February 27, 2010
– Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…PG-13 capped the domes of Derrick King Enterprises to win the SAW Tag Team Championship…SAW International
Champion Kid Kash makes Arrick Andrews his bitch, then attacks matchmaker Reno Riggins…High drama between Reno and Kash
moves behind closed doors.

Michael Graham and Dutch Mantell opened the show from an empty Fairgrounds arena with canned crowd noise. Graham promised to
reveal what took place between Reno and Kash behind those closed doors.


Graham noted that Paul Adams was absent from Douglas’ corner. Mantell brought up Emerson passing the bar exam. Match was
mainly Douglas abusing Emerson, while Dutch made clever legal references. Douglas came out brawling. He cut off a high energy rally
with a short arm clothesline that had Emerson checking his grill. Douglas punished Emerson with his signature moves - the guillotine
leg drop and the Harley Race high knee – and kept make lazy, arrogant covers. Dutch said Emerson should object. Emerson turned a
telegraphed backdrop into a swinging neckbreaker for a double down. Mantell said it didn’t take much to ring Douglas’ bell because he
was no MENSA candidate. On the comeback trail, Emerson got a close near fall after a Russian leg sweep. Moments later, Douglas
reversed Emerson into the Natural Selection for the three count.

WINNER: Douglas in 4:56 with the Natural Selection. Nothing wrong with the work. Emerson sold big for Douglas’ offense. Problem was
very little heat. It felt like the crowd was biding their time until Douglas won.

Riggins addressed the viewers from his office at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. He said Kash held the program hostage last week
with his antics. Andrews was a worthy opponent, and Kash knew he couldn’t beat him in a fair match. Riggins said Kash had behaved in
a despicable manner to hold onto the title, and it wasn’t the way SAW wanted their champions to be perceived. Riggins said the outcome
of the last week’s closed door meeting was a lumberjack match between Andrews and Kash for today’s main event.

Natalie Van Eron tried to do a backstage interview with Andrews. It didn’t work out any better than last week, but at least this time she
was ready to run. Kash blindsided Andrews with the belt and started beating his head in. A posse of refs had to drag Kash away. Cut to a
close up Andrews out cold. The announce team said the main event was in doubt.

“Teen Excitement” Drew Haskins made God’s gift to wrestling entrance. Cut to a replay of Kash destroying Andrews. Graham said they
were trying to get a status update on Andrews, and talked about Kash holding the program hostage with his disruptive behavior.

2 – DREW HASKINS (with Sista O’Feelyah) vs. VORDELL WALKER

Haskins started talking trash and shoving Walker. Haskins slapped him. Walker returned the favor only much harder. They went to
intense lock up. Walker ducked a cheap shot on the break. Walker outwrestled a very wary Haskins and starting working over his arm.
Haskins bailed out with this great hurt expression on his face. (commercial break) Walker continued to befuddle Haskins with his
superior wrestling. Mantell questioned how much moral support O’Feelyah could lend. “I wouldn’t feel very moral if she was standing
outside the ring.” Haskins reversed an Irish whip and Walker threw himself over the top rope. Bad fake wrestling spot there. When
Walker was shown lying on the concrete floor, Mantell said he would be out there making him eat a boot sandwich. Brimming with
overconfidence, Haskins went on the attack. Walker fired up, and Haskins walked right into a series of stiff blows. Walker popped up
after taking a German suplex and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Walker had Haskins pinned with a Michinoku driver, but O’Feelyah
was distracting the ref. Walker also fell for the distraction and Haskins fouled him. Haskins was in disbelief when Walker kicked out.
Haskins got vicious – pounding Walker’s head into the mat and applying the mouth stretcher. Walker appeared to have nothing left.
Walker came out of left field with a lariat that leveled Haskins. Walker hit the wind up uranage, made the cover, and got attacked by
Derrick King Enterprises. PG-13 hit the ring with their hubcaps to make the save.

WINNER: Walker via DQ in 10:32. This match was way, way better on TV than it was watching it live from the balcony. The editing was
spot on. The close up shots really upped the intensity, and Mantell’s commentary was most entertaining.

“Bond Girl” Leah was back with this week’s edition of Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumper, Steven Martin, and she needs him now! “It is
seldom as bad as you may think. You need to face it and walk through it, and we’ll be there to help you.”

Next up was a video package on the Hammerjack/Anthony feud with a voiced over promo by Hammerjack. He said if Anthony knew what
he had been through, he would have taken his photo off that dartboard, because he had picked a fight he could not win.

“You say you wanted your father to grant you a chance at redemption? And in order to do that, in order to satisfy whatever twisted
relationship you had with Raven, you decided you were going to involve my family. Bad move, Marc.”

Anthony said he had survived on the streets since he was fourteen years old, but it was one thing when he only had to take care of
himself and it was whole different ballgame when it came to taking care of his family.

“I’ve said it before. I don’t want to wrestle you. I’m not worried about pinning your shoulders to the mat. I’m not worried about having a
referee raise my hand. It’s personal, and the next time we meet, Marc, all the rules are out the window. It’s a Tennessee Street Fight.
There going to throw us in the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena and let us fight. They’re not gonna try to separate us. They’re not
gonna try to keep us from using weapons. They’re not gonna try to set limitations. It’s going to be anything goes. And Marc, I can’t wait.
You’re gonna find out why they say, ‘don’t turn your back on Hammerjack’.”

Saturday, March 13 Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Kash made his entrance. Mantell noted there were no lumberjacks. Another replay of Kash’s heinous attack on Andrews aired. Riggins
entered the ring and said Kash vs. Andrews was not going to take place. Riggins said Kash wasn’t the champion in his eyes. Kash
owned up to beating the hell out of Andrews. He didn’t like Reno, and Riggins couldn’t handle it because he had beaten everyone SAW
put in front of him. Riggins said when he became SAW matchmaker, he had to set his personal feelings aside.

“I promised my family that I would never step back in the ring, but unfortunately tonight, I’m going to have to break that promise.”

Riggins took his sports coat off. Fans started chanting his name. Riggins brought up the days when he and Steven Dunn ran roughshod
in the building. Riggins challenged Kash to put the belt up. Kash said Reno finally grew some cojones. “We have a ring. We have a
referee, and we have somebody that wants a piece of your ass!” said Reno. Out came Chase Stevens looking like a million bucks. Huge
pop. In the ring, Riggins was wearing a referee shirt.

3 –SAW International Title Match: Champion KID KASH vs. CHASE STEVENS (with Reno Riggins as special referee

Stevens on fire with a gorilla press. Kash took a TO. Stevens chased and got cut off as he rolled back under the ropes. Not for long, as a
standing dropkick had Kash bailing again (commercial break) Stevens was doing nasty things to Kash’s arm, including an elevated
armbar. Graham said the odds were stacked against Kash. Mantell ran down a list of Kash’s conquests as champion and said not to
sell him short. Stevens’ knee went out and Kash was all over it. Kash applied the figure four. He was using the ropes for extra leverage,
and the crowd was getting hot about it. Reno kicked Kash’s hands to break his grip on the ropes. Kash got in Reno’s face again and
they exchanged shoves. Kash kneed Stevens in the groin and went after a fan at ringside. Stevens made a one-legged comeback, but
Kash kicked his knee. Mantell noted that Stevens’ boot was loose. Kash moonsaulted onto the injured leg. Kash covered and Riggins
made a super slow two ount. (commercial break) Kash did a second moonsault to the leg, and Reno was in no hurry to count two. Kash
was livid. The boot was off now, and Kash was destroying the leg. Kash used the boot on Stevens, and Reno made another slow count.
Kash was losing it. He pushed Riggins into the turnbuckles. Riggins shoved Kash down. Kash jumped up into Reno’s face and got
rolled by Stevens and quick three count by Riggins. Mantell said to credit Riggins with an assist.

WINNER: Stevens in 14:33 to become the new SAW International Champion. Not a great match by any means, but more importantly, it
told a great story. Stevens’ sells with the best of them and unselfishly left center stage to Riggins and Kash. Crowd was into it, though
the audio didn’t do justice to the atmosphere in the building.

Kash picked up the belt. Riggins grabbed the boot. Kash hit Stevens with a parting shot and jumped out of the ring. Stevens was in a
bad way. The refs had to hold Stevens up so he could raise the belt over his head. They cut to a close up of Douglas watching from the
entrance way. Was that steam rising from his ears?

CLOSING THOUGHTS: When I saw the opening with the fake crowd noise in an obviously empty building, I thought “here we go again
with the shoddy production”. But my worst fears were not realized. In fact, from that point forward, this was an excellent episode of
wrestling TV, and one of the best editing jobs ever on an episode of SAW. I really liked the way the story unfolded over the course of the
hour. For paying off a long term storyline, it doesn’t get much better than the main event on this show. Reno and Kash had been at each
other’s throats for a full year of more, the entirety of Kash’s title reign, and this was comeuppance. Match reads like Kash was made into
a sympathetic figure with the deck stacked against him, but the guy has been the consummate manipulative bully for so long, and a
complete a-hole for so long, that it didn’t play that way. I wound up hating to see him lose, if only because he has been the man fans love
to hate. The swerve where Reno went from would be challenger to special ref was great stuff. Really, it was double swerve with
introduction of the lumberjack match involving Andrews. The cutaway from Stevens’ painful moment of triumph to the close up of
Douglas was an effective hook to bring viewers back…Timmy Thompson always does a great job on the highlight packages, but the one
for Hammerjack/Anthony was stellar. This program has brought out the best in Hammerjack on promos. The verbiage made a
compelling case for the streetfight scenario…The commentary on this episode was a major plus. Graham was on his game. Mantell
was much better on color this time around. He was more obviously favoring the heels, and got in some funny lines in the
process…Thumbs way up for this show.