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October 10, 2009
– Scott Hensley

Over a hundred people gathered to see a great night of action at the National Guard Armory at 406 S. Cedar Hill Dr in Scottsboro, AL. The
previous show had seen Corey Hollis defeat Kyle Matthews, Amos Moses defeat The Nightmare Ted Allen, Feuding tag team champions
Patrick Bentley and Adam Jacobs tied 1-1 and ended in a no contest in a 2 out of 3 falls match, and Adam Roberts defeated Will Owens
in a cage match to become officially and fully reinstated back into Ultimate NWA .

1) Corey Hollis d. Mike Posey with a crossface in an awesome fast-paced match

Posey came out and made the announcer announce him as the best and sexiest referee in the world and a bunch of other egotistical
stuff. Great back and forth action with Posey gaining the advantage and going up top for a legdrop that misses. Hollis fights back and hits
an impressive tilt-a-whirl headscissors crossface. Posey almost gets to the ropes and Hollis rolls it back into the center of the ring.
Posey actually gets his feet to the ropes to break it and stages a comeback. He wears Hollis down and is able to hit a huge legdrop off
the top for a two count. Hollis battles back and hits the tilt-a-whirl headscissors crossface again to force Posey to tap. Great opener.

Ultimate NWA Heavyweight champion Will Owens comes out to show and enjoy clips of the beating he gave Adam Roberts after the cage
match. The video played on UNWA's new big screen, which debuted at the last show. Owens makes Lenny the timekeeper get him a
mountain dew and nachos AND hold them for him while he watches the video. Adam Roberts comes out and chases Owens out of the
ring. Owens tells him he's going to have to work his way back up the ranks at Ultimate NWA. The Russian Assassin runs out with his flag
and attacks Roberts from behind. An impromptu NO DQ match is called for!

2) Adam Roberts d. The Russian Assassin with the Main Event Slam

Assassin choked Roberts and beat Roberts with his flag until Roberts was finally able to make a comeback and uses the flag himself to
get a little revenge. These two guys brawled in and out of the ring but Roberts gained the advantage and hit his Main Event Slam
(Spinning facebuster off his shoulders) on the 270lbs Russian Assassin for an impressive victory.

Adam Roberts invites Hayme, Hollis, Referees Chris Johnson, Nick Richards, and Jimbo Fisher and the ring announcer into the ring to
have a celebration for someone that hasn't been at Ultimate NWA in a while... Justin Envy! Envy comes out and they sing Happy Birthday
to him. His family comes into the ring and they shoot off silly string and have party poppers.

Intermission - it was announced that Ultimate NWA would return on Oct 24th and that event would feature Adam Roberts in a 6 man
gauntlet match and the tag team titles would be defended, forcing Adam Jacobs and Patrick Bentley to work together.

3) Patrick Bentley d. Chrisjen Hayme after Hayme suplexed Bentley back for a bridge pin and Bentley got his shoulder up before the
3 count with Hayme still having his on the mat

Bentley wanted the fans to cheer for him and had a "cheer off" in the corner with Hayme. Hayme got all the cheers with Bentley getting
none. Bentley asked Referee Chris Johnson to climb the turnbuckle for cheers and even referee Chris Johnson got cheered. These guys
had some great technical work, as well as stiff shots to make it a really competitive and entertaining match. Bentley bailed to the outside
and Hayme chased him back into the ring, where Bentley missed an elbow drop but was able to do a baseball slide into Hayme on the
outside, knocking him into the guardrail. Bentley wrapped around Hayme to hit a codebreaker and followed it up by hitting a jumping
facebuster for a two count. Bentley put Hayme on the turnbuckle and attempts a frankensteiner but Hayme holds on to the corner to block
it. Hayme squares up for a 450 splash but Bentley gets to the rope to knock Hayme down. Bentley climbs the corner and Hayme battles
back and hits a flipping powerbomb out of the corner on Bentley. Hayme hits a german suplex and bridges into a pin. 1....2...Bentley kicks
out...3! Hayme's shoulders were still down. The crowd was shocked and confused as Bentley was declared the winner.

4) Amos Moses d. Will Owens by DQ after Owens used a chain and Mike Posey ran in to attack Moses

Moses backed Owens into the corner and the ref separated them several times with Owens claiming his hair was pulled and that Moses
was cheapshotting him. The ref Nick Richards(aka Harry Potter) finally realized that Owens was faking it. Amos Moses slammed Owens
around the ring until Owens had had enough and reached into his tights for a chain. He attempted to use it and it was blocked the first
time. He hid it and then used it again, as Posey ran in as well just after. The referee called for the bell as Posey and Owens double
teamed the fan-favorite Moses. Corey Hollis ran out to make the save by attacking Posey. Patrick Bentley ran out to attack Hollis. Chrisjen
Hayme ran out to assist Hollis and Moses. Bentley, Posey, and Owens still had the advantage until Adam Roberts makes the save.
Roberts issues a challenge for a 6 man tag after the intermission. Owens accepts but tells Corey Hollis and Chrisjen Hayme that they
need to think about joining him and getting out of Adam Roberts' shadow and that they need to realize that the people don't care about

2nd intermission - Main event is Bentley, Posey, and Owens vs Hayme, Hollis, and Roberts.

5) Will Owens, Mike Posey, and Patrick Bentley d. Adam Roberts, Chrisjen Hayme, and Corey Hollis when Hollis misses Owens with
a Pele kick and nails Adam Roberts

Back and forth action to begin with but it quickly changed with Bentley, Posey, and Owens gaining the advantage and just unleashing
offense on Corey Hollis, including a Styles Clash by Bentley. Eventually, the tag is made to Adam Roberts who cleans house. Hayme
knocks Bentley to the outside with a dropkick and dodges Posey, to send him to the outside. Owens throws Hayme out and Corey Hollis
goes to pele kick Owens when Owens ducks out of the way and it connects with the head of Adam Roberts. Owens gets rid of Hollis and
gets the 3 count.

Hayme, Hollis, Posey, and Bentley head to the back as Owens grabs his Heavyweight title belt and attacks Roberts until Hollis comes
back out to make the save. Roberts bails but tells Hollis to think about joining him. Hollis and Roberts have a staredown before finally

Notes: Ultimate NWA returns on 10/24 with Adam Roberts facing 6 men in a gauntlet and the tag team titles being defended. Ultimate
NWA wrestler Rick Young was in a car accident and was not able to make it to the show. Thankfully, I don't believe he was seriously