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December 12, 2009
– Scott Hensley

Over 140 fans witnessed one of Ultimate NWA’s best shows to date at the National Guard armory located at 406 S. Cedar Hill Dr in
Scottsboro, AL. This show had some crazy action and some of the south’s best workers squaring off.

A new opening video airs to introduce the fans to CLOTHESLINES & CANDYCANES. It’s followed by a video of Will Owens talking to
Interim Commissioner Chase D and Santa Claus is decorating a small Christmas tree behind them. Will says there is no chance that
Adam Roberts will win tonight because he’s a man with plans. Plan A is Kyle Matthews, the man who slammed Adam’s head
with a steel cage door, has his back tonight, Kyle comes into the picture. Plan B is Orion Bishop has his back, Bishop comes in. Plan C
is…�Well whose name starts with a C?� leading us to question the allegiance of the guest referee in the title match, Corey Hollis.
Two hillbilly guys and a woman(later revealed to be “Lil Tater� Jervis Cullman, Dump Sanders, and Jubee Jane McGee) come
bursting in saying they heard about the rasslin show. Will Owens runs them off. Santa reveals himself to be Adam Roberts in disguise
and he tells Chase D that Will just THINKS he has it all figured out.

1) Ben Thrasher d. Amos Moses by rolling him up with feet on the ropes in 6:48

Thrasher has a personal vendetta against the fan favorite Moses, previously attacking him after his last match on the 11/21 show.
Thrasher attacked Moses before the bell and gave him a kick to the stomach that was followed up by a swinging neckbreaker. Thrasher
follows it up with a big kick to the back of Moses and covers him for a 2 count. Thrasher puts Moses on the bottom rope and chokes him
with his foot. A sleeper is applied to Moses but Moses powers out of it only to receive a vicious boot to the face. The big man, Thrasher
goes to the top rope, uh oh. His high risk venture doesn’t pay off though because Amos Moses is there when he lands to spin him
around to apply a full nelson for a Wooly Swamp Drop. The huge Thrasher breaks the holds and Moses shoves him into the corner.
Moses runs in but Thrasher slams him into the buckle and rolls him up, putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage. Something tells
me Amos Moses won’t stand for Thrasher’s cheap wins much longer, although actually Thrasher dominated this match.

Adam Roberts comes out and says that tonight is the night he finally beats Will for the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Championship and he
doesn’t care who comes to the ring with Will. This of course brings out Will Owens, along with Kyle Matthews and Orion Bishop. Will
says that Adam won’t even make it to the match if he can help it. Kyle, Orion, and Will all converge on the apron and Chrisjen Haymeâ
€™s music hits. Hayme runs out and chases Matthews, Bishop, and Owens out of the ring. Hayme then attacks Roberts! Matthews,
Bishop, and Owens all get in the ring and it’s a 4 on 1 beatdown. Ace Rockwell runs out with a chair to make the save. Will Owens
tells him that if he wants to butt into other peoples’ business then he’ll have to answer to Orion Bishop later tonight.

2) Patrick Bentley d. Adam Jacobs by interference from Chrisjen Hayme in an “I Quit Match� in 12:33

These two have been feuding for quite some time and the former tag team champions held nothing back in this match. Jacobs grabbed
a mic before the match and said that it ends tonight with an I Quit Match. Jacobs started the match with a springboard out of the first ring
into the second ring right on top of Bentley. They brawled all over the place and eventually ended up back in the ring. Jacobs has the
advantage and puts Bentley in the corner on the turnbuckle. Bentley elbows him off but Jacobs pulls Bentley down into a tree of woe.
Jacobs grabs a chair and puts it right in front of the helpless Bentley’s face. Jacobs goes to the top on the next turnbuckle over and
hits a coast to coast dropkick right into the chair into Bentley’s face. Jacobs takes the chair and chokes Bentley with it but he wonâ
€™t give up. Jacobs throws Bentley into the corner and is met with Bentley’s boot when he runs in. Bentley sits the chair up and
drops Jacobs onto it with a backbreaker off of his shoulders. Bentley pins his foot against Jacobs neck but Jacobs refuses to quit.
Bentley attempts a flip piledriver but Jacobs blocks it and slams Bentley down with a reverse. Bentley once again will not quit. Jacobs
throws Bentley into the ropes and attempts to jump over him off the ropes but Bentley nails him with a kick to the groin. Bentley puts a
chair in the corner and tries to throw Jacobs into it in the corner. Jacobs reverses but Bentley hits the brakes. Jacobs grabs Bentley and
throws him into it facefirst. Jacobs puts a chair on the head of Bentley and comes off the top with a foot stomp right on the chair! Jacobs
gives Bentley a Russian legsweep into a submission with Jacobs’ leg around the back of the head of Bentley. Bentley doesn’t
quit. Jacobs throws Bentley hard into the corner but Bentley reverses it. Jacobs throws Bentley into the other ring and climbs the
turnbuckle of ring one. Bentley jumps to the bordering turnbuckle in ring two and clotheslines Jacobs off the turnbuckle in ring one!
Jacobs won’t give up and Bentley’s nose is pouring blood. Bentley grabs two chairs and lays them out. He gives Jacobs a flip
piledriver ring on the chairs and locks on a crossface. Chrisjen Hayme runs out and grabs the other microphone and says “I QUITâ
€� as the referee asks Jacobs. Referee Jimbo Fisher can’t see the crouching Hayme and he calls for the bell.

3) Ace Rockwell vs Orion Bishop w/ The Wicked Nemesis ends in a 15 minute Time Limit Draw

This match started with a ground grappling battle to gain an advantage. The much larger Bishop picks Rockwell up from behind and
slams him down hard to the mat. Rockwell his a headlock takeover. Bishop tries for a backbody drop but Rockwell hangs on for a sunset
flip. Bishop won’t go down and picks Rockwell up and puts him on the outer apron. Rockwell gives Bishop a hit to the midsection
and flips back into the ring on the back of Bishop. Rockwell is met with a big shoulder tackle. Rockwell armdrags Bishop and kicks him
out of the ring. Bishop and the Wicked Nemesis meet to regroup on the outside as Rockwell runs and jumps over the ropes. Both men
on the outside separate but Rockwell hangs on to the ropes and stays on the apron. Bishop and Nemesis pull his legs off the apron,
smashing his face and giving Bishop the advantage. Bishop slams Rockwell’s back into the ring and then picks him up and slams
him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Bishop still has control and throws Rockwell into the corner, meeting him with a big running butt
and a clothesline that knocked the bejesus out of Ace. Bishop hits a corner slingshot splash for a 2 count. Bishop works the leg of
Rockwell and then locks on a leg scissors submission hold. He tries to roll Ace into a pin twice but Rockwell is able to break free. Bishop
grabs Rockwell and gives him a punishing backbreaker that he holds onto as a submission. Ace won’t submit so Bishop picks him
up and puts him on the top rope. In desperation, Rockwell bites the head of Bishop to back him off. Bishop staggers and Rockwell
comes off the ropes only to be caught by Bishop for a huge fallaway slam. Rockwell is down and out but takes advantage of a mistake by
Bishop and gives him a big airplane spin with over ten revolutions. Five minutes remaining at this point. Rockwell hits a stinger splash,
Bishop staggers out of the corner and tries to charge back in with a spear that misses. Rockwell nails the recovering Bishop with a
bulldog from the 2nd rope. Bishop tries to hit Rockwell with a “kitchen sink� knee throw but Rockwell rolls through into a school
boy for a 2 count. Rockwell ducks a clothesline but gets caught with a big Samoan drop. Bishop puts Rockwell in a DVD position on his
shoulders but Ace fights out. He goes for an Ace Crusher but is thrown off into the corner. Bishop charges and is met with Ace’s foot
in his face. Rockwell attempts his own clothesline but Orion ducks it and catches him with an absolutely devastating exploder suplex.
One minute remaining. Once again, Bishop wastes time and the recovering Rockwell trips him up and flips over him for a 2 count.
Rockwell hits the ropes but The Wicked Nemesis grabs his foot. 10 seconds. Ace grabs Nemesis and pulls him up on the apron. Bishop
charges and hits The Wicked Nemesis as Ace moves. Rockwell does an O’Connor roll but the bell is rung after a 1 count with the 15
minute time limit running out. Pretty impressive contest from two great competitors.

4) Amos Moses & Adam Jacobs along with Chrisjen Hayme & Patrick Bentley win the first ever Ultimate NWA two ring tag team
championship qualifying battle royal in 18:41

Two much action to report but there were ten men in each ring and the final 4 in each ring immediately went into a tag match to qualify for
a tag team title shot on January 16 against the winners from the other ring. Here is the order of elminations: 1) Little Bubba 2) “Lil
Tater� Jervis Cullman 3) Brian Rivers 4) Justin Envy 5) Orion Bishop 6) Ben Thrasher 7) Kent Reznor 8) Dump Sanders 9) Jeremiah
Flynt 10) Matt Fortune 11) Phil Macchio and 12) Josh Hendrix…. Leaving Kyle Matthews & Bobby Moore vs Amos Moses & Adam Jacobs
and Chrisjen Hayme & Patrick Bentley vs Ace Rockwell & Corey Hollis. Moses & Jacobs won at the 16:26 mark and Hayme & Bentley
won at 18:41

5) Adam Roberts d. “Wildthing� Will Owens w/ Corey Hollis as special guest referee to become the new Ultimate NWA
Heavyweight champion in 21:06

This rivalry has built for months and months and the fire inside of Roberts really showed it as he laid into Owens. Roberts unleashed a
flurry of brawling on Owens and capped it off with a big chop and clothesline. Owens got up and was met with a Main Event Slam! It was
still pretty early in the match and out comes Kent Reznor and Kyle Matthews to make sure Owens wouldn’t be beaten so early.
Reznor climbs the apron and Matthews gets in the ring from the opposite side. Roberts throws Matthews through the ropes into Reznor
but the distraction prevented him getting the win. Roberts climbs the turnbuckle and a recovering Will Owens pushes him off the
turnbuckle through the announcer’s table! It was brutal and everyone in the place was on their feet and trying to see if Adam was
okay. The other referees and Corey Hollis check on Adam and keep Will back. Eventually, Owens has had enough and fights through
everyone to continue to pound on the injured Roberts. Roberts’ elbow was bleeding after going through the table. Owens
clotheslines Roberts on the concrete floor, which just had everyone believing he’d never be able to recover. Owens punishes
Roberts back in the ring but can’t get a 3 count. Owens grabs a chair and gets back in the ring ready to nail Roberts. Hollis won’t
allow it and wrestles with Owens over the chair. The chair eventually comes loose but as Hollis jerks it away, he nails Roberts! Owens
covers and Hollis reluctantly counts a 1….2…. KICKOUT! Roberts battles back and Owens is seeing stars. Orion Bishop runs out and
squares up to spear Roberts. Hollis grabs a chair and swings for the fences into the charging Bishop. Roberts puts Owens up on his
shoulders and slams him off for the Main Event Slam! 1….2…..3…. New Champion! When Owens recovered he was beside himselfâ
€¦.as Roberts celebrated with the fans and kids jumped in the ring to congratulate him.

Notes: Sorry for the SUPER late report, as I’ve been busy with my new job as marketing manager at Hullco Exteriors here in
Chattanooga ( …Don’t worry they know I’m a wrestling fan haha. I also just graduated last
Saturday with my Masters of Business Administrations (MBA) from UT Chattanooga and my girlfriend graduated with her Bachelor’s
Degree in English from MTSU…. So I’ve been busy with that stuff… but not too busy to miss out on the NWA Main Event show in
Woodbury, TN on 12/18. Look for that report soon. Ultimate NWA returns to the Scottsboro National Guard Armory on January 16. Already
signed is Hayme & Bentley vs Moses & Jacobs for the Ultimate NWA Tag Team Championship