February 27, 2010
– Scott Hensley

207 fans packed the Scottsboro, AL National Guard Armory to see another great show by the guys of Ultimate NWA. Fans that brought
canned goods could receive $2 off their tickets(Normally priced at $8 for adults and $6 for children). These cans went to the Manna
House ministries that feed needy people in Northeastern Alabama.

A 10 Bell salute was given to Tony "Moose Mahoney" Mitchell, a former wrestler and promoter that played an important part in bringing
Ultimate NWA to Scottsboro. A video package was shown and his son and cousin came out to sit ringside for the evening.

It was announced that former tag team champions would face each other tonight... Right Now!

1) Adam Jacobs d. Chrisjen Hayme by DQ in 8:37

An even contest for the first few minutes with the advantage going back and forth. Hayme hits a huge clothesline on Jacobs. The two
former partners brawl around the ring with stiff shots. Back in the ring, Hayme gains the advantage and tries for a moonsault off the
ropes. Jacobs hits a tilt-a-whirl russian legsweep and goes up top. Ben Thrasher hits the ring and pushes Jacobs off. The ref calls for
the bell as the beatdown continues. Corey Hollis makes the save.

2) Dump Sanders d. Kent Reznor in 6:52 with a Black "Holler" Slam

The much bigger Sanders, flying solo without Lil Tater or Jubee Jane McGee, stayed in control for the first part of this match as Reznor's
only offense was some attempts to wear down the legs of the 360lbs Sanders. Dump misses a corner splash and Reznor hits a
codebreaker. Reznor chokes Sanders and uses the ropes for extra leverage until the referee catches him. Reznor and the ref have
words, giving Dump enough time to recover. Reznor charges Sanders and gets hit with a huge Black "Holler" Slam for the 3 count.

Rev. Greg DeVries from the Manna House thanks everyone for their donations and talks more about their organization.

Adam Roberts comes out and tells the crowd that last week his robe disappeared and he wanted to know who was responsible. Brian
Rivers comes out and says he's just the messenger but he knows who has the robe and he shows Roberts a feather from it and smiles.
Roberts says the old saying goes "Don't shoot the messenger" but not tonight... and he hits Rivers. The referee starts the match.

3) Adam Roberts d. Brian Rivers in 4:46 with a Main Event Slam

Roberts had the early advantage but Rivers fought back. Rivers hit a flip-over neck snap and choked Roberts in the corner. Rivers
charges with a boot and misses. Roberts regains control, slamming Rivers for a 2 count. Rivers recovers to kill Roberts with a
clothesline for a two count of his own. More chokes and a running boot by Rivers to Roberts. Roberts kicks off a figure four attempt and
fires back with a killer clothesline of his own, followed up by a big slam. Rivers is down and Roberts goes up top for an elbow drop but
Rivers moves. Rivers and Roberts are both making their way to their feet when Roberts counters Rivers' attempt at a comeback and hits
the Main Event Slam for the 3.

4) Corey Hollis d. Foresaken by roll up in 7:36

The much bigger Foresaken attempted to battle the speed and ability of Corey Hollis with power moves and a hidden chain that he kept
pulling out of his pocket to choke Hollis. Foresaken wasn't able to keep the relentless Hollis down no matter what he threw at him. Hollis
took all that Foresaken had to give and still managed to outsmart him, getting the better of him when he surprised him with a roll up out
of the corner for the clean win. Ben Thrasher and Chrisjen Hayme come out to attack Corey Hollis with Adan Roberts and Adam Jacobs
making the save. Jacobs, Roberts, and Hollis challenge Hayme and Thrasher to find a partner to face them in a 6 man tag for the main
event. Hayme and Thrasher accept.

Moses comes out and says he is sick and tired of seeing Thrasher interfere and while he may only have one good arm tonight, that's all
he needs to beat Thrasher.

5) Amos Moses d. Ben Thrasher in 6:24 by roll up

Thrasher beat Moses senseless, smashing his arm with a hammer on the ring post and destroying him in the ring. Referee Jimbo
Fisher and Thrasher have words over Thrasher's cruel punishment to Moses. Moses uses the opportunity to roll Thrasher up for the win.
Thrasher was furious and grabbed a couple of chairs, putting Moses' arm in one of them and raising the other one to hit it. Referee
Jimbo Fisher grabs the chair and he pushes Thrasher after Thrasher gets in his face. Thrasher nails Fisher with the chair and then
smashes Moses' arm in the other chair as well. Thrasher leaves the ring, smiling at what he had done.

6) Adam Roberts, Adam Jacobs, and Corey Hollis d. Chisjen Hayme, Ben Thrasher, and Brian Rivers in 11:34 when Adam Roberts
hits the Main Event Slam on him

Hayme, Thrasher, and Rivers tagged in and out rapidly beating down Hollis and provoking Jacobs and Roberts with false tags behind
the ref's back, as well as doubleteams. Hollis flips over Hayme in the corner, powerbombing him down and giving him the chance to
make a tag. Hollis tags in Roberts and Jacobs as Hayme tags in Rivers and Thrasher gets in as well. Thrasher accidently takes Hayme
out with a big boot and Roberts and Jacobs clothesline Thrasher over the top rope. Roberts puts Rivers up for the second time and
finishes him off with the main event slam.

Notes: Former Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Champion Will Owens has still not been seen at Ultimate NWA since losing his title. The next
show will be March 13 and feature the top stars of Ultimate NWA in Scottsboro, AL at 406 S. Cedar Hill Dr. Doors open at 7, Belltime is 8.