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September 19, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Opening with a replay of last week’s title match fiasco. After a ref bump, Travis Sawyer put second ref Rudy Charles out of
commission, and Tony Lucassio (barred from ringside) came out wearing a ref shirt and helped Shawn Shultz steal the NWA Mid-
America Heavyweight Championship from Steve-O. Their outrage runneth over, as announcers Jason James and Scott Barry said it
wouldn’t stand.

(1) Victor Kosmo beat Masked Kayfabian in 3:45 with a running shooting star.

(2) Vic the Bruiser defeated “Demented� Devin Greene with a TKO in 2:45. Postmatch was another TKO for Green and one for the
hapless Kosmov. Barry - “He’s gonna beat you, he’s gonna humiliate you, and spit on your grave to add insult to injury.�

“Wild Thing� Will Owens assaulted Gary Valiant backstage and sent him to the hospital, depriving the fans of hearing their first
words from Boogie since his return.

(3) Steve-O pinned Chad Hyatt in 9:20 with a superkick.

(4) Disputed NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Shawn Shultz (with Tony Lucassio) lost to Corey Hollis via DQ due to a low blow
in 9:40. Shultz beat the hell out of Posey after the match with Lucassio egging him on.

(5) Travis Sawyer & Mike Posey beat NWA Mid-America TV Champion Matt Boyce & White Tiger when Sawyer pinned Boyce in 11:40 with
a roll through and a handful of tights on Boyce’s frog body press. Commissioner George Gulas called in and anointed Barry as the
new face of NWA Main Event management. He gave Barry seven days to come up with a resolution to the title debacle.

THE GOOD: Setting aside the lameness of the main story, a number of good booking moves were made. Tiger was brought into the
main event mix without taking the pin. By having Sawyer pin Boyce, they came out if with a logical number one contender for the TV Title.
Shultz got a good match out of Hollis, probably his best in NWA ME. I liked Hollis fighting off the DDT. The DQ and postmatch beatdown
was a booster shot for Shultz’s heat. Vic was an absolute psycho. Kosmo attacking Vic was a nice added flourish of cruelty. Kosmov
is green and sloppy as hell, but the crowd likes him, and his selling of the TKO was stellar. Holding off the first official match between
Owens and Valiant was for the better. They need to stretch out of the few stories they have as long as possible. The main had some
good action, particularly Sawyer and Posey’s offense. James is sounding more and more like Jim Cornette.

THE BAD: Project Prominence makes a mockery of the “do or die� stipulations imposed on Shawn Shultz and the best
Commissioner George Gulas can do is pass the buck, because he’s too busy to be there. And that’s after Shultz interrupted the
board meeting and beat his ass. Good riddance to him as a TV character. He makes the NWA look like complete wimps. It got maudlin
with Barry talking about it being his last time announcing with James. You would think they had been together for decades. They ignored
the main event to where the Sawyer pinning Boyce was only mentioned in passing. Very little about the inring action felt vital. The Shultz
match was problematic, as the conniving heel came across as the superior wrestler compared to top babyface, Steve-O, who was
saddled with the plodding Chad Hyatt. And don’t tell me they’re going to push Victor Kosmov. The beatdown on Valiant didn’t
look worth a trip to the hospital, at least the way it was shot for TV.