of the evening. Not only were
the finishes of all the top matches well-executed, but a couple them had cool storyline twists.

The undercard fell a bit short of the mark, but that’s not what people were paying their 20 bucks to see. Everything from the Ladder
Match on was quality stuff.

Two matches were changed due to talent cancellations. That’s unusual for Anarchy, especially for a supercard. Truitt Fields missed
the War Games due to the death of his grandfather. The four-way for the Young Lion’s Championship was switched to a number one
contender’s match when Champion Malachi called in with a high fever.

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer out in cammies and carrying the American flag did his best to gin up the crowd. Palmer announced that
Gordon Solie’s daughter and son-in-law, Pam and Bob Allyn, were in the building with autographed copies of their new book, â
€œThe Solie Chroniclesâ€�. The mention of Solie’s name got a bigger pop than I thought it would.

Todd Sexton challenged anyone in the back to a match. He said it was wrong for an Anarchy original like the “Excellence of
Sexecution� not to be booked on the big show. That lead to…

(1) Bo Newsome beat Todd Sexton in 7:01

This was just OK. A lot of stuff looked light. Heretofore heel ref Mike Posey shoved Sexton into a near fall. Crowd started getting behind
Bo, and he hit a reverse DDT and great looking corkscrew neckbreak off the ropes for near falls. Newsome tried to channel A. J. Styles
with the spinal tap. Sexton made him miss, and came back with big moves of his own, including a buckle bomb. Newsome won it with a
huracanrana. Crowd popped for the finish, but the corkscrew neckbreaker was more impressive. I didn’t get the feeling this match
boosted Newsome nearly as much as his win over Corvus two weeks ago.

Unholy Alliance entered the ring. Attorney/Agent Jeff G. Bailey was the bearer of bad news about Fields. Bailey said he was a yellow belly
and a gutless worm. Reverend called him an egg sucking dog. Tank was having fun with ring announcer Greg Hunter during this.

(2) Entourage (Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander with Mercedes Mosley) beat Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) in 10:20

Mercedes rolled out the red carpet in her short dress and high heels. Taco Delgado entertaining in that spot. This came across like
amateur hour. It will be a miracle if Anarchy ever books a woman to look intelligent. Wild Bunch was on a roll early. Buck backdropped
Alexander over the top onto Mosley. While Alexander distracted the ref, Mosley gave Buck a beating on the outside to start the heat. There
was a cool spot where Buck dumped Alexander over the top again, but this time, Alexander grabbed onto Buck’s foot to prevent a tag.
It got to where Buck couldn’t stand under his own power. Or so it appeared. Superkick out of the blue by Buck, crowd chanting â
€œBill-Eâ€� and the hot tag. Finish saw Jay Clinton distract ref Brent Wiley, allowing Alexander to piledrive King.

Postmatch. Wild Bunch pulled off Clinton’s strap on wig to reveal his shaved head, then left him laying with a superkick/Russian
legsweep combo.

(3) Skirra Corvus (with the Reverend) beat Jay Clinton and El Veterano IV in an elimination match to determine the number one
contender for the Young Lion’s Championship (9:10)

The match started with Clinton still laid out at ringside. Funny stuff. Veterano crotched Clinton on his goofy ropes walk and sent him to the
floor with a Silver King style springboard dropkick. Corvus followed with a dive off the top. When Clinton tried to strut, Corvus took his
head off with a lariat. Corvus got Clinton in his Cattle Mutilation variation, and Veterano broke it up with a top rope double stomp. Clinton
hit the Stroke on Corvus and went up top for an elbow drop. Corvus had his knees up early and Clinton jumped right into them. Corvus
put the bat submission on Clinton, but Veterano broke that up as well. Veterano pinned Clinton with a climbing Pele kick at 7:26. Corvus
used Poetry in Motion for a near fall. Veterano connected with a superkick, but missed the Pele, and Corvus curbstomped him for the
three. It reads better than it actually was. Some of the stuff between Veterano and Clinton looked weak. Match quality suffered some
without Malachi and with Clinton being in for so long.

Team Anarchy appeared on the WrestleVision. Palmer said they were at a disadvantage without Fields. Ace Rockwell said that was
nothing new to him, because he had been at a disadvantage throughout his career due to being undersized. Palmer said they need
somebody to step up. Slim J said he would represent for Team Anarchy.

(4) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) beat New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) in a ladder match to win the
NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles (18:12)

Talent broke up an early Unskinny Bop by New Wave, and kicked Walters’ face off. Talent saw his partner in trouble at ringside and
hit a flip dive on Driver. Wow, a dive that made sense. Driver dove onto the pile. T & M used a ladder to drive Driver’s back hard into
the camera stand. Talent gave Walters a german suplex on the wooden ramp. Pendleton tried to climb but Driver toppled the ladder, and
Pendleton scored a bullseye on the top rope with his crotch. Tons of bumps off the ladders. I’ll hit the high points. There was a
bizarre spot where Pendleton got too tired to keep climbing, so Talent put him on his shoulders to give him a boost. Walter then came off
the top with Doomsday Device lariat on Pendleton. The most insane spot of the night was unintentional. New Wave was trying for a
Double Vision (double chestcracker) off the ladder on Pendelton. Instead, it ended up as a double brainbuster from near the top of an 8
foot ladder. Spiked Pendleton’s head straight into the mat. Looked like they killed him dead. One of the scariest spots I’ve ever
witnessed. Pendleton sold it for a long time, but miraculously, he was semi-OK. Talent gave Walters a uranage from the third rung of the
ladder. That was also nuts. New Wave gave Talent a double Spanish Fly onto a ladder bridged across two chairs. Unreal level of danger,
but Talent survived intact. Walter tried to climb. Pendleton pulled his leg and Walters took an awesome face bump off the 8 foot ladder.
Talent gave Walters a Rodeo Driver off the ropes. They were both destroyed at that point. Pendleton and Driver climbed opposite sides of
the 10 foot ladder. Pendleton got hung upside down in the second rung of the ladder, but before Driver could grab the belts, Pendleton
pulled out a bag powder and gave Driver a face full. Goodbye Driver. Pendleton got the belts. Great finish.

(5) Seth Delay (with Brodie Chase) beat Slim J (with Orion Bishop) in a Brass Knucks on a Pole match in 12:19

For technical execution, this was the best match of the night, and they told a great story to boot. As soon as somebody got the edge, they
would climb for the knucks. They busted out some old favorites. J used the Spliffytwista (elevated half nelson head drop). Delay used the
Kool Krusher. J hit a Saito suplex/northern lights suplex/tornado kick combo. Killer stuff. Delay pulled out the Ultimate Back Bump (a
reverse 450 senton). It’s been years since he did that move in Cornelia. J hit the 360 Ace Crusher and followed by a tope. With both
men on the floor, Chase climbed up and got the knucks. Ref Dee Byers caught Chase red handed and tossed him out. Byers took a
bump trying to put the knucks back on the pole. Posey took over for Byers. He made Delay back off to a neutral corner while he
repositioned the knucks. Delay got the knucks, but J hit a german suplex off the top to knock them loose. Just as J picked up the knucks,
Posey knocked J cold with his own set of knucks. Delay pinned J. Delay and Posey hugged. Posey ripped off his ref shirt and left with
Delay and Chase. The finish worked because it had the surprise factor going. Proper care was taken to make the people believe Posey
had changed his ways.

(6) Jeremy Vain beat Shadow Jackson to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 4:20

This match had great heat. Huge pop for Jackson. A rejuvenated Jackson was all over Vain. Nothing in Vain’s back of tricks was
working. When Jackson tried to bring Vain back in the hardway, Vain did a front flip to land on his feet, and Jackson caught him with an
overhead belly to belly suplex. Surprising burst of athleticism there. Jackson no sold Vain’s punches and gave him the 10 punches of
Doom. Vain hit a vertical suplex. Jackson popped up and did a full blown flip, flop and fly. Recognizing the desperate nature of his
situation, Vain pulled the ref in front on him and gave Jackson a low blow. Bishop came out to check on Jackson, who was gathering
himself on at ringside. Jackson motioned he was OK. Bishop speared Jackson bigtime. Vain got the 1.2.3. Vain hugged Bishop. This
was just what it needed to be and nothing more. Turning Bishop is a positive. He can be used as a babyface, but only after the fans
respect him as a kick ass heel. Fans chanted “Shadowmania� at their defeated hero.

(7) Team Anarchy (Iceberg & Ace Rockwell & Mikal Judas & Shadow Jackson with Jerry Palmer) beat Unholy Alliance (Phil Shatter
& Kimo & Shaun Tempers & Tank with The Reverend & Jeff G. Bailey) in 23:16

Incredibly violent match. Everyone bled except the TNA TV stars. Solie’s grandson, Ryan, was guest ring announcer. As Palmer
noted, he has a bit of Gordon’s voice. Shatter and Iceberg started. Iceberg was wearing a new hood. Shatter punched Iceberg in the
head, but all it did was hurt his hand. Iceberg revealed the hockey mask under his hood. Virtually all Berg for the first five minute period.
The big pop came on a baseball slide to the groin. Shatter hit a super german suplex on Iceberg just as Tempers entered the cage.
Iceberg took a beating until Rockwell entered. Tempers tried to cut him off, but Rockwell slammed the cage door into his head. Team
Anarchy was on fire. They gave Tempers a shot into the cage to draw first blood. Tank entered next. Rockwell gave Tank an airplane spin
like it was nothing. Mucho revolutions. An awesomely surprising spot that really got the crowd going. Shatter powerbombed Rockwell into
all four sides of the cage. Bent the ever living crap out of it. Judas cleaned house on Unholy Alliance. Iceberg and Tank squared off with
spikes. Iceberg got off first, and Tank was soon bleeding like a stuck pig. Rockwell and Tempers were also bleeding. Tempers had a
crimson mask going. Kimo was last man in for Unholy Alliance. He hit an amazing STO on Judas. Tank used the spike on Rockwell, who
got color like nobody’s business. Tank licked the blood off the spike. Kimo battered Rockwell with the rapid fire martial arts blows. Jâ
€™s music play but no J. Crowd went crazy with the “Shadowmaniaâ€� chant when Jackson came out instead. Kimo was taking
blows from Jackson, but refused to go down until Judas got him from the blind side with a Mafia kick. Team Anarchy reigned supreme.
Carnage everywhere. Rockwell’s torso was covered in blood. Tempers was going to use a hammer on Rockwell (playing off a
previous angle) but Judas cut him off. Judas gave Kimo El Crucifijo into the cage. Brutal, but in this case, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Team Anarchy laid Tank out on a table. God only know how it got in there. Judas launched Iceberg with El Crucifijo and he crash-landed
on top of Tank, exploding the table into a pile of flesh rubble and flesh. Rockwell duct taped Tempers to the ropes and wailed away on his
bloody head. Beat on it, and beat on it, and beat on it, and Tempers had to give it up.

Postmatch, Palmer dished out payback for three years of the devil’s work. They yanked the Reverend into the cage. Palmer gave
Reverend a tombstone piledriver. Then he used the spike to make the troll bleed. Lots. Iceberg squashed Reverend flat with a Ground
Zero splash off the top. Reverend was carried out on a stretcher. I didn’t get doing blood and a stretcher job with Reverend. It felt like
overkill. A blow off of that magnitude is worthy of being an advertised stipulation.

NOTES: There will be no TV taping on the first Saturday in September due to it being a holiday weekend. September tapings will be on
the 12th and 19th. However, Anarchy stars will be in abundance at the annual DragonCon wrestling show on September 4. Here’s a
link to the card for DragonCon…Melissa Coates, Hayden Young, former GCW manager Wicked Nemesis and Chattanooga area
wrestlers, Ben Thrasher and Matt Fortune were all backstage…Kevin Marx was back in charge of production. His status going forward is
questionable due to other commitments…Taco Delgado lost his MMA match in New Orleans. He submitted to an armbar leaving his
record at 5-2.