April 3, 2010
– Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…Chad Hyatt cashed in on the title match he earned via his fluke win in the Mega Rumble by defeating his mentor, Will
Owens to become the new NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion. Owens toyed with Hyatt and eventually blasted him with the title
belt, only to get blasted his own self by NWA Mid-America TV Champ, Matt Boyce. This was a great recap featuring an awesome
performance by Owens. His backstage stuff with Hyatt was classic.

Aaron Camaro, decked out like a confederate general from bizarro land, rallied the troops out there in TV land.

Camaro was joined on commentary by Aaron Becker.

(1) White Tiger & Shane Smalls beat Jeremiah Plunkett & Bad Boy Dixon in 7 minutes

Sloppy mistimed spots plagued the early going. Dixon was taking punishment and he’s still God awful. The announce team ignored the
match in favor of discussing Hyatt’s surprise title win. Tiger looked more like a pro wrestler than Smalls. Match was sloppy in spots. Tiger
took heat. It was much better when Plunkett was in. His spinebuster looked major league. Tiger hit a double DDT to set up the hot tag.
The heels fed Smalls but it looked kind of clumsy. They went four ways, and Tiger pounced Plunkett out of the ring. Smalls reversed
Dixon into the Last Rites. Finish looked good.

(2) Corey Hollis beat Brian Rivers in 6:20

Rivers looks to have an amateur wrestling background. How refreshing. Rivers worked on Hollis’ shoulder of Hollis for the majority of the
match. The only bad spot was a bridging hammerlock, except Rivers didn’t do the bridge and the ref should have counted his shoulders
down. Hollis countered a butterfly suplex with an enzuigiri, then busted out his aerial attack, ending with the Dusk ‘Til Dawn crossface.
Rivers punches out of it. Rivers hit a fireman’s carry gutbuster that Hollis took on his hip. Ouch. Rivers said it was over after a big lariat.
Wishful thinking. Hollis whiffed on a flying roundhouse, nailed it the second time and won it with Silent Dawn, a flying knee off the top as
best as I could tell. It was a spot where a second camera angle might have really helped.

In the locker room, Rudy Charles asked Mike Posey if he really thought there were aliens in Nashville. Posey claimed there was a whole
colony of little green people running around. Charles said a friend of his, Dan O’Manley - “ a lot of people say he looks like me” – agreed
with Posey and really thought a lot of him being a champion and all. Posey said O’Manley was a smart guy. Posey said he had to jet.
Charles pulled a photo out of himself refereeing at a TNA PPV out of his pocket. “Now, it’s Posey…WEARING A V-NECK SHIRT, when
everyone knows you wear a collared shirt to the PPV…That’s me. Should be me.” Charles snapped out of it and said Posey was a good

(3) Chrisjen Hayme beat Ace Rockwell in 10 minutes

Being that these guys have a well-established issue, this was a stiff brawl punctuated by the occasional hot wrestling move. Ref Mikey
Winkerbean called for the bell with Rockwell still outside the ring. After controlling the body of the match, Hayme got frustrated with his
inability to put Rockwell away. Hayme blocked Aces High and went up top for the 450, but Rockwell crotched him. Rockwell hit a
superplex. Both men down. Hayme went for a quebrada. Rockwell moved and got a very near fall with an Oklahoma Roll. Hayme blocked
Aces High and pinned Rockwell with his feet on the ropes. Finishing sequence was spot on. Easily the best match on the show.

(4) Tommy Mercer & Steve-O & Matt Boyce beat Will Owens & Orion Bishop & Se7en in 11 minutes

Camaro was laying it on thick about the babyface trio being big buddies away from the arena. After taking 100% of the abuse for the
heels, Owens, shrewd customer that he is, capitalized when Boyce strayed into the wrong side of the ring. Bishop and Se7en were
having a field day destroying Boyce, with Owens playing ring general. Boyce managed get out from under Bishop’s reverse splash, but
Owens interfered to prevent a tag. A standing dropkick by Boyce shook Se7en up. He didn’t go down but it was enough to allow the tag.
Se7en then absorbed a lariat from Mercer without going down. It broke down with all six in the ring and ref Jamie Ferrari called for the
bell. Owens and O were getting beaten down by the heels when Mercer brought a chair in to save his partners.

Just as Camaro was started to sign off, Mercer crowned O with a chair shot. Boyce confronted Mercer, and got a Mercy Kill onto the chair
for his troubles. The announce team was astonished. Mercer posed with Boyce’s TV title and threw in top of him. The closing shot
showed O and Boyce left laying in the ring.

THOUGHTS: This show has improved by leaps and bounds from the point it was at when Bill Behrens at the helm. The quality of
wrestling is has been upgraded significantly. The horribly bad stuff has all but been eliminated, and they had some pretty good matches,
the Hayme/Rockwell match on this show being a prime example. NWA ME now possesses a more varied and talented roster. With his
height and physique and the rate at which he's learning, Mercer has future star written all over him. Bishop is a powerhouse. He was a
diamond in the rough when he came into wrestling from arena league football, but no so much any more. His psychology and ring
presence have improved dramatically over the last year. The talent is also being used more effectively. Witness the way Bishop and
Se7en were protected from taking any significant damage in the main event. Se7en, green though he may be, is being booked like a
bonafide monster. The expression on Hayme’s face after he beat Rockwell had me thinking he might make a good heel after all. The
previous episode gave Owens a role he could really sink his teeth into resulting in his best acting job in NWA ME. The storylines have
logical progression and a consistency across episodes that wasn’t there before. Titles are being made to feel important. Well, they were
until Chad “Barney” Hyatt won the heavyweight championship on a fluke, but it made for a good story, and zany storylines lare fine in the
context of a more serious overall presentation. Speaking of zany, you have to give Behrens credit for originality on weirdness between
Charles and Posey. It’s been hilarious so far and it keeps me tuning in to see where it’s going next. The staging of Mercer’s turn was
nicely done, although Camaro went overboard foreshadowing it. The major shortcoming of NWA ME continues to be the production end.
The first two matches on this episode were not broadcast quality. The commentary, by Camaro and Aaron Becker, was apparently a do
over. The original commentary, by Camaro and Jeremy Arnold, was still audible in the background. One could argue that none if it
broadcast quality since they’re using only one camera, but the camera work itself has been pretty good.