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October 17, 2009
– Larry Goodman

The Professor and "Glacier" Ray Lloyd on commentary.

Dr. Johnny Gayton and Colt Derringer entered the ring. Gayton said he was hanging it up, citing the fact that Rob Adonis was in the
hospital because the good doctor lost control last week and accidentally struck Adonis with a steel chair. Derringer said he didn’t
know how to feel after his partner quit and he didn’t know if one of his best friends, Adonis, was ever going to walk again.

(1) Sal Rinauro defeated Vordell Walker in 6 minutes

Walker’s power game dominated. Rinauro used the ref as a shield to get the advantage. Rinauro used a springboard lariat for one
and a shadow bulldog for two. Walker’s comeback consisted of an overhead belly to belly three lariats and a wheelbarrow suplex
that Rinauro sold as a crumpled heap. Walker hit a brainbuster and covered with Rinauro all in the ropes. Rinauro dropped behind
Walker’s repeat attempt at the brainbuster, and used a reverse roll up with a fistful of tights. Best wrestling of the hour. I don’t
know how I left either one of these guys off my recent top ten in Georgia list.

Commissioner Nick Patrick summoned Charlie Cash into his office. Nick said Charlie put himself in the position of a wrestler when he
tried to reinjure J-Rod’s neck last week. Cash said he was merely a businessman looking out for his interests. Patrick said he was
honoring J-Rod’s request for a match with Cash today. Cash said now because he was just a manager. Patrick threatened to
suspend him. Enter J-Rod. ‘A suspension is way too good for this clown.’ Patrick told Cash to come up with a match that involved
wrestling J-Rod or he would be suspended. Cash said J-Rod would have to beat Frankie Valentine and Kyle Matthews in a round robin to
get to him. Patrick and J-Rod agreed to it.

(2) Murder One (with Koonce) beat John Saxon (with Danielle) 4:52

Back and forth. All action. Interference by Koonce. As Saxon was rallying, Danielle and Koonce got into it. I think Danielle slapped Koonce
but the camera missed it. Danielle’s got nice legs, but she’s really green at ringside. Koonce went after her, and Danielle
crawled into the ring to get away. Saxon cut Koonce off but was a sitting duck for Murder’s Blackout (RKO variant previously called the

(3) J-Rod beat Frankie Valentine and Kyle Matthews in consecutive matches to earn 5 minutes with Charlie Cash

The announce team called it a gauntlet match. Professor said J-Rod had a big size advantage over Valentine, and he wasn’t known
for size. Great way to diminish the talent. J-Rod jumped on top, using a flash kick and a vertical suplex for near falls. They cut to Matthews
surreptitiously peeking through curtain. Cru Jones decked Matthews, and he sold it huge. Best facial expressions I’ve ever seen from
the guy. After a reckless charge into the corner, Valentine ended up giving J-Rod a weak kick in the knee to take over. It was strange.
Valentine worked over J-Rod’s torso. Glacier took a stab at fleshing out the logic behind Patrick’s decision. Something about
appeasing J-Rod but also making him climb a big mountain. Glacier also noted that J-Rod had a lot left based on the strength of his
kickout. Valentine took a corner chest bump and J-Rod hit a side Russian legsweep for the pin at 8 minutes. Matthews was all over J-
Rod to capitalize on his fatigued state, then further wore him down with a grounded headscissors. Crow was at their liveliest for J-Rod.
He hit an electric chair drop to get some daylight. Matthews missed a charge and J-Rod DDTed him at 14:40.

Cash reluctantly made his way towards the ring to take his medicine. The graphic said ‘5 minutes alone!’ We immediately saw
Matthews interfering and being chased from the ring by Jones. Cash proceeded to beat on J-Rod with one of his white loafers. J-Rod
hulked up. Cash cowered. J-Rod stuffed the loafer in Cash’s mouth. Then he took Cash’s belt off and whipped his ass with it.
Cash’s guys attacked J-Rod. The bell rang and Taylor said 5 minutes were up, although it had only been 2 minutes. The refs (called
the mullet brigade by the Professor) were making a half-hearted effort to break up the beatdown, when Jones cleared the ring with a steel
chair. Patrick came to the ring to check on J-Rod’s condition. Patrick said J-Rod would get a full 10 minutes with Cash next week with
Cash Vault banned from the building.

THOUGHTS: This was the second hour of the first taping after the changing of the guard in RPW creative. Nick Patrick has assumed the
position of booker vacated by Micah Taylor. Joe Hamilton is back formatting the television. Ray Lloyd did play-by-play on this episode,
although it is my understanding that RPW may employ a rotation of play-by-play announcers alongside the Professor. I hadn’t
watched RPW TV consistently enough over the previous months to have a truly informed opinion about their product, but what struck me
about the episode prior to ‘Vengeance in the Valley’ was that they were giving so much away for free on TV, there wasn’t
enough reason to come to the live event. That problem was not evident in this show. The pacing felt right. The focus was on telling one
story well, and for the most part, they succeeded. Cash didn’t come across as a great talker by any means, but he’s such a
worm, it was easy to get with J-Rod wanting to kick his ass, and Cash appeared to be up for the humiliation. J-Rod got a taste of
satisfaction but not the entire enchilada. I wondered if it was a mistake when Tracy announced that the time was up. For the story theyâ
€™re telling, it seems like it would make more sense if J-Rod was deprived of what he was promised. The office sequence left
something to be desired as far why Patrick would allow Cash to name his own stipulation, but the announce team did a good job of
explaining Patrick’s though process. The crowd was a problem. Not much heat. Whereas, RPW was drawing over 200-300 people to
their taping late last year, this crowd appeared to be well below 100. Saxon/Murder One was fine for what it was. Saxon is a solid veteran,
and Murder is in the midst one of the best year of his career. It’s probably because I was such a big fan of HBO’s “The Wireâ
€�, but to me, the Koonce character is one of the best things about RPW. Walker and Rinauro had a quality, competitive match. I donâ
€™t know how I left either one of these guys off my recent top ten in Georgia list.