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December 5, 2009
– Larry Goodman

“Hammerjack, Hammerjack, where art thou Hammerjack? You have taken your ball, and you have went home.�

The camera panned from an empty swing to a close up of Marc Anthony on the other swing soaked to the skin. It's a gloomy, grey day.
There were raindrops visible on the camera lens.

“You have left me alone to play without a soul. The playground is empty, nobody to be found, the story of my life, alone, walking these

“Don’t you understand Hammerjerk? Don’t you have a clue? This game will not be over until my hand is raised as I’m
looking down at you in a puddle of blood, not able to play anymore. You don’t have the authority to quit until you hear my father say â

Cut to a close up of the empty swing still swinging. The camera pulled back to reveal the two empty swings.

Cut to Michael Graham welcoming us to a special edition emanating from Buffalo Billiards in downtown Nashville, where Rick Santel
would face Wolfie D, an opponent hand picked by Flash Flanagan. Graham threw it to Steve Hall Jr. and Buffalo Billiards owner Greg
Norris at ringside for the patented tag line – “It’s Showtime, and SAW starts NOW!�


Anthony didn’t wait for any stinking bell to execute his marching orders, as he totally overwhelmed Kialoha. Anthony planted Kialoha
in the middle with a butterfly suplex and ended it with a top rope elbow drop.

WINNER: Anthony in 1:14. Squash.

Afterwards, Anthony struck the Raven pose and dished out more punishment. Graham said Anthony had no regard for rules and pointed
out willingness to get DQed last week. Anthony concluded the beating with a knee drop off the apron.

Next up was the latest edition of Drew Tube. “Teen Excitement� Drew Haskins was back to answer more questions from his
adoring fans. Haskins said he wasn’t old enough to gain entrance into Buffalo Billiards, and he would NEVER use a fake ID, let
alone consume an adult beverage. He took a sip from a glass of milk. It was mainly a setup for footage of Drew’s visit to the Country
Music Awards. It showed Haskins waving to a throng of people entering the building and paying zero attention to him. That was
awesome. Haskins posed with a group of classy looking folks claiming to be his number one fans. Haskins claimed he needed extra
security to keep Taylor Swift from forcing her way through the crowd to talk to him. The footage showed Swift signing autographs and then
panned over to Haskins standing several rows back behind the barricade. “Obviously she hasn’t gotten over Teen Excitement.â

LAST WEEK…Brandy Malone interviewed Scarboni Brothers at the SAW Mill. Vinnie said you don’t get better playing in your own
backyard, so they came down from Chicago a year ago to challenge for the SAW tag titles. They lost Tribal Nation, went back to hit the
gym, and now they’re back to take Nashville by storm. Vinnie said the fans had put their faith was put in the right place, because the
tag team titles were going to Chicago.

Hall and Morris were interrupted by Derrick King. He was disrespectful toward Norris and his establishment. King said there would be no
tag team match, because JT Stahr was out filming for Ebony and Jet magazines. King offered to give a match to either brother -

“Mario, Luigi, Joey Buttafuoco, Arthur Ponzarelli, whatever their names are.�

- and if he was beaten, only then would Scarbonis get their title shot. Hall said Norris had the authority to make the match and he did.

2 – DERRICK KING (with Sista O’Feelyah) vs. SONNY SCARBONI (with Vinnie Scarboni)

Graham apologized for calling the Scarbonis by the wrong names in their match last week. “It’s so hard to tell these two young
men apart.� He went on to explain that Norris made the match because matchmaker Reno Riggins was still on the mend from the
attack by Flash Flanagan, who was serving a four week suspension. King was getting into it with the fans bigtime, garnering a â
€œMemphis sucksâ€� chant. Sonny knocked King on his ass with shoulder tackles and tried to pin him. King claimed hair pulling and
the like. O’Feelyah, looking hotter than ever, consoled her man. King used shortcuts. Sonny hit a monkey flip and a one foot dropkick,
and King took a breather. The match did a 180 when Sonny missed on a mad charge, thanks to King, who proceeded to pick Sonny
apart. King got a near fall with a sweet hanging DDT. King measured Sonny and punched him right in the schnoz. Sonny fired up and ate
a perfectly timed boot the mush. Three times, King covered Sonny and never once hooked the leg. They knocked heads. As Marcus
Pastorious was checking on King, Sonny and Vinnie switched places. Vinnie hit a high crossbody for a near fall. King nailed Vinnie with a
superkick. Vinnie rolled out of the ring. Sonny got up on the apron. King tried for a suplex back to the inside, and Sonny caught him with a
rolling reverse.

WINNER: Sonny Scarboni in 11:10. It had good heat thanks to King, but it was house show style, woefully lacking in action.

LAST WEEK…Dan Masters was still at ringside with Paul Adams after the show went off the air. Adams did not take kindly to Masters
confrontational line of questioning.

“That’s a Cross pen, Dan Masters. This pen right here probably costs more than your entire wardrobe, and I would dare
speculate the vehicle you’re driving at this point.�

Adams said if they could “Finger Looking Good� Freddie Morton away from that family-sized bucket to come out there, he would
sign the contract for Wolfie D vs. Rick Santel. Masters had a surprise for Adams.

Cut to Chase Stevens seated in a wheelchair with icebags applied and obviously in severe pain. “I’m here to make a statement,
Andy, and you know what they say, actions…(Stevens labors to get up out of the chair) speak…(grunts)…louder (he’s standing)
than words.�

Douglas went off on Adams, repeatedly poking his finger into Paul’s chest, and yelling about his broken promise that Stevens was
out of commission. Adams tried to pacify Douglas, but the berating continued until Douglas stormed off.

Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Most Bail Jumpers segment with “The Bond Girl� Leah Hulan. This week’s featured scofflaw was
Raymond Mitchell. She said Mitchell’s job was doing nothing and getting in trouble. Moral of the story: Beware of anyone nicknamed â

Before heading to the ring, Adam and Santel (great robe~!) addressed the rumors of dissension within A-Team. Adams blamed it on
speculators, the kind of lowlife derelicts that read Enquirer, check out Perez Hilton, and watch TMZ. Santel said TMZ was a good show.
Adams had to agree. Adams said the looky lous of the world, the very people that wouldn’t leave Tiger Woods alone, had started in
on A-Team. Adams denied there were any problems and said people needed to mind their own business. Didn’t work for Tiger.
Adams said Wolfie was picking up a battle that had nothing to do with him, maybe because his mother never taught him the proper
lessons, like the story of the pokey little puppy that stuck his nose in a sunflower and got stung by a bee. Really. He actually said that.

Santel intimated that he had sex relations with Wolfie’s mom.

“So Wolfie, son, get ready. In two short minutes, you can call Rick Santel daddy, if you get my drift.�

3 – RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams) vs. WOLFIE D

Santel tried to get the jump on him, but Wolfie was ready with a salvo of strikes and an ultra high back bodydrop. Santel was getting the
crap beat out of him. Santel baited Wolfie into a trap that briefly stalled his momentum. Wolfie roared back with a pair of short arm
clotheslines. Wolfie used a discus lariat for a near fall. Wolfie teased his finisher, but thanks to distraction by Adams, Santel was able to
bring a foreign object into play. Wolfie barely kicked out. Santel took over on a dazed and confused Wolfie. (commercial break) Santel
dropped Nature’s Greatest Elbow. Santel played to the crowd before hooking the leg, and Wolfie kicked out. Graham announced the
last man standing match between Stevens and Douglas for TV in two weeks, and Kid Kash vs. Vordell Walker for the SAW Title in three
weeks. It wouldn’t be SAW without a sleeper hold. They did the age old deal where Wolfie’s arm dropped twice. It worked to get
live crowd behind the babyface. Wolfie broke free for good with a back suplex. Wolfie decked Santel with awesome windmill haymaker.
Wolfie hit a spinning powerbomb. Adams crawled into the ring and crawled right back out. Oops. Wolfie planted Santel with a bulldog,
clotheslined him over the top, and followed with a pescado. They brawled into the front room of the bar with unsuspecting customers
looking on. The bell rang signaling the 10 count.

The violent tour of Buffalo Billiards continued. It’s a good-sized establishment. Wolfie was smashing Santel’s head into all sorts
of fixed objects. Santel took an open hand slap while lying on the pool table, then a head first shot into a video game…and we’re out
of time.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: It started like gangbusters, finished up strong, and laid an egg in between. Psychologically, it’s the proper
sequencing of the material. Viewers are more likely to recall the beginning and ending than the middle. Sound theory for wrestling TV, so
long as viewers don’t tune out if the show tanks, as this one did, midway through. The opening Anthony vignette immediately became
one of my favorites – packing both a visual and verbal wallop. The strength of this was in the talking segments. Haskins’
delusional relationship with Taylor Swift is hilarious. King interrupting at ringside, equally so. Leave it to Adams to pull out material like
that and make it work. Pokey little puppy? The segment with Stevens getting out of the wheelchair was simple but effective. It would be
old news to Nashville fans, but this was the syndicated version, where Stevens is still convalescing from the balcony bump. The only
wrestling of note was the main event, which was a fun little brawl. The major negative of this episode was the King/Scarboni match. Iâ
€™ll cut them some slack. The singles match was improvised due to Stahr having trans problems. But only some. For one thing, it was
no way to work a TV match. King got all kinds of heat, but it was too much for too long. Worse, it was a ridiculous stretch to buy the
switcheroo thing with Scarbonis. Sonny has facial hair and thin build. Vinnie is clean shaven and thickly built. Scarboni's come across
like place holders rather than true title challengers at this point, and talking about bring the titles home to Chicago wasn't the smoothest
babyface move for Nashville. I guess the viewers in American Samoa and Bulgaria would be OK with it, though. Shooting at Buffalo
Billiards was a worthwhile experiment. It had much better heat than any of the recent SAW Mill tapings. They drew a boisterous crowd, but
folks were there to drink and get rowdy, as opposed to being SAW fans, or even wrestling fans at all. They were strangely quiet during the
Anthony stuff, like they didn’t have a clue one about his story. I thought Graham did a fine job on solo commentary, although I took pity
on him for having to sell that he couldn’t tell the Scarbonis apart.