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December 18, 2009
– Scott Hensley

A total of 30 in attendance (I’m guessing 24 paid). National Anthem starts at 8:23 and we get our first match at 8:25. Bert Prentice
was taking tickets and Mike Porter was working the concession stand. Steve O was the ring announcer for the evening and held a raffle
before the first match.

1) JD Conner d. Bobby Surge by pinfall after an inverted suplex into a stunner in 11:31

Nothing impressive about either one of these guys. JD Conner is a flabby pale guy that comes to the ring in tight black underarmor shorts
with his underwear hanging out of them and Surge has no build and comes out in a blue singlet. I understand there were only 30 fans
there but the way these guys worked, you’d think no one was there. Surge was the heel….maybe? Just judging by what door he
came out but neither one of these guys played to the “crowd� at all. Lots of VERY basic stuff in this match. Conner hit a nice
looking suplex on Surge. Rolling neck snap to Conner by Surge. Conner put in a crossface but doesn’t tap. Surge misses a top rope
elbow. Conner hits his finisher, an inverted suplex into a stunner, for the win after eleven minutes. Went on waaaaay too long and these
guys left the charisma at home…. It was probably next to the workout bench is why they didn’t find it.

2) Shane Williams d. Keith Michaels by pinfall in 10:20 after a piledriver

Shane certainly looked the part, while Michaels still needs to fill out his frame. He looks like a giant toothpick. He got called out on his
thick southern accent too, as he was hailing from Hollywood haha. Williams had the advantage for the most part throughout the match
and Michaels starts reaching into his kickpad right in front of the referee. This goes on for almost a minute until Williams goes behind
him and rolls him up for a 2 count. Michaels goes for something again….and apparently needs a better system of hiding things.
Michaels went into the kickpad a third time and finally came out with a chain. He nails Williams with it and chokes him with it right in front
of the ref and somehow he doesn’t see it or care….just terrible. Then in a series of bizarre moves, Michaels throws Williams out of
the ring and Williams jumps right back up and gets in the ring. Michaels chokes Williams in the corner and throws him out again… but
does he lay on the floor? Does Michaels go after him? Does Michaels mock him or mock the crowd? Nahhh Williams just gets back in
and lands punches and a spinning heel kick. He follows it up with a fist drop off the top for 2. Michaels gives Williams two back body
drops and tries a third only to be hit with a piledriver for the pin. I really scratch my head at most of this one.

3) Norman Cross & Jason Star d. Sexy C & Precious in 16:41 when Sexy C jumps on top of the referee

Cross and Star were your standard skinny white indy guys complete with “trashbag� pants. Sexy C was a flabby pale guy in black
briefs and Precious wore what looked like purple spalding boxer briefs haha. Sexy C seemed like the only guy in this match with a clue
and he shined the sun over the other guys in this match or maybe it was just the house lights reflecting off his pasty skin. Sexy C took the
early advantage over Norman Cross. Cross trips C up and tags to Star, who comes off the top with a double axe handle to the arm of
Sexy C. C tags to Precious and they hit Star with over/under dropkick doubleteam. Star tags to Cross. Cross gives Precious an armdrag
and throws him into the corner and gives him a splash with all 140lbs of his body weight. Tag back in to Star, who gives Precious a
suplex for a two count and maintains control. Tag back in to Cross and they do a drop toehold/dropkick combo. Cross charges Sexy C
and C drops off the apron to avoid him. Cross gives Precious a legdrop for a two count, brutha! Precious tags to Sexy C, who gets in a
flurry of offense before Cross rolls him up for a two count that was broken up by Precious. Sexy C hits a legdrop on Cross but didn’t
say enough prayers or eat enough vitamins(debatable) and Cross kicks out at 2. Sexy C charges Cross in the corner and is met with a
boot. Cross comes off the top onto C and tags out to Star, who cleans house with a terrible clothesline to Precious. Sexy C hits a
superkick to Cross and clotheslines Star. Star is up and avoids two of Sexy C’s clotheslines to sunset flip over him for a two count.
Sexy C and Precious start ganging up on Star with fake tags. Precious hits a jumping elbow drop onto Star for a two count broken up by
Cross. Precious hits another one of those 140lbs corner splashes and tags in to Sexy C who goes to the top turnbuckle. Star attempts to
climb and get him off but is met with a big sitout spinebuster off the top rope by Sexy C for a 2 count that is broken up by Cross again. Star
catches C with a DDT and tags to Cross. Sexy C tags to Precious and is kicked out of the ring. Cross & Star give Precious a neckbreaker
combo and have it won until Sexy C runs in the ring and just pancakes the referee who doesn’t sell it all but just DQ’s them.

4) Steve O d. Chad Hyatt in 6:10 by DQ when Jay Popular & Blake Rozwell attack him

Hyatt comes out in his signature purple tights and Steve O comes out wearing red silky pajama pants with white trim at the bottom. Hyatt
threw Steve O around and his buddies “Pretty Popular� tripped O up and choked him. Hyatt missed a clothesline and Steve O hit a
dropkick. Rozwell and Popular jumped in the ring and attacked the ref and Steve O’s arm. Matt Boyce made the save with a chair and
challenged Jay Popular and Blake Rozwell to a tag match later on. Chad Hyatt accepted for them and the referee over sold his beating
like crazy as Steve O and Boyce celebrate.

Of course there was another raffle at intermission

5) Mike Posey d. Corey Hollis by pinfall in 18:48 with a rollup and hands on the ropes

Match of the night easily. These guys are just on a different level than the other guys on this show and were originally booked to be the
main event. They start with some awesome, fast-paced back and forth technical work that put most of the other workers on the show to
shame. They trade arm drags and there’s a stand off. Hollis has Posey in an armbar and when Posey tries to roll out of it, Hollis rolls
with him. Posey shoves Hollis into the corner and bails out of the ring, saying he’ll just leave. The ref gets to a 5 count and Posey
jumps back on the apron and quickly swings his legs in and out to break the count. Posey leapfrogs back in and gives Hollis a couple of
shoulder tackles before getting a hard kick from Hollis, followed by an armbar and some knee strikes. Hollis takes control until Posey is
able to pick Hollis up and bridge him into the corner. Posey hits a devastating Tower of London and gives Hollis some kicks to face.
Posey slams Hollis down and gives him three quick elbow drops followed by a kick for a 2 count. Posey puts Hollis into the tree of woe
and goes to the outside of the apron. Posey springs over the top rope and hits the helpless Hollis with a dropkick. Posey goes to the
outside and painfully stretches Hollis around the ringpost. Posey springs back in the ring once again, hitting a legdrop onto Hollis this
time. Both men are up and charging each other. Posey kills Hollis with a running dropkick that flips him inside out and locks him in a
legscissors hold. Hollis battles out with elbows and gives Posey a knee throw, and stretches Posey around his knee in an arrow lock
hold. Hollis hits a leg trip pin on Posey for two. Posey hits an enziguri for his own two. Posey locks on an abdominal stretch and Hollis
tries to hiptoss Posey to get free but is clotheslined instead for a two count. Posey goes back to the abdominal stretch and uses the
ropes for leverage. The ref catches him and makes him break it. Hollis and Posey charge each other again and there’s a double
crossbody that takes both men down. Hollis gives Posey some big kicks and hits a tilt-a-whirl legscissors into a crossface. Posey
makes it to the ropes after putting up a fight. Hollis goes up top and is met with a dropkick to the midsection when he comes off. Posey
attempts a suplex but Hollis flips out of it and nails a pele kick for 2. Posey fights back and hits a twisting DDT type move onto Hollis for
two. Hollis and Posey go through several roll ups and pin reversals until Posey ends up kneeling over Hollis and grabs the ropes to hold
him down for 3 to steal the win. Great back and forth match.

6) Steve O & Matt Boyce d. “Pretty Popular� Jay Popular & Blake Rozwell by pinfall in 8:34

The teams got in the ring and no referee was anywhere to be found. Prentice yells for one and he comes out late. Boyce has a superstar
look and was the only good thing about this match. Basic back and forth stuff. Steve O fakes a flying bodypress out of the corner and
Popular ducks. O sunset flips over him for two, broken up by Rozwell. Rozwell tagged in but their doubleteam attempts to Steve O fail.
Boyce is tagged in and cleans house with some punches and dropkicks. Rozwell catches Boyce with a twisting neckbreaker. Popular
and Rozwell throw Boyce and Steve O to the outside. They climb the apron and Boyce and Steve give them shoulders through the second
and third ropes and sunset flip over them for dual 3 counts and the win.

Notes: The Great Mephisto was originally advertised but was nowhere to be found… maybe he got word that the show wasn’t
advertised very well, was in the middle of nowhere, and would only draw 30 people. If you look at NWA Main Event “flyers� there is
no question why this show didn’t draw. There were no instructions on how to get to the “community center�, no address given,
no phone number given, no pictures of the guys that will be there. It was what I expected it to be.