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December 12, 2009
– John Cannon

In what has become an annual holiday tradition, “Brother� Joe and I ventured out of Augusta to catch an Indy show chock full of
legends in the Carolinas.  In 2008 it was the big Charlotte show featuring Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and many others.  This year we would
take the two and a half hour drive to just above our old OSCW stomping grounds for an old school Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling
event in Summerville, South Carolina to check out the great up and coming wrestlers on their roster as well as old favorites such Buff
Bagwell, Nikita Koloff, the Rock & Roll Express Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, as well as “The American Dream� Dusty Rhodes.

As soon as we entered the Summerville High School gymnasium we immediately recognized the voice making announcements as our
old buddy Dan Masters lurking behind the merch/autograph/gimmick table.  After quick hellos with Dan and old acquaintances Nikita
Koloff, Chris Hamrick, and Ricky Morton, “Brother� Joe and I settled into our usual spot in the NoseBleed Section for an evening of
great southern independent wrestling.

--- Robert Gibson defeated Donnie Dollar$

On a night where we expected to see the Rock & Roll Express wrestle as a tag team we were caught off guard when Gibson came out for
a solo match against Donnie Dollar$.  Gibson has not been known for taking a large part of the action in recent Express tag matches so
to see him work a match on his own was exciting although neither Joe nor I were expecting much out of this opening match.  Ironically we
were pleasantly surprised to see Gibson actually mix it up a bit even taking the fight outside of the ring and when it comes down to it,
Gibson still has one of the best drop kicks in the business.   Both wrestlers pulled in good reactions from those in attendance especially
Dollar$ who got pretty good heat throughout the match.  In the end Gibson rolled Dollar$ out of the corner for the pin fall to the delight of
the crowd.    

--- Andru Bane defeated J.W. Boss

It was apparent right off the bat who the crowd would be behind in this match between these two goliaths.  Both are top contenders for
the MACW Heavyweight belt currently held by Buff Bagwell and by initial appearances it might be easy to see why.  This match mostly
consisted of power moves with Bane and Boss even trading off full nelsons and a series of clotheslines (or lariats if you prefer).  Overall
this match drew little interest from the audience and aside from some high impact power moves was mainly slow and uneventful.  In the
end fan favorite Bane toppled J.W. Boss for the win.

--- Rikki Nelson defeated Ricky Steamboat, Jr. to retain the MACW Junior Heavyweight Title

In perhaps the most entertaining (and most controversial) match of the night MACW Junior Heavyweight champion Rikki Nelson held off
Ricky Steamboat, Jr. (listed as “Ritchieâ€� but announced as “Ricky, Jr.â€�)  to hold on to his Junior Heavyweight belt.  Nelson
entered the ring first and hyped up the crowd with a short spiel about the Disco Pageant being held in an adjacent part of the school
before promising to dispense of his opponent in short order.  Steamboat, Jr. came out to a huge pop from the crowd and immediately the
match was off and running.  Both of these guys worked well together putting on a wrestling clinic with Nelson, who looks sort of like a
thinner Paul Orndorff, working a mix of holds and power moves versus Steamboat’s quick rope work and high flying prowess.  While
Nelson tried to keep his challenger grounded, Steamboat kept fighting back eventually dropping the champ for what everyone in the
building believed was a victory and a title change.  With Steamboat arguing with the referee over the non-call, Nelson slipped in and took
advantage to drop the youngster for the 1-2-3 and retain his title.

--- Chris Hamrick defeated “The Feature Presentation� Jeff Lewis to retain the MACW Hardcore Title

In another pretty good match, long-time southeast wrestler Chris Hamrick took on challenger Jeff Lewis for the company’s hardcore
title.  This match was pretty solid with Lewis working the crowd good but surprisingly this match was pretty much all Hamrick who
arguably provided the move of the night with a great suicide flip over the top rope to the outside of the ring that toppled Lewis.  Having
seen Lewis work a good match previously at NWA Anarchy both Joe and I were expecting good results from “The Feature
Presentationâ€� but unfortunately Lewis failed to deliver any highlights worthy of accolades on this night.  In the end Hamrick stopped
Lewis dead in his tracks with the Dixie Drop leaving the champ with his title and Lewis flat on his back.

--- Ricky Morton defeated MACW Champion Buff “The Stuff� Bagwell in a non-title match

Probably one of the trickiest things to pull off on a card is to keep an audience interested until the final pin fall of the night has been
made.  It was obvious that MACW put together a solid card when both Morton and Bagwell came out to solid responses from a crowd still
geared up for wrestling action.  Bagwell pulled the audience in addressing the crowd with comments of appreciation before the
Summerville High School gymnasium popped hard the moment Morton’s entrance music kicked in.  It was kind of hard to second-
guess which wrestler would take what role in this non-title battle of crowd favorites but only a short way into the match the chants of â
€œRock & Rollâ€� made it obvious to all in attendance who the majority of the audience was pulling for.  This match went back and forth
with Bagwell using his brawn to try and keep Morton down on the mat.  As the match progressed it was clear that Bagwell would be the
one willing to take a short cut to pull out a win.  After a series of quick moves back and forth Bagwell rolled Morton out of the corner using
the turnbuckle ropes for the win.  An unidentified wrestler then came to ring to object to the decision angering Bagwell who was then
rolled up for a three count reversing the outcome of the match.

Overall the “Summerville Slamboree� was a solid fun night mixing great wrestling action with appearances by some of wrestling
favorite stars of the past.  While Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes limited their appearances to autograph signings before the event and
during intermission, most of the other wrestlers who appeared were completely accessible to the fans making for a great overall
experience.  Making the event more enjoyable was a great work staff of security and event workers who went above and beyond to make
this event safe while allowing those in attendance to cut loose and have fun for a couple of hours.  This was easily one of the more
enjoyable and well run events that we have attended in recent months.

With a strong roster that mixes name wrestlers with solid up and coming talent,  Joe and I will surely be hard pressed to miss upcoming
MACW shows in Lenoir, NC (January 16), Easley, SC (February 13), and Cheraw, SC (February 27).  Mid Atlantic Championship
Wrestling is definitely a company that presents wrestling for fans of wrestling and with many other great promotions in the area it is safe
to say that good old fashioned wrestling is alive and well in the Carolinas.