March 27, 2010
– Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…During his first live appearance since winning the title, SAW International Champion Chase Stevens was attacked by Rick
Santel and Andy Douglas with Paul Adams bringing up the rear. Brian Christopher hit the ring for the save…an enraged Santel
challenged Christopher to a match…”Maniac” Marc Anthony defeated Hammerjack in an insanely brutal Tennessee Street Fight with
Anthony’s mind games as the deciding factor.

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins were back at a packed Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena (scary crowd with Chicken Hat Charles in
the front row). In addition to Santel/Christopher, PG-13’s would make their first defense of the SAW Tag Team Championship vs. Derrick
King Enterprises.

Cody Melton – young newcomer on the verge of a breakthrough - entered the ring to face tough guy on a losing streak, Jon Michael


It was the agile aerial athleticism of Melton vs. the brute power of Worthington. Graham said King’s partner, JT Stahr was having some
kind of trouble in the back. Melton hit a springboard sunset flip early. He tried to come off the ropes again and ate Worthington’s boot
bigtime. Big bad John beat up on little Cody. Melton escaped from a power slam and downed Worthington with a lung blower. Melton hit a
crossbody off the top for a near fall. Melton crawled to the apron and tried to suplex Worthington out of the ring. Graham said Melton was
going for broke. Whatever the thought process, Worthington countered with the Brentwood Breaker (jackhammer) for the pin.

WINNER: Worthington in 4:37. No complaints except for the finish. Chalk it up to Melton’s inexperience. It looked like he was supposed to
roll out to the apron when Worthington kicked out but the ref was in the way. Then, he initiated the suplex instead of trying to block it.

Natalie Von Eron was in the locker room with Derrick King, “Teen Excitement” Drew Haskins and Sista O’Feelyah. King said Stahr was
on his way to the hospital, but the tag title match would take place and Haskins would be his partner. Haskins said he didn’t bring his
gear. King told Haskins this was the wrestling business so he better figure something out.


Emerson is no small guy, but they said Douglas had 50 pound on him. As they jockeyed for position, Graham announced Chase Stevens
vs. Andy Douglas for the SAW Title inside a steel cage for next week’s main event. Douglas leveled Emerson with a lariat to take over.
Emerson would rally and Douglas would cut him off with a power move. They cut to Downtown Bruno scouting the match from ringside.
After scoring near falls with a roll up and an inside cradle, Emerson tried for an O’Connor Roll. Douglas hooked the ropes to block and
charged with another lariat, but Emerson ducked and got him with a backslide.

WINNER: Emerson in 4:51. A much needed win for Emerson with Douglas getting the lion’s share of the offense.

Bruno was interviewed in the ring by Von Eron. Bruno reminisced about his heyday at the Fairgrounds, meeting his first fiancée there in
1985, and appearing with so many legends. He specifically mentioned Tojo Yamamoto, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee,
Jackie Fargo, Eddie Marlin, Jerry Jarrett, Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey. Bruno talked about guys in the back like Brian Christopher
and PG-13, stating they had sold the building out many times. He also gave himself credit for sell out crowds. Ok. Bruno said SAW was
bringing the tradition, and he might have to put on his manager shoes. Several in the crowd anticipated his tag line – “Cuz it’s like mama
says, it bees that way sometimes.”

“Bond Girl” Leah with Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week – a repeat appearance by alleged marijuana reseller and “sandwich artist”
Jordan Donley.

LAST WEEK…THE MOST MEMORABLE SCENE IN THE HISTORY OF SAW…Black and white clips of Anthony brutalizing Hammer to

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions PG-13 (Wolfie D & JC Ice) vs. DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & Drew Haskins
with Sista O’Feelyah)

Haskins came out wearing baby blue briefs with a duck across the butt cheeks, dress socks and loafers. PG-13 were laughing their
asses off. Ice intimated that Haskins was light in his loafers. Haskins threatened to hit Ice with one of his loafers. PG-13 cleared DKE out
of the ring with King and Haskins taking mad bumps. DKE tried to regain their composure. PG-13 continued to have fun at Haskins’
expense, dishing out punishment along the way. Ice pulled off his loafer and tickled Haskins’ foot. A flustered Haskins caught his foot on
the middle rope and fell flat on his face. Haskins wrestled the remainder of the match wearing one shoe. King capitalized on interference
by O’Feelyah with a clothesline over the top on Wolfie, and Haskins followed up on the outside. (commercial break) DKE was getting heat
on Wolfie. Haskins kicked him with his socked foot (called the stink foot by Reno). Wolfie DDTed King and used a Morton roll to make the
hot tag. Ice got a pair of near falls on Haskins. The match broke down with all four on the floor. Returning from a lengthy hiatus, Half Dolla
(a dwarf) came out with a broom, and King whacked Wolfie across the back with it.

WINNERS: PG-13 retained the titles on a double count out in 9:04. I found this quite amusing. Haskins has a lot of guts or something.
They had to improvise for reasons explained below. Match had good heat.

Santel and Adams cut a promo on Christopher. They used can crowd noise here. Adams said Christopher’s actions last week had
insured he would have a short run in SAW. Santel was infuriated by Christopher calling himself “Grandmaster Sexay” when “Nature’s
Greatest Miracle” was the sexiest thing walking in SAW. Santel said Christopher was murdering the language. Santel and Adams came
up with better names fo Christopher, cute stuff like “gas passer B”. They also threw in a joke at the expense of NWA Top Rope promoter
Mike Sircy.

As Christopher made his way to the ring to his biggest entrance pop so far, the announce team hyped Stevens/Douglas as the biggest
match in SAW history.

4 – RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams) vs. “Grandmaster Sexay” BRIAN CHRISTOPHER

Reno said Christopher was at the height (peak?) of his career. OK. Santel was talking smack. Christopher shut his mouth with a quick
burst of offense, including a backdrop into the ring lights. Adams jumped up to provide distraction, and Santel jumped Christopher from
behind and drove his shoulder into the mat. Santel went after the shoulder big time. Christopher fired back, but the shoulder was giving
him fits, and Santel hit a back suplex. Nature’s Greatest Elbow hit nothing but canvas. After laying Santel out with a neckbreaker,
Christopher went up top and Douglas dumped him for the DQ. A Team doubled up on Santel until Stevens made the save.

WINNER: Christopher via DQ in 3:33. They worked well together. Not much as a main event, but fine for furthering the story.

A Team doubled up on Santel until Stevens hit the ring. Stevens vs. Douglas inside a steel cage for the SAW title next week.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This episode was pure set up, and it worked well on that level. Stevens/Douglas in a cage for the title next week
was pushed huge on commentary. The video segment hyping the Hammerjack/Anthony feud was first rate. It wasn’t overstating the case
to call it the most memorable scene in SAW history, and the use of black & white footage was most effective. Christopher has quickly
moved into the number three babyface slot, although something tells me that’s not the long term plan for him. The tag match was a
vehicle for continuing the PG-13/DKE story. Stahr notified SAW he couldn’t be there two days before the taping. SAW’s creative brain trust
then came up with the deal that led to Haskins wrestling in his underwear. Haskins had already shown he had no problem making
himself look completely ridiculous to get this character over, so it was a good fit. King was so smooth in the locker room interview to set
up the match, it’s a pleasure to hear him on the mic. Bruno’s interesting. I doubt the building ever sold out because Bruno was on the
card. It’s possible Christopher and PG-13 did so for USWA in the early 90s. I didn’t start going to the Fairgrounds until the dying days of
that promotion, and the only full house (not sold out) was my first time there at the tail end of 1995. That crowd was drawn on the strength
of the USWA/SMW feud, and I believe all three of them were on that card. When it comes to funny vignettes, the Adams and Santel combo
is usually a winning formula. The one on this episode felt forced. I have no defense for being so entertained by the Haskins thing,
because it was just as sophomoric. No explanation for taste, I guess.