April 5, 2010
– Rich Tate

Jack Swagger came out to the ring to start the show, and instructed the director to “Roll it”, and clips from last week’s SmackDown,
where Swagger took advantage of a beaten Chris Jericho by cashing in his briefcase for an immediate title match, resulting in him
becoming the new WWE World Champion. Swagger said he made history last week. He said he was originally looking to cash it in for
John Cena’s WWE Title, but to be recognized as a champion, he had to take on the best in the world, referring to Jericho. Swagger said
he would have beaten Cena quicker than he did Jericho, noting it being a nice second match. Swagger said no one on RAW compares to
him and his abilities.

Before Swagger could deliver the “State of the World Title” address, Cena came out. Cena congratulated Swagger, calling him the
luckiest man in the world. He said cashing in the briefcase was the easy part, and that no one cares what he has done, but instead what
he is about to do. He then noted Swagger had announced he was going to SmackDown, and then mockingly said he’d be sorry to see
him go. He then brought up Swagger’s comments about no one comparing to him, and said there was one RAW superstar who called
him a liar, referring to himself. He then said Swagger was not world championship material, adding that he earned his title, and Swagger
had not earned his, and was nothing but a weasel. Cena then challenged Swagger to a match, since it would be his last RAW match
before going to SmackDown. He said he would even out the WWE Title on the line (why would the world champion want that one … isn’t
the world title bigger than the WWE title?). Before Swagger could respond, Randy Orton came out to join them.

Orton told Cena that he was sure Swagger would want to prove himself by facing Orton instead of Cena. This brought out Big Show and
the Miz. From the ramp, Miz said they needed to face the issue at hand. He said the show wasn;t about any of them, but the WWE Tag
Team Champions. This brought out David Otunga from NXT, playing guest host for the night. Otunga introduced himself, and called
himself Mr. NXT, saying he was the most promising rookie, but tonight was the guest host. He said this show would be A-List, and said
Swagger would meet Orton. He then said Show and Miz would defend their title against Cena and Batista. After all men were shown
looking dejected at the announcements, Orton almost RKO’d Cena, but stopped as Cena turned around, and instead RKO’d Swagger
and stared down Cena, before going to break.

Kofi Kingston versus Sheamus

Kingston entered the ring first, followed by Sheamus. Michael Cole reminded the audience that Sheamus interrupted Triple H’s goodbye
to Shawn Michaels last week on RAW. Kingston started out in control early until he was met by a backbreaker by Sheamus, who then
took over the match. Sheamus continued to work the back. Kingston fought back to get the upper hand, including a flying crossbody that
took Sheamus down. Sheamus came back with a knee to the chest when Kingston charged him in the corner. Sheamus continued to
work the back and got the pinfall. Winner: Sheamus

Post-match, Sheamus found a pipe and hit Kingston across the back of the head. As he stood over Kingston, Triple H was shown on
camera in the back, but they cut to a break.

After the break, Sheamus was standing center ring with the mic and the pipe. He brought up what happened last week and then started
gloating about his accomplishments, closing with how he was supposed to beat HHH at WrestleMania. He said HHH took away what
was supposed to be the biggest moment of his career, which is why he did what he did last week. He said HHH cried over Michaels, and
the fans cried over HHH, calling them pathetic. He said Michaels left before he could take him out, but HHH is stubborn. He said he
doesn’t think HHH has one good match left in him. HHH then came out.

Sheamus dared HHH to get in the ring. He started, but Sheamus held up the pipe. When HHH backed off the apron, Sheamus yelled that
he knew he didn’t have it in him. HHH then pulled a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. He charged Sheamus and hit him a few
times, but Sheamus bailed and ran through the crowd. HHH chased him and took a swing near the announcer’s table, which
accidentally hit Jerry Lawler’s monitor, causing a small explosion. HHH got on the mic and told Sheamus not to bring a pipe to a
sledgehammer fight. With that, we go to a break.

Maryse joined Cole and Lawler after the break to do commentary for a divas match. It was announced there would be a battle royal to
earn a shot at Maryse’s WWE Divas Title next week on RAW.

Dress to Impress Battle Royal

Kelly Kelly came out first, followed by Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes, Jillian, Katie Lea Burchill, the Bella Twins, and Eve Torres. All
were adorned in dresses and no shoes. It narrowed down to Torres and Jillian. Torres went over after Jillian thought Fox had pulled
Torres out of the ring. Jillian turned around and saw Torres, charged her, and then Torres moved aside while Jillian flew threw the ropes,
and then we went to another break. Winner: Eve Torres

After the break, Cole and Lawler talked briefly about Otunga. They then showed a profile of Otunga, who bragged about his relationship
with Jennifer Hudson. He then talked about his body and face, said he was smarter than everybody, noting he went to Harvard. He then
compared himself to Cena and HHH. He said he doesn’t care if people like him or not. He said he doesn’t plan on failing on NXT.

They then went to a live segment with Otunga backstage, bragging about himself, and said this RAW would be A-List. Santino Marella
interrupted him, asking where the A-Team was, saying he was the Vice President of the A-Team fan club. Hornswoggle was then shown
stealing Otunga’s green M&Ms. Otunga had his posse chase Hornswoggle away.

Show and Miz were shown backstage walking toward the entrance ramp for their match against Cena and Batista, and they went to
another break.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Big Show & the Miz * versus John Cena & Batista

Show and Miz made their way to the ring first. Cena then came down. Cole said putting Cena and Batista together was like putting
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James back together. Batista then came out. It started out with Cena and Miz, and Cena getting the upper
hand early. When Show tagged in though, he took control, head butting Cena to the mat. Once Show had Cena beaten pretty badly, he
tagged Miz in. When Cena got the upper hand and went for a tag, Batista left ringside. Miz went to get Cena, but he turned him away and
then chased and attacked Batista, who quickly retreated. The match ended by countout, with Cena and Batista losing. Otunga came out
to the ramp and said Miz and Show would defend the title again tonight, and because Cena and Batista can’t get along, he will team with
Cena, and then they went to break. Winners and Still Champions: Big Show and the Miz

After the break, and some replay of the last match, Ted DiBiase, Jr., came out. He was carrying the million dollar belt. They showed clips
of the lumberjack match last week, where DiBiase pushed his father away. DiBiase got on the mic and said his dad was inducted into
the WWE Hall of Fame. He said that must have had a profound effect on his father, because last week he tried to act like a father, which
he has never done before. He said one act of random kindness doesn’t make up for lost years. He said the time for missed
opportunities is over (I think we know how that should have been worded). He thanked him for the trust fund and the belt. He then said it
is good being the fortunate son.

Ted DiBiase, Jr., versus Christian

Christian came out to the ring for the match, a rematch from last week without the legends at ringside playing lumberjacks. Christian took
over early, sending DiBiase to the ringside floor. After Christian helped him back into the ring, DiBiase jumped Christian as he came
back in and took control of the match, getting near fall. Christian managed to come back, but only briefly, and DiBiase got another near
fall. Christian turned the tide when he avoided a charging DiBiase, who ran into the turnbuckle and was met with a boot to the face as he
turned. Christian got a couple of near falls over the next minute or so, but DiBiase took it back and got the pin, and we went to a break.
Winner: Ted DiBiase, Jr.

After the break, clips from last week’s farewell segment from Shawn Michaels were shown. It was the same segment they showed on
SmackDown last week. Cole and Lawler then reminded fans about Sheamus attacking HHH last week, and the events earlier on this
show. We then went to another break, as Orton was shown backstage walking toward the entrance ramp for his match with Swagger.

Jack Swagger versus Randy Orton

Swagger came out to the ring for the match. Orton followed. Orton went to get to Swagger first, but Swagger countered and got the upper
hand to start the match. Orton came back quickly and began kicking Swagger at various spots all over his body. Swagger was able to turn
the tide and threw Orton out to the floor, as they went to a break. When we returned from the break, Orton was in control of the match, and
sent Swagger flying from the ring. After he helped Swagger back in, Swagger threw Orton out. When Orton came back in, Swagger stayed
on him and went for a series of pin attempts, but Orton kicked out. Swagger managed to keep control for awhile, but Orton was able to
break from a submission hold, only to have Swagger get on him again. Orton managed to escape again, sending Swagger to the floor.
As Swagger tried to return, Orton pulled him through the ropes and delivered the RKO. He went for the pin, but Swagger got his foot on
the ropes. Orton delivered a standing Swagger to the mat with a slam and then with a backbreaker. He then got down on the mat and
waited for Swagger to stand. Swagger countered the RKO and delivered a boot to Orton’s face. He went for a pin, but Orton kicked out.
Swagger went for a powerbomb, but Orton countered and hit another RKO and got the pinfall, making it two consecutive non-title wins
over Swagger. Winner: Randy Orton

Cole and Lawler then set up the main event for the WWE Tag Team Title, showing clips from the match earlier in the show, where Batista
walked out on Cena. We then went to a break.

After the break, Cole and Lawler reminded fans that next week’s RAW, live from London, England, would be guest hosted by David

WWE World Tag Team Title Match: Big Show & the Miz * versus John Cena & David Otunga

Show and Miz came out first, then Otunga, followed by Cena. Much like the earlier match, Cena and Miz started out first, but after Cena got
the upper hand, he quickly tagged in Otunga. Otunga went for an early pin to no avail. He tagged in Cena, who maintained control. Cena
wound up losing his balance and backed into the wrong corner. Show pushed him to the mat, and Miz took advantage and got the upper
hand, before tagging Show in after some double-teaming in their corner. Cena and Miz kept Cena in their corner for awhile, beating down
Cena and keeping Otunga out. Miz held onto a reverse chinlock for several minutes, but Cena was finally able to stand and break the
hold, but Miz got a kick to Cena’s back which sent him back down to the mat. Cena went for the hot tag and just as he would have tagged
Otunga, Otunga jumped off the apron. Across the ring, Miz tagged in Show, who came in and floored Cena and got the pin. Winners: Big
Show and the Miz

Batista then came out and attacked Cena with a Batista Bomb after the match. A gloating Otunga then got on the mic and said Batista
had an announcement. Batista said he was invoking his rematch close for the WWE Title against Cena at Extreme Rules. He said the
only way to win would be the last man standing. He then just stood over Cena as the show came to a close.