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September 26, 2009
– Scott Hensley

I would estimate the attendance at 75-80 people. People are only on two sides of the ring but it's pretty good the way they have it set up.
Masada wasnt able to make it.

1) Sexxxy Eddy d. Drake Younger in a Barbed Wire & Carpet Strips House of Pain Deathmatch

I believe the finish to this one saw Eddy throw a white metal barred gate wrapped in barbwire and throw it on top of Younger. Eddy then hit
a split legged moonsault off the top rope to get the surprise victory over Younger. Great opening match and it was a shock that it didn't
even have lighttubes in it!

2) Thumbtack Jack d. Scotty Vortekz in an Exorcist Death Match that involved a lot of huge lighttube crosses that were put on chairs
outside the ring

There were also ladders put together as a giant cross that also had light tubes on them. Finish was TJ putting Vortekz through one of
those big crosses. Great hard fought match.

3) Danny Havoc d. Christian Faith in an X marks the spot match

Crowd took a while to get into this one but eventually did. I think they were just really hot from the last one and weren't as familiar with
Christian Faith.

Nick Gage comes out and says that MASADA didn't make it there and he originally thought it was because MASADA might be afraid of him
but now he sees it's just because there are so many stupid ugly people in Alabama. He challenges anyone in the crowd to a match and
then challenges anyone in the back. 2007 Carnage Cup winner Freakshow answers the challenge and the match is about to begin when
Insane Lane also answers the challenge.

4) Nick Gage d. Insane Lane & Freakshow in a Caveman Death Match

This match was a bloodbath. They had all sorts of stuff wrapped in barbwire, including a treelimb. Insane Lane had his fork on a rope,
Nick Gage had a knife... yes a knife. Freakshow either had his own spike or ended up with Gage's knife, which he used to absolutely
carve a hole in Gage's head. Lane bled plenty but was eliminated by Gage. Freakshow had Gage on the top turnbuckle when Insane
Lane ran back in to blast Show and cost him the match when Gage was able to cover him for the pin and win.

5) Shaun Tempers w/ The Reverend d. Jacob Ashworth in a non-tournament non-deathmatch

This wasn't a bad match, just not the flip around and throw each other on your neck kind of match. Fans didn't care too much for this
match but how do you follow the bloodiest match of the night with the biggest heel in the building in Gage? Tempers' physique looks
better every time I've seen him lately and his ring work and psychology seem to improve just as much. The Reverend has got to be one of
the best heel managers in the business. Tempers will have a place in wrestling for a long time, just probably not on this style of show,
where people want blood and spots(I believe Ashworth's shoulder did bleed a little from the poorly swept mat that still contained some
glass. Ashworth is a big young guy that wasn't bad, just didn't give the crowd anything to cheer for. Tempers wins with the sitdown

6) Mike Levy d. Maniac Mark in a non-tournament match after slamming Mark through a huge log cabin of light tubes

Levy apparently provided the ring again this year. Completely overshadowed by all the tournament matches and just not on the same
level when it came to the psychology or even just the ring work really. Good effort by Mark, who moved well for his size and took a
crapload of punishment from Levy.

7) Sexxxy Eddy d. Danny Havoc in a Tai-Pei fist, barefoot thumbtack match

These guys were bleeding just from walking around. The ring and outside the ring were both poorly swept. Lots of spots here, especially
once the thumbtacks were out.

8) Thumbtack Jack d. Nick Gage in a Homerun Derby and Cinderblock match

Gage railed the crowd and got right in the face of several people, including one guy with a young child. Gage punked the guy out, which
made the kid cry. Someone took pictures of the crying kid... no comment. TJ jumped off the top rope to Gage on the outside of the ring,
while he was distracted by fans. It was awesome! Tons of crazy stuff in this match and these guys just really gave it to each other.
Thumbtack Jack stuck Gage in the head with Syringes, that stuck out! TJ puts thumbtacks on cinderblocks but Gage countered it and
tossed TJ onto them. Finish came when TJ and Gage both became wrapped in barbwire and TJ was able to hit his finisher on the
cinderblocks. Gage and TJ both had to be cut out of the barbwire after the match. This match got the biggest crowd reaction of the match.

9) Chrisjen Hayme d. Chip Day, Slim J, and Vincent Nothing w/ his manager to retain the IWA Deep South Heavyweight Championship
when he hit a 450 splash off the top on Day for the pin

He hit his "Hayme Time" on Chip Day to set him up after Slim and Nothing had been thrown to the outside. A lot of fun spots with a lot of
lucha work, stiff shots, and high flying action.

10) Sexxxy Eddy d. Thumbtack Jack in a Lighttube Tables and Barbwire ropes match to win the 2009 Carnage Cup

These guys gave it their all and put each other through hell. TJ stuck fish hooks in the sides of Eddy's mouth and "fish hooked" him. He
also stuck Eddy with more syringes but Eddy was able to put TJ through a lighttube table to get the pin. Crazy awesome match.

Eddy put over everyone involved in the tournament, especially Thumbtack Jack. Eddy said he was 31.5 years old and said at one time he
had said that he would be done with wrestling at 32. Thumbtack Jack thanked him and put him over as well.

This was one of the best Carnage Cups due to the talent, ring work, booking, and the fact that no one got seriously injured.