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October 31, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Opening with highlight clips from last week’s main event, Will Owens over “Boogie Woogie Boy� via foreign object, including
previously unseen footage of the humiliating postmatch beating dished out by Owens.

Cut to the ring. “The Captain� Tyler Clemmons said Boogie was in the house and ready to speak his mind. Out came Owens
wearing a do rag and a Boogie Woogie Boy t-shirt. Owens gloated about getting rid of Boogie and said he ruled the roost in NWA ME.

With chants of “Barney� ringing in his ears, Chad Hyatt interrupted Owens. Hyatt told Owens he was his hero and he wanted to be
his friend. Owens said if Hyatt won is match, he would consider his offer. The audio was so poor, the conversation required on screen

Owens said he would be the next NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion, and the destruction would start with whoever was brave
enough to come out there. In the midst of the cacophony, the voice of Chicken Hat Charles could be heard calling Owens “lard assâ

Out came “The Colorado Kid� Mike f’n Rapada. He didn’t look all that different than 10 years ago. Same hair, a little
heavier, but he wasn’t a low body fat type back in the day. It was heartening to learn that Rapada’s mediocre mic skills were still
intact, as he accepted Owens’ challenge. “I don’t come from the nowadays. I come from the yesterdays,� he said. Rapada
invoked the names of Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Tommy Rich and Brian Christopher and brought up his NWA world title reign. Rapada
said he was going to demonstrate the difference between good wrestling and great wrestling. Based on NWA ME’s recent history, I
would be thrilled with average wrestling. Owens said it wasn’t 1997. Rapada was the past and he was the future. He accepted
Rapada’s acceptance.

Aaron Camaro and Clemmons on commentary.

(1) Arachnid beat Chad Hyatt in 6 minutes

A little flying and some atrocious forearms from the masked man showing spider like tendencies. Hyatt took over with power moves and
lazy pin attempts. In short, Camaro said Hyatt had a lot to learn, and Owens was the just the guy to teach him. Highlight of the match was
Hyatt missing the most ridiculous looking guillotine legdrop in wresting history. Overshot Arachnid by three feet, and the guy never
moved. They traded God awful blow from their knees. Hyatt ate it charging in and got rolled up.

Camaro was backstage with Jeremiah Flynt, a stocky, redneck powerhouse type, who said he was the future – “the greatest
wrestler in the South, Jeremiah Flynt�.

(2) Corey Hollis beat Jeremiah Flynt in 5:10

Hollis was giving Flynt fits, until he tried for the Pele. Flynt shrugged it off. He proceeded to brutalize the kid. Flynt hit a sitout butterfly
suplex and made a one finger cover. Camaro said that was stupid. Camaro was right. Hollis hit the Pele out of nowhere for a close near
fall. Hollis reversed a wind up slam with the crossface, but Flynt made the ropes. Flynt planted Hollis with a capture slam and made
another lazy cover. As Flynt was griping about a slow count, Hollis caught him with a pinning combination. Good pop for the finish.

(3) Matt Boyce beat Mike Posey via DQ to retain the NWA Mid-America TV Title in 8 minutes

Boyce not taking any crap from Posey and controlling the action with a tenacious side headlock. At 3 minutes in, Posey pumphandled
Boyce’s arm over the top rope and sent his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Posey exploited the vulnerable body part bigtime. He used a
keylock among other things. Boyce got his comeback. Posey ducked the frogsplash and went for a pin with his feet on the ropes (same
way he won last week). Ref Chris Johnson caught him. Posey slapped Johnson for the DQ.

Chris Ganzer said he and partner Chris Lightning (Georgia guys) were going to make an impact.

(4) Kaleb Kastle beat Razor X in 5:18

They tried to do the intense collar and elbow opening, but they either couldn’t do a proper lock up. They traded open hand slaps with
Kastle getting the better of it. Blake Roswell came to ringside. X took over with a hotshot. His offense sucked so bad it was painful to
watch. Kastle grazed X with a corkscrew kick for a double down. Kastle doesn’t have the build for that kind of stuff. Kastle won it with
the Kastle Bomb (a DVD). Horrible match.

(5) White Tiger beat “Five Star Prospect� Jay Popular in 5:57

Camaro was selling the idea that Tiger magically transforms from video into the flesh. Popular, an arrogant, beefy guy in full body
spandex, jumped Tiger and gave him a beating. His offense looked fine. After getting nary a blow in the entire match, Tiger knocked
Popular off the ropes and hit the Tiger Splash. He sold the impact ala Van Dam before making the cover.

Backstage, Clemmons interviewed Kastle. “Ladies and gentleman, hold on and buckle up, you’re in for a ride you will never

(6) Will Owens beat Mike Rapada in 6:48

Rapada prodded the fans into some “chicken� heat for Owens. The announce team speculated about Boogie’s situation.
Clemmons said Rapada’s return brought the fans back up from the crashing disappointment of Boogie not being there. Lots of
stalling and whining by Owens, and it was getting heat. Owens took Rapada’s leg out and went on the attack. Owens used a lariat for
a near fall. He kept Rapada on the mat. Camaro called them two Alpha males. Clemmons said an announcement about the vacant NWA
Mid-America Heavyweight Title would be made next week. Swinging neckbreaker by Rapada. As Rapada administered the 10 Punches
of Doom, Owens pulled a foreign object out of his tights. Swing and a miss. Back suplex attempt by Rapada and a shot to the head with
the foreign object from Owens, who landed on top for the three. The kids in the crowd were screaming their lungs out about the foreign

We saw Owens making his way out of the building. Hyatt got down on his knees and begged for one more chance. Owens told Hyatt to
clean up his boots and bring them back tomorrow.

THOUGHTS: A marginally better show than week one of the New Season. The inring segment got things off to an intriguing start. I
enjoyed the thing with Hyatt. Seeing Rapada was a trip. Whatever he did was at least going to be interesting. It went straight to hell with
the first match, one of two hideous matches on this show (X/Kastle being the other). It’s hard to take the wrestling seriously with all
the half assed covers on this show. The lazy covers made no sense in Hyatt’s case, if you’re so hot to be Owens’ lackey,
then pin the guy. Based on his debut, Kastle is going nowhere. That match was almost unwatchable, and what exactly was the point of
Roswell coming to ringside? The Hollis match was OK. He beat a big bad ass, which was good, and his offense is looking crisper.
Posey and Boyce had a decent match. The finish was strange. It wasn’t like Posey was having problems with Johnson during the
match. Apparently, Posey has a very low tolerance for referees other than himself. I liked the Tiger match. I’m constantly amazed by
how over he is with those fans. Popular appeared to be the best of the newcomers. The best thing about the main event was the vibe in
the building. Match wasn’t bad. There just wasn’t much to it. The first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes held my interest. Some
of the stuff in between was pretty dull. NWA ME needs more stories and character development to compensate for the lack of good
wrestling. The crowd is one of the best things about the show. When they pack the place like they have the last two weeks, the room at
413 Veritas has a nice energy that comes across well on TV. Except for the crappy sound in the opening segment, the production was
better this week. The camera switches were smoother. The camera work was steadier. I like some of the artsy angles producer Andrew
Becker is getting with the second camera, but the image is fuzzy compared to the hard cam.