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October 24, 2009
– Larry Goodman

In ring opening by the new NWA ME announce team, “The Captain� Tyler Clemmons and “Mouth of the North� Aaron
Camaro. Their voices were somewhat buried in the audio mix. The number two camera panned so quickly on the crowd shots that they
were a blur.

(1) Matt Boyce retained the NWA Mid-America TV Title over Chad Hyatt in 8 minutes

Boyce dominated early. Hyatt evidently told Clemmons the guy he looked up to was Will Owens. “You think a guy would maybe say
Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair. In this guy’s case maybe John Tenta, but no, Will Owens,� said Camaro. Tenta must have been rolling in
his grave. Camaro brought up the rich history of the NWA. “From George Hackenschmidt to Matt Boyce,� said Clemmons. Hyatt
took over with knees to the breadbasket. Camaro said something was missing with Hyatt (talent maybe?), but he would be monster
when he got it together. Camaro then referenced the “Barney� chant for Hyatt’s purple tights. “At least he’s got
wrestling gear, you see a lot of guys these days that don’t even have it, but this is the NWA, NWA Main Event, only the best here
tonight.� Hyatt used a corner splash (off camera) and a running leg drop for near falls. Camaro acknowledged the shake ups within
NWA ME, but said he was legally barred from discussing them. On the comeback, Boyce hit a spinning leg lariat, then a neckbreaker for
a near fall, then the flying body press off the top for the pin.

(2) Blake Roswell beat Taylor Marx in 4:15

The little guy, Marx used his agility and aerial to good effect but not for long. Roswell took over with power moves. They listed him as 6-2
and 250. I’m guessing 2 inches and 25 pounds of exaggeration, but a muscled up guy nevertheless. Roswell cut off one of Marxâ
€™s rallies with a Samoan Drop. Roswell kept cutting off the comebacks with high impact moves, eventually spearing Marx bigtime for
the pin.

(3) White Tiger beat Razor X in 5:35

Video of a White Tiger. Crowd was going crazy for Tiger and he plays to them non stop. X looked like Glen Gilbertti after too many trips to
the Sizzler buffet. X used the Matt Morgan alternating back elbows in the corner. I’ve been waiting for indie guy to rip off that move. X
busted his butt on a guillotine leg drop. Nice finishing sequence to set up the Tiger Splash, which was right on the money.

(4) Mike Posey beat Corey Hollis to become the #1 contender for the TV Title

JIP. Posey was hitting all his signature moves with the announce team putting him over huge for fluid movement and smarts. Hollis
missed an enzuigiri but nailed Posey the second time around for a double down. Hollis hit Jimmy Rave’s Dusk Til Dawn (satellite
headscissors into a crossface), but Posey made the ropes. Hollis hit a pair of buttefly suplexes. Posey countered number 3 with a
draping double underhook facebuster for a near fall. They cut to a replay. Posey sat down on Hollis’ sunset flip and grabbed the
ropes for extra leverage. Good match.

Roswell was interviewed by Clemmons with a funky background. “Rozilla here,� he said. A tad of Buff Bagwell in him with a strong
southern accent. Said he was going to end Caleb Castle’s career, whoever that may be.

(5) Brully beat Terry Teague in 3:55

The number two camera was stationed somewhere near the ceiling - a bit shaky at times but a cool angle that makes a nice change of
pace. The badass black dude from Harlem cut Teague off with a spinebuster. Camaro wondered if his parole officer knew his
whereabouts. Teague was fighting off Brully’s powerbomb, so he improvised with a hotshot. Brully gave Teague a wicked kick to the
face off the apron. He continued to batter Teague on the outside, but Teague moved and Brully rammed into the post. Comeback time.
Brully caught Teague coming off the top and used a devastating inverted Whirlybird for the pin.

Clemmons was with “Five Star Prospect� Jay Popular. Thick southern accent. Popular said he had whipped everybody in
Alabama. Coming next week…

Clemmons interviewed Teague.

Clemmons - “How do you rebound from something like that?�
Teague- “Tonight just wasn’t my night.�

They ran two replays of Teague getting obliterated by Bully’s finisher, while Teague waxed strong about climbing to the top and
feeling gold in his future. Priceless.

(6) “Wild Thing� Will Owens over “Boogie Woogie Boy� Gary Valiant in 13:30

It was all Boogie until Owens hiptossed him over the top at 3 minutes in. Big time Boogie chant. Owens alternated between making pin
attempts and mimicking Boogie. Owens posted Post shoulder. Owens did a long arm submission and did it ever look weak. The
announce team said Owens was trying to take away Boogie’s punching power and take the crowd out of the match. A collision of
heads left both men down. Boogie fired up. It built to a Boogie’s going for a top rope body press that took out the ref when Owens
ducked. He hit the Boogie Blaster and made his own three count, then pulled the ref over to count, and Owens kicked out at two. With the
unidentified ref still very groggy, Owens countered Boogie’s sunset flip with a chain shot to the head. 1-2-3. Back from the
commercial break with a tight shot of Boogie lying lifeless. Camaro said it was the result of repeated stomps to the head from Owens
during the break. Security helped Boogie to his feet, and he staggered around unable to gain his equilibrium.

THOUGHTS: New season, hell, this is complete overhaul – new talent, new announcers and a new TV editor. Most of the major players
from the previous “New Era�, the one that lasted all of 10 weeks, have disappeared. Shawn Shultz, Travis Sawyer, Tony Lucassio,
Steve-O, Bully Douglas, Lani Kialoha, Scott Barry and Jason James are all gone for various reasons. I’m guessing Vic the Bruiser as
well. From a roster that was far from strong to begin with, Boyce, Owens, Boogie, Tiger and Posey are the only holdovers. The new
wrestlers on this show were imports, mostly from Alabama best as I could tell. Roswell and Brully would make good additions to the
heel side. Roswell is pushable based on his look alone. I see a tad of Buff Bagwell, although nothing approaching the raffish style and
striking good looks of Buff in his prime. Brully is a thuggish brute, and that alone makes him unique in NWA ME. They need to keep the
help wanted sign out for babyfaces. Marx is really small. Teague has jobber written all over him. For perverse hilarity, Teague’s
interview was classic stuff. One of Hyatt’s big problems is the way he stands - flat footed with stiff legs. He simply does not move like
a pro wrestler in the ring. No way it should have taken Boyce 8 minutes to beat him. Yo, Tiger, we get it that you're really over. You don't
need to play to the crowd every 10 seconds. Clemmons and Camaro jelled better than I thought they would. I really like the way they put
Posey over as a serious talent and their effort to make sense out of Owens lame submission in the main. Posey/Hollis hands down
provided the best wrestling of the hour. The main event was OK. Boogie did his usual great selling, he’s way over with the fans, but
there was dearth of action for such a long match. There was a gaping continuity problem from the previous season. To some extent, that
was unavoidable with all the departures, but with all heavyweight title situation being left so up in the air at the end of the previous
"season", it was criminal not to address it in some manner. The production had some cool innovations - the ceiling cam, the backdrop
for the interviews, the Tiger video. The camera work was was really rough in spots. The audio mix was off at times. Nothing experience
can’t cure. They had a full house in the studio, and that always helps, but the hard camera was facing the side with most of the
crowd. NWA ME TV is clearly a work in progress. Hopefully, it becomes a place for green but promising talent to gain much needed
experience in front of the camera.