February 14, 2010
– Jeff Richards

"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce pulled off a coup Sunday afternoon in the Tar Heel State. While Duke was winning the ACC Tournament 93
miles away in Greensboro, Pearce upset two of the NWA's brightest stars in one day.

Following Pearce's unsuccessful bid to unseat Phill Shatter from the NWA National crown on 2/14/10, "Scrap Iron" returned with a
vengeance Sunday to win gold.

Pearce claimed the NWA World Heavyweight Title in a three-way elimination bout at the University Hilton Plaza, outsmarting Shatter in the
end. Reigning champion Blue Demon Jr. had been eliminated minutes earlier (at the 13:00 mark), as he fell victim to a rare double-team

The confusing aspect of this title match was the elimination rules. If it came down to the final two men, why were the wrestlers constantly
breaking up other's pinfall attempts? Was it just ignorance of the rules or their not understanding that this was not a triple threat contest?

Shatter's argument that he got screwed will lead to a rematch, possibly as early as April 11th, when NWA: New Beginnings returns to

The upstart promotion, backed by appearances from Bob Trobich and David Marquez, drew approximately 250 to the University Ballroom.
It is quite the classy look for a NWA taping, as capably handled the filming. Ex-NWA Charlotte regulars Tim Dixon and
Eddie Rich were on hand to add local flavor.

Promoter Greg Price and booker Tully Blanchard have their hands full in trying to rejuvenate the sagging Charlotte wrestling community.
Appealing to the widespread Latino contingency is a good idea, especially on Sunday afternoons (Family Day).

Demon, a thick yet agile flier, looked miniature compared to the behemoth Shatter and even two-time former champ Pearce.

Entering to Ram Jam's "Black Betty," Pearce had the ref to open the ropes for him, only to shove him aside. NWA National Titleholder
Shatter, "The Universal Soldier," is smartly (finally) being booked as a babyface here. The diminutive Demon, smelling of bubble gum
ointment, looks white instead of Hispanic up close.

The two-star match featured two referees, which should have been our first sign a screwjob ending was booked. Demon's slaps/chops
have a lot of bite to them. An inverted figure-four leglock by Demon on Shatter was countered by Pearce's figure-four necklock on the
World champ.

A slingshot suplex on Pearce had no spring. However, Pearce's dropkick off the top rope onto Shatter made "Scrap Iron" look like a
luchador. Demon could not get Pearce into a bow and arrow submission until the second try.

A double DDT spot by Demon took time to develop but excited the bi-racial fans in attendance. There were unfortunately lots of three-way
elimination spots which were broken up for no apparent reason.

Demon's tope onto Pearce wiped out front row ringside, and then Shatter's plancha took both former champs out.

The elimination of Demon took place at 5:30 PM EST, as Pearce/Shatter combined on a Team 3D-type hotshot. Shatter had the pin, but
Pearce knocked him off Demon and stole the cover.

After convincing Demon to leave the ring, the refs restarted the match as Pearce-Shatter one-on-one. This was a rematch from NWA:
New Beginnings' first show, where Shatter pinned Pearce to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Title.

A superplex by Shatter on Pearce rocked the ballroom, as Demon continued disputing the pin loss. Both wrestlers got slippery around
the 15:00 mark. Fortunately, the back suplex by Shatter, as he was able to bring Pearce back into the ring, looked sharp.

Pearce rolled his shoulder at the last possible second. Shatter's shoulders stayed down. The referee outside the ring made the correct
call; Shatter pinned himself after 23:00. Pearce became a three-time NWA World's Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.

Featured on the undercard were match-ups designed to recognize a winner of the NWA Future Legends Cup. The cup-winner will have
the best win-loss record of all matches from February through August. He then will compete against the NWA World
Heavyweight Champion on 8/8/10 at the NWA Legends Convention show in Charlotte.

Caprice Coleman (2-0) pinned Damien Wayne (0-2) in eight minutes with a small-package. This was inexplicably a rematch from the
2/14/10 show.
Cedric Alexander (1-1) pinned Drew Haskins (0-1) in eight minutes after a sunset flip and body press.
"Rough House" Ryan O'Reilly (2-0) pinned Ty Tyson (0-2) in nine minutes after his full-nelson slam.
"The Natural" Chase Stevens (2-0) pinned "The Obsession" Caleb Konley (1-1) in a long 20 minutes after a hotshot maneuver. Stevens
is formerly one-half of the NWA World Tag-Team Champions with Andy Douglas.
"The Queen City Killer" Zach Salvation (1-1) pinned "Man Scout" Jake Manning (1-1) in an also long 17 minutes with a jack-knife cradle.

NOTES: Tickets were priced from $15.00 for ringside to $9.50 for general admission....Marquez kicked the show off by welcoming fans to
the hotel. A ten bell salute was held, as the dressing rooms emptied to pay tribute to Corsica Joe and Sandy Scott. Blanchard said a
prayer following the ringing of the bell at ringside....Jim Cornette, executive producer of Ring of Honor, was in attendance,
promoting/plugging his show on April 3rd in Charlotte. Cornette explained the rules of the Future Legends Cup and met with fans
throughout the day. "The Big Bang," ROH's next internet-driven PPV, will be broadcast live from the Grady Cole Center on 4/3/10....The
four wrestlers with the best win-loss records will face off at "Fanfest" on 8/7/10. The winner challenges whomever has the NWA World
Championship the next day....NWA Legends Tommy Young, George South Sr. and Baby Doll were all in attendance but not announced to
the crowd....Two dollar half-sandwich wraps and tiny bottles of water & Coke were sold at intermission... inventor Michael
Bochicchio ran the hard camera, and two handheld cameras were utilized as well for the live streaming video of Sunday's event.