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November 21, 2009
– Scott Hensley

Last week’s show is recapped and it is announced that Ultimate NWA has a new interim commissioner! Chase D! aka “Tiny the
Bell Keeper�(from TNA). Chase says things are about to change in Ultimate NWA and that he’d like to see the Ultimate NWA tag
team champions in the ring. Adam Jacobs and Patrick Bentley come to the ring with their belts and Commissioner “D� tells them
that Ultimate NWA is ready for a real team to hold the belts. He’s tired of hearing about Bentley & Jacobs not getting along and so as
his first order of business he’s stripping the titles. Bentley and Jacobs are both heated about it and Commissioner D tells them that
they don’t have a choice and they’re no longer champions. Chase D tells us that he will make an announcement later on in the
show that will determine what will be done about the tag team belts. Jacobs reluctantly hands over his belt and Bentley nails Jacobs with
his belt! He unleashes a fury of punches on Jacobs until Chrisjen Hayme and Corey Hollis make the save.

1) Amos Moses d. “All Business� Brian Rivers with a Wooly Swamp Drop in 9:55

The fan favorite Moses had the crowd on its feet to see him beat the pants off the cocky Brian Rivers who two-stepped his way out to the
ring in a cowboy hat and leather chaps to Barbara Mandrell’s “Before Country Was Cool�. The crowd certainly didn’t think
he was. Amos took control early but the rough and tough Rivers battled back with a big boot and used the advantage to rake Moses’
eyes down the top rope. They battle back and forth. Rivers slams Moses down but Moses is able to battle back and sling Rivers into the
corner where he is met with a huge corner splash from the 250lbs Amos Moses. Rivers shows his toughness by brawling his way back
to an advantage. He wastes time and Moses rolls him up for a 2 count out of nowhere. Rivers unleashes his frustrations onto the back of
Amos Moses in a seated camel clutch position. The equally relentless Moses powers up and slugs it out with an equally tired Rivers. He
dazes Rivers with a big right that sends Rivers spinning. Moses steps up to the opportunity and locks in the full nelson sitout slam he
now calls his Wooly Swamp Drop for the clean pin.

The monstrous Ben Thrasher runs in and lays out the celebrating Amos Moses. He grabs a mic and says that he doesn’t like Moses
and he certainly doesn’t like the people of Alabama and on Dec 12, he wants Amos one on one.

2) Corey Hollis d. Patrick Bentley with a knee off the top rope in 9:22

Bentley is of course in a heated feud with Adam Jacobs but these two have certainly had their issues as well as the younger, less
experienced Hollis seeks to prove himself in Ultimate NWA and beyond. They started out with some great technical stuff. Bentley has the
size advantage but Hollis used his speed as usual as each man countered the others’ technical offense. Hollis locked Bentley up
and Bentley had to use the ropes to break it. This gave Bentley the chance to take control and take Hollis out with his power. Bentley hit 4
consecutive leg drops and asked the chanting fan “WHO SUCKS NOW!?� Bentley hits a backbody drop and Hollis manages a
short-lived comeback before being slammed out of the corner by Bentley. Once again, Hollis uses his stiff kicks and elbows to the head
to regain an advantage. He staggers Bentley and hits his signature Pele’ kick! 1….2…. kickout! They go back and forth until Hollis
once again tries to land a Pele’. He nails referee Jimbo Fisher right in the head. Bentley beats down the stunned Hollis and hangs
him out to dry on the second rope facing the outside of the ring. Bentley climbs the turnbuckle and Adam Roberts comes out using a
crutch to help him walk with his injured knee. He squares up to hit Hollis but nails Bentley off the top rope. Hollis climbs the turnbuckle
and waits for Bentley to recover. When Bentley gets to his feet he’s met with a vicious knee right to the head from Hollis off the top
rope. Hollis gets the attention of Jimbo Fisher, who counts the three count.

Bentley heads to the back as Roberts and Hollis talk over what just happened. They are interrupted by Will Owens who says that Roberts
doesn’t even have faith in Hollis to let him win a match on his own. He points out to Corey that he is not only the Ultimate NWA
Heavyweight Champion but he is also the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion. They debate back and forth until Commissioner
Chase D comes out and says that he has a solution to this situation. On December 12 at “Clotheslines & Candycanes� Adam
Roberts will face Will Owens for the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Championship with Corey Hollis as the special guest referee. Hollis
says he will call it down the middle and Owens says he can respect that and shakes Hollis’ hand and pulls him in for a hug. Hollis
certainly didn’t want to hug Owens.


3) Matt Fortune d. Joey Lynch by roll up at 10:13

Lynch knocked Fortune’s mouthpiece out but Fortune hit an arm drag on Lynch. Lynch backflipped over Fortune off the 2nd rope and
then hit a moonsault slam with the locked arm of Fortune. Lynch puts Fortune to the floor with a flipping dropkick and then flips over the
top rope onto Fortune. Fortune reverses an irish whip and hits a corner clothesline through the ropes. As Lynch recovers, he’s met
with a backcracker off the 2nd rope from Fortune. Fortune locks on a camel clutch and then doublestomps Lynch’s back as he tries
to get up. Fortune throws Lynch down and attempts to irish whip him into the corner but it’s reversed. Lynch leaves his feet to hit a
shoulder to the midsection of Fortune in the corner and flips back to potentially charge again. Fortune meets him with a big clothesline
that turns him inside out. Fortune gets a two count. Fortune hits some boots to the midsection and face of Lynch and then drags him to
the corner. Fortune gets outside the ring and pulls Lynch around the turnbuckle, stretching him in a really painful looking way. Fortune
wastes time taunting the fans and sunset flips into the ring over Lynch, who rolls through and dropkicks Fortune. Lynch hits a tilt-a-whirl
Russian legsweep. Fortune battles back and goes to the top for a moonsault that misses. Lynch climbs the turnbuckle and Fortune hits
him and tries to superplex him. Lynch knocks Fortune off and hits a shooting star press. It looks to be over but Fortune grabs the ropes at
the last second. Lynch is stunned and Fortune shoves him into the turnbuckle and rolls him up to steal the win. Fortune and some fans
got into it as he was leaving.

4) Chrisjen Hayme d. Ben Thrasher after a sunset flip out of a powerbomb attempt in 10:38

Hayme challenged the size and strength of the much larger Thrasher early on but couldn’t take him down with some running
shoulder charges. Hayme tells Thrasher to hit the ropes and try to take him down and Thrasher goes for it. Hayme outsmarts him and
goes down to the mat. Thrasher goes over him and is met off the ropes with a headscissors takedown. Hayme dropkicks Thrasher to the
knees, which puts him on all fours. Hayme follows it up with a running facebuster to Thrasher on his knees. Thrasher powers back to
punish Hayme with a big backbreaker and followed it up with a swinging neckbreaker. Chrisjen uses a jawbreaker to regain the
advantage and then gives Thrasher a kick and a big boot, followed up with a step up enziguri that really staggers Thrasher. Hayme goes
to the top and nails Thrasher with a dropkick. Thrasher recovers to hit Hayme with a sitout spinebuster. Ben Thrasher climbs to the top
and comes off with an elbow but Hayme is able to roll out of the way just in time. Hayme sunset flips over Thrasher and tries to roll him
up but Thrasher sits down. Hayme moves just in time once again and nails the seated Thrasher with a dropkick. Hayme continues the
offense with more big dropkicks to the bigger Thrasher. Hayme puts Thrasher down and out and climbs the turnbuckle for his 450
splash finisher. Thrasher gets back up and tries to battle Hayme on the ropes but is knocked off and back down. Hayme hits a splash off
the top that still doesn’t put Thrasher away and certainly takes a toll on himself. Thrasher pulls Hayme up for a powerbomb but
Hayme flips over and pulls Thrasher down for the pin.
2nd Intermission

Commissioner Chase D announces that there will be a two ring battle royal at the next show on December 12 and that the final 4
entrants in the rings would be paired off by lethal lottery drawing and face each other to determine new tag team champions.

5) Will Owens, Patrick Bentley & Kent Reznor d. Adam Roberts, Adam Jacobs, & Corey Hollis when Will Owens pins Corey Hollis in

Owens, Bentley & Reznor tagged constantly throughout the match. They worked the injured knee of Adam Roberts and spent most of the
match tagging in and out, beating on Hollis. Will Owens refused to tag in when Hollis was in due to what he called a “conflict of
interests� since Hollis would be refereeing his match on Dec. 12 at “Clotheslines & Candycanes�. Adam Jacobs took control
of the match and tagged out to Adam Roberts, who nailed Kent Reznor with a Main Event Slam. Bentley made the save. Hollis was
tagged in and taken down by a big knee from Patrick Bentley. Hollis tagged out but referee Jimbo Fisher was distracted by Will Owens
and didn’t see it. Bentley tags to Reznor, who hits a spinebuster and Adam Jacobs makes the save. Reznor tags to Bentley and
Jacobs tags to Adam Roberts who cleans house. Adam Jacobs comes off the top to hit Patrick Bentley with a flying bodypress. The
action goes to the outside and Jimbo Fisher follows. Will Owens is in and Adam Roberts attempts to hit him with his crutch but nails
Corey Hollis! Owens grabs the crutch and blasts Roberts with it. Jimbo Fisher is back in and Owens starts to cover Roberts but jumps on
Hollis for the pin.

After the match, the ailing Roberts holding his knee promised that he or a suitable replacement would have his revenge on Owens and
would take the title on December 12.

Notes: Ultimate NWA presents Clotheslines & Candycanes at 8pm belltime 7pm on December 12, 2009 at the National Guard Armory in
Scottsboro, AL located at 406 S. Cedar Hill Dr. Matches booked so far include Will Owens vs Adam Roberts w/ Corey Hollis as the
special guest referee. Ben Thrasher vs Amos Moses, and a two ring battle royal to determine new Ultimate NWA tag team championsâ
€¦.. Ultimate NWA regular Mike Posey doubleshotted for NWA Main Event and Top Rope in the Nashville area…. Newcomer Brian Rivers
was actually trained by famed WCW jobber The Gambler and “Pistol� Pez Whatley. … Speaking of The Gambler, the man who
trained him: Richie Dye, was visiting friends backstage…. And continuing with the “speaking of� theme, Richie Dye and Adam
Roberts were actually the last two guys to work the late Terry “Bam Bam� Gordy, who would have been 49 years old in April.