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November 21, 2009
– Larry Goodman

Using the Black Scorpion voice disguise, Mr. Big informed Charlie Cash that his next task was to obtain the services of the top talent in
RPW - Vordell Walker, Bull Buchanan, Cru Jones and Micah Taylor –and do so at any cost. When Cash tried to object (presumably
about the difficulty of a heel manager recruiting top babyfaces), Mr. Big told him he wasn’t being paid to think. Cash was sweating

(1) Slaughter Pit (Sam Slaughter & Pit Bull) defeated Cash Vault (Kyle Matthews & Frankie Valentine with Charlie Cash) in 9 minutes

The commentary on this match was hilarious with J-Rod and Cru sitting in with The Professor. There was moronic spot where Sam took
a phone call in the ring, and got nailed by Matthews to start the heat. Finish saw Slaughters hit a series of double teams on Matthews
finishing with a neckbreaker/sideslam combo.

(2) Colt Derringer (with wheelchair bound Rob Adonis) beat Rooster Haynes in 2:15

Glacier joined Professor on commentary for the rest of the hour. Adonis said the big bank account was easing his pain. Usual Suspects
came out to watch Derringer destroy Haynes. Derringer got the pin with his 300 pound springboard guillotine legdrop.

(3) Jimmy Rave beat Adrian Hawkins in 6:40

Hawkins had a sour attitude about him. Rave did some cool stuff to take apart his arm. Hawkins caught Rave with a backbreaker and
worked the body part. The backbreaker/suplex combo was nice. Rave made a stiff comeback, using a lariat that looked like no fun at all
for Hawkins. Rave hit a shadow STO for a near fall. Hawkins did his springboard back elbow and then a release german suplex for a
near fall. Rave blocked a second german, and hit the running knee to the mush. Hawkins kicked out, but the tank was empty. Rave
finished with The Move That Rocks the World. Neither announcer knew what to call it.

(4) Sal Rinauro defeated Sigmon 7:35

Even steven early. Sal suckered Sigmon outside the ring and took advantage of him. Sal’s offense was interesting -- a blend of
cheap heel tactics and sound technique. Sigmon made this great comeback, but Sal made him miss with the swan dive headbutt.
Rinauro went right to Pass the Courvoisier (at least that’s what he used to call it) for the pin.

Backstage, Taylor McKnight interviewed Bull Buchanan about his RPW title match against Micah Taylor. Buchanan said it was nothing
personal. All he cared about was taking Taylor’s 10 pounds of gold.

(5) Bull Buchanan defeated Micah Taylor to win the RPW Heavyweight Title in 8:26

Taylor made the mistake of trading with Buchanan. Professor compared to a cruiser going up against a battleship. Buchanan wore
Taylor down with brute force (including a vice like body scissors). At one point, Taylor had to grab the ropes to avoid being pinned. Taylor
needed three haymakers and a flying shoulder block to take Buchanan off his feet. Taylor missed on a charge into the corner, and
Buchanan killed him dead with a Stan Hansen style lariat.

Backstage, Taylor (still nursing his jaw but already in street clothes) told Commissioner Nick Patrick he needed more time to prepare for
a guy like Buchanan and asked for a rematch. Patrick made the match for next week.