April 10, 2010
– Larry Goodman

Purks International Championship Wrestling returned to Cedartown, Ga Saturday night with Kevin Nash as this month's superstar guest

There were over 800 in attendance at the historic Purks building. That was down a bit from March, though not bad at all for a beautiful
spring break weekend.

It was a very well constructed show, undoubtedly more compact than their March event. It built unusually well with each match getting a
stronger crowd response than the one that preceded it. As previously noted, it’s not about work rate in Cedartown, it’s about atmosphere
out the wazoo. All of the matches hit their allotted time marks on the button, and it was over by 10:30 – under 2 & ½ hours.

Purks lists a 7:30 bell time, but lately, they’re lucky to start by 8. They did the autograph & photo deal with Nash before the show and the
line for him was impressive to say the least. I’m guessing several hundred all tolled.

It started with Kevin Nash and Air Paris entered the ring to a major pop. There are big guys and then there’s Nash. It had been years
since I had seen him live (I was in the building when he made his Omni debut as one of the Master Blasters, green as they come), and
for 50 years old, he’s one hell of an impressive physical specimen, with the face and physique of a far younger man. It’s a crying shame
about those 80 year old knees. Nash was casually attired – t-shirt, cargo shorts and deck shoes. Terry Lawler and Alexander the Great
came to ringside. Meanwhile, their partners in crime and the team facing Paris and Nash in the main event, David Young and Purks
Heavyweight Champion Bobby Hayes attacked from the rear. Paris and Nash were ready for them, and crowd popped huge for heels
colliding in stereo. Paris said let’s do it now. The heel faction backed off.

(1) Chris Ganzer beat Terry Lawler in 7:41

Lukewarm response for Ganzer, one half of the former Purks tag team champions. The veteran Lawler was all mind game and
underhanded tactics early on. He has a little Jake the Snake in him with that sly grin. Ganzer won a battle of backslides. Lawler hit a
hangman neckbreaker to take control, cutting off Ganzer’s comebacks. Lawler refused to allow the pin after a top rope elbow, then got
nonchalant to the extreme with a one hand cover. Ganzer scored a flash pin with an inside cradle. Just OK. It hasn’t been a problem
when he tags with Lightning, but as a singles performer, Ganzer lacks fire and he’s not going to blow anybody away with his athletic

Purks needs to upgrade talent sooner rather than later, so they’re ready if and when the star-of-the-month formula runs its course. Put
someone like a Steven Walters from NWA Anarchy in the above match, and it could have really taken off. I can see a manager with the
right kind of mic skills getting nuclear heat in Cedartown. But I digress...

(2) John Arden beat Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much with Jackie Rosedale) via DQ in 10:24

When they did the angle in March to set this up, Arden challenged either of the Exotics, but doing a handicap match was the right way to
go. Crowd was buzzing as Exotics made their flamboyant entrance wearing Mardi Gras style gladiator masks. Crowd was into Arden’s
400 pound power moves that had the Exotics in disarray. Arden stacked Exotics in the dreaded north-south position and splashed the
both of them. Fans chanted for one more, so Arden gave Simon a senton backsplash. Exotics finally got 3 on 1 heat on Arden. The crowd
popped for Arden’s superman-like double suplex. Arden ripped his t-shirt off. Simon took a Flair flip bump and went up top to take the
slam. This was done in super slow motion. Arden really milked it and when it was over, Sermon was done. Rosedale distracted the ref,
allowing Too Much to switch in undetected. Arden kicked out of his roll up, and it became a three on one beatdown for the DQ. Crowd
was really heated at the finish.

The returning Adam Arden made the save for brother John. Sermon did some pissed off mic work. Ardens challenged Exotics to a
rematch on May 8.

(3) Chris Lightning beat Alexander the Great in 10:03 after inteference by a masked Too Tall Shortts

Lawler and Alexander made fun of Lightning’s size, and said they were going to get rid of another little man (alluding to Shortts losing a
loser leaves town last month). Hot start, as Lightning surprised Alexander with a dive to the outside, then nailed him right in the mush
with a springboard spinkick. Alexander had seen enough of the flying junk. He pulled Lightning off the middle rope, dumping him on the
back of his head. Similar layout the first match, except the crowd was red hot for all of Lightning’s comebacks. He doesn't have a great
look for an undersized babyface, but his heart and fire go a long way here. Lightning hit slingshot sunset flip with an assist from ref
Spanky Emerson. Alexander cut him off with a variation of the Blue Thunder Bomb. Lightning sold a groin stomp like he wasn't going to
be able to continue. Lightning took a full rotation bump on a back suplex, landing on his face and chest. Lightning got his knees up on
Alexander’s quebrada. He got a big near fall with Sliced Bread, but missed with the 450. With the match in his grasp, Alexander was
distracted by a masked midget and got rolled up for the 1-2-3. Crowd went nuts for the finish. Good match.

(4) Adam Jacobs beat Shaun Banks in 9:16

Jacobs was making his Purks debut. He has great presence as a heel, and the people took an instant dislike to him. He also happens
to be an excellent worker. Jacobs stalled and complained. When he tried a flippy armbar reversal, Banks punched him in the nose.
Some stiff shots in this match. Jacobs came out of it with a black eye. Banks momentarily fell victim to the fake handshake. Jacobs
bailed after a dropkick that missed, the one obviously bad spot in the match. Banks took a backdrop on the floor, landing with a sick thud.
No pads at the Purks. Back inside, Jacobs ducked a high crossbody and pointed at his brain. Jacobs missed bigtime flying into the
corner, but cut Banks off with a spike DDT. Crowd was clapping and stomping for a comeback. They got one, as Banks hit a superplex.
Both down for a count of eight. Banks crashed and burned on a top rope elbow, and Jacobs pinned him clean with a springboard
downward spiral. Best match of the night. Jacobs was made as a top level guy right off the bat.

Jacobs said he was the new man in town, and Banks was just a step in his ladder to the top. “Because I’m all that, Cedartown, and you’
re not.” Ring announcer Josh Hayes said there would be a rematch on May 8. That prompted a sneak attack by Jacobs, and Banks
clocked him a good one.

Abyss was announced as coming in for the next event on May 8. My initial reaction was that he was not a good choice for sustaining
attendance, but I had to revise that opinion by the end of the evening.

(5) Kevin Nash & Air Paris beat David Young & Bobby Hayes in 16:24

Nash got the biggest intro pop of the night. Paris started out. He did the headscissors/headlock takeover deal on Young and Hayes.
Paris caused a series of heel miscues, then hit a flip dive to the floor and pointed to heavens ala Sabu. Nash blitzed Hayes with punches
and corner knees. Nash took a bump off of a Hayes lariat. It looked fine, because the Purks champion is no small man by any means.
Hayes worked Nash over on the ground for a bit. Nash caught Hayes with a back elbow and tagged out. The real heat was put on Paris.
Hayes posted him. The heels lured Nash in to distract Spanky, and gave Paris a double back bodydrop. Hayes hit a spinebuster slam for
a near fall. Young hit a running frog splash for another. Young ate it off the top, and Paris hot-tagged Nash. House cleaning ensued.
Nash flattened Hayes with a sidewalk slam and tagged Paris in for the finishing touch, a guillotine leg drop. Good match. Nash did about
what you would expect, which was enough to satisfy the fans in Cedartown.

Afterwards, Hayes nailed Nash with the title belt. Alexander and Lawler joined in to make it four against two. Rosedale passed a chair
into the ring. Hayes gave Paris a piledriver on the chair. Young gave him a second spike piledriver onto the chair. The entire babyface
side of the dressing room hit the ring.

Paris did a stretcher job, the right way – EMTs, cervical collar, backboard, stretcher ride out of the building and whisked away in
ambulance. People were standing in silence as this was going on. Promoter Byron Slaughter came to ringside. It held the fans attention
straight through to the announcement that Bobby Hayes would have to face Abyss on May 8. Hayes has escaped serious punishment.
Abyss might be just the guy to give him some.

NOTES: Along with Abyss vs. Hayes, Jacobs vs. Banks and Hardcore Properties vs. Exotic Ones, former TNA star Chris Harris makes his
Purks debut on May 8…Bill Behrens was helping out backstage, as well as making pre-show announcements…The event was once
again taped by David Pierce. Unfortunately, the battery power on his handheld gave out and he was unable to get footage of Paris going
out to the ambulance.